Trifo Emma Pet Review: Has PERFECT function for those with pets

Lately we have been testing exceptionally expensive robot vacuum cleaners. Whether it is models with the new floor washing system, or models capable of self-cleaning, on average the prices of these products have settled at figures that far exceed 500 euros, and it is as if companies they had forgotten that maybe there are people around who do not have the need to have all this advanced technology, and maybe they would be satisfied with a very simple automatic vacuum cleaner, able to guarantee good cleaning at a good value for money.

Fortunately, however, despite the evolution of these products tends to heavily raise the price bar, there are companies around that - in their lineup - also have "more humane" models, sold at much more affordable prices but which (on paper) are however able to guarantee good cleaning performance.

And an example is the Trifo Emma Pet, a robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner with a 3000 Pa motor, equipped with a 600 ml container and thin enough to be able to pass under sofas and beds without any thickness problem. Do you have any compromises? Yes, but with the link below you could pay 169,00 euros on Amazon. And at this figure, the truly functional alternatives can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Trifo Emma review: aims at the essential, but does it well


The contents of the packaging of the Trifo Emma Pet it is typical of the category. In addition to the robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner, inside it is contained the charging base, the dirt container, the water container (of which there are a lot of things to say), manuals and a series of microfibre cloths. soft with which the device should be able to polish floors.

Design and materials

From a design point of view, the Trifo Emma Pet it is very similar to the more advanced Trifo Lucy (review here) we tested a few months ago. But unlike the robot vacuum cleaner which was able to recognize objects and transformed into a surveillance camera, the Trifo Emma Pet it has a double-colored top cover and has decidedly more compact dimensions: its thickness is rather small, which makes it able to clean even under furniture where thicker devices may have some problems.

And this is also possible because the company has decided not to use any laser navigation systems in the Trifo Emma Pet: only two control keys have been integrated in the rear area, but the laser turret is missing. And yes, this might seem like a compromise which, as a pro, brings with it the most compact dimensions, but which also has some cons (which we will talk about very shortly).

Review Trifo Emma pet robot vacuum cleaner cheap pets

In addition to the suction power, actually the Trifo Emma Pet has a particularity that distinguishes it not only from the basic version of the vacuum cleaner, but from practically all devices of this type: the package includes another "brush", if you can call it that, which must be mounted in place of the main one and that is thought exclusively for vacuuming pet hair and hair.

Review Trifo Emma pet robot vacuum cleaner cheap pets

In a nutshell, it is an extractor with a rubber sheath that must be mounted in place of the motorized brush, with which the company guarantees maximum suction of hair and hair. Let's be clear, it is an extractor capable of sucking up dust too, but clearly it does not have the same performance as the rotating brush: the concept is to avoid tangling and optimize suction, but my advice is to think carefully about which mode to use.

If there are a lot of hairs or a lot of hair on the floor, in my opinion it would be better to first clean with this particular extractor, and then proceed with a further cleaning using the more traditional motorized brush.

Review Trifo Emma pet robot vacuum cleaner cheap pets

All the management of the map, obstacle recognition and navigation is entrusted to a sensor system positioned at the front, while in the back there are two large air intakes which, as in any robot vacuum cleaner, could tend to further move the dirt and carry it around: but despite this detail, to which we are now accustomed with this type of device, at the end of the cleaning cycle the Trifo Emma Pet he managed to suck up every particle of dirt without any problem.

Review Trifo Emma pet robot vacuum cleaner cheap pets

Always opening the upper compartment you access the dirt container, which has an excellent capacity of 600 ml, as well as the various management buttons of the vacuum cleaner. What left me decidedly perplexed is the water container which is almost infinitesimal in size, is mounted using a Velcro system and has no solenoid valve to manage the amount of water to be distributed on the floor.

Review Trifo Emma pet robot vacuum cleaner cheap pets

Even the cloth is very small, let's be clear it does its job well, but adding the scarce amount of water available to its “free fall” distribution, it will run out of liquid in no time. In a nutshell, the Trifo Emma Pet polishes floors only thanks to the mop soaked in water, and does not distribute it gradually.

