Samsung Galaxy Z Slide: OPPO X's rival shows itself live

Samsung Galaxy Z Slide

- folding smartphones represent the trends of the latest generations of mobile phone devices, but is it going to last a long time? Despite the South Korean giant is working on foldable Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, there is the possibility that the future is "scorrevole“: The very recent news of a device with rollable display, complete with images, leaves ample room for imagination. Here's how the possible could be Samsung Galaxy Z Slide!

Samsung Galaxy Z Slide could be the prelude to a new trend, with a look to the past

samsung galaxy z slide vertical sliding display pictures

Samsung presented panel from the unprecedented design at the conference of Display Supply Chain Consultant 2022: to report the news is the CEO di DSCC same, Ross young who, with a tweet, presents the photo of the South Korean company's showcase, in which the new is presented roll-up display vertical. Obviously it is good to specify that there is no announcement regarding a smartphone, but it is a prototype of the panel.

In some ways, you might see how a return to a previous trend: the concept belongs to last year Oppo X 2021, with its design from rollable phone; going back even further, in 2019 also Xiaomi he thought well of patent a smartphone since extendable display. At the moment we don't have a commercial device with this style yet, but apparently Samsung could really launch a Galaxy Z Slide.

Specifically, the slidable smartphone shown at the conference shows a AMOLED display da 6.7" which, during normal use, offers a ratio of 16:9, making it also more practical and compact to keep in your pocket, and which, however, can be transformed into a 22:9, scrolling vertically. In this way, viewing social networks such as Twitter or Instagram becomes more comfortable, increasing the visual space available.

samsung galaxy z flip and slide foldable expandable smartphone leak
Image from one of Samsung's patents

The name of slidable device is still unknown e Samsung Galaxy Z Slide it is obviously a fantasy. However the level reached by the displays shown by Ross Young it looks very good: will we have some surprises already this year or will we necessarily have to wait until 2023?

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