Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 also useful when closed: larger external display

samsung galaxy z flip 4 external display details leak

After the rumors that have surrounded Samsung Galaxy z fold 4, even the next Z flip 4 find the first indications, especially for the external display. Indeed, it seems that compared to its predecessor, the flip phone par excellence will make use of a wider panel when closed, opening up more possibilities of use.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 with over 2 ″ external display and new colors for the body

To talk about the possibility of a larger panel for the exterior of Z flip 4 was Ross young, leaker and consultant for the supply chain for displays intended for the mobile market, who explains that the new flip phone will certainly be more interesting than the previous one, given that the secondary display will be wider than the 1.9" current and that will go over 2 ″. This means more possibilities for action on it and probably more space for multimedia possibilities.

To this, the insider also talks about the possible colors that will surround the body of the new foldable Samsung. In fact, it seems that we will find the new colors Gold, Grey e Light Blue (Blue), with the confirmation of the Light Violet, that is the violet. According to him, the Gold model will be very interesting. Unfortunately, we do not know much more about this model, but it seems that it can use one more powerful battery the Z flip 3 and an important power. However, we will have to wait for the next few weeks to understand more.

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