Review Trifo Emma pet robot vacuum cleaner cheap pets

On average, the charging base, which is rather small and does not integrate any self-emptying system (a more than legitimate lack, given the economic selling price of this robot vacuum cleaner): the good thing, however, is that during the cleaning phase the Trifo Emma Pet it recognizes it very quickly and tends to castrate it with great skill.

Suction power and cleaning quality

To animate the Trifo Emma Pet a brushless motor that can guarantee 4000 Pa of suction power takes care of it. And believe me for 169 euros, the Trifo Emma Pet it aspires more than well and definitely better than the vast majority of its competitors sold in the same price range.

Review Trifo Emma pet robot vacuum cleaner cheap pets

However, it does so with a noise that certainly cannot be considered reduced: it is not very noisy, this is true, but when it is at work it can be heard, especially if set with maximum suction power. Although it is an inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner that uses optical sensors, already at the first use it is able to create a rather precise plan and during the cleaning it is able to bypass obstacles without any particular problem.

And this is something not to be underestimated, especially since there are more expensive models that always use optical sensors, and which need at least 2/3 passes to generate a complete map of the area in which they go to work. Probably, this speed in creating the mapping is also due to the presence of an excellent AI system, which we have also seen on more expensive models of the company, and which is able to detect any errors in the dirt container or any system lockouts: Trifo Emma Pet has a speaker through which very clear voice messages will be emitted.

Review Trifo Emma pet robot vacuum cleaner cheap pets

In short, leaving out the quality of the floor washing (which I have extensively told you about), in terms of cleaning quality and suction power, I would say that there is not much to argue against. Trifo Emma Pet: for example, at 150 euros, it is possible to buy the Vileda robot vacuum cleaner, which is qualitatively much lower than this one from Trifo, and actually I think it is rather difficult to find a robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner for less than 200 euros capable of guaranteeing the suction of the Trifo Emma Pet.

Particles of dust, pet hair and dirt will be vacuumed up without any problem and after a cleaning session you will see your floor really cleaner. Too bad for the washing system and the absence of a solenoid valve: I would have preferred that the company had found a way to integrate a larger water container, using a more efficient distribution mechanism than the one integrated in this one. template. But so be it.

Review Trifo Emma pet robot vacuum cleaner cheap pets

Furthermore, when you buy a robot vacuum cleaner that does not use a LiDar navigation system, it is good to always keep one thing in mind: since the entire navigation system is based on sensors, this type of product works very well in bright environments but, if if you have the strange idea of ​​having the floor cleaned at night, you may have some difficulty. Also, compared to models using these technologies, the cleaning time may be slightly longer using optical sensors.


All robot management takes place through a proprietary application available for both iOS and Android, in which a rather precise map is generated despite the absence of the LiDAR system. All this is possible thanks to the excellent camera integrated into the robot, thanks to which those of Trifo have managed to implement a whole series of advanced functions, the vast majority of which use artificial intelligence.

The application is well designed and essentially integrates all the features expected from such a product: it is possible to check the floor plan, see the position of the robot in real time even when it is being cleaned, set scheduled cleaning and so on.

Through the app, it is also possible to configure the control of the Trifo Emma Pet through the voice assistants: whether it is the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, it is possible to start cleaning even using the voice and smart speakers (or smart displays) of the two companies.

Battery life

The battery of Trifo Emma Pet it is a 2600 mAh, able to guarantee a good autonomy to the robot vacuum cleaner but which certainly does not scream a miracle. Of course, the reduced thickness of this device is probably also due to the presence of a battery pack that is not too bulky, but despite the not exactly exceptional capacity, I must admit that the autonomy is quite good: with the minimum suction power I managed to make operate the robot for approximately 95 minutes on a single charge.

Review Trifo Emma pet robot vacuum cleaner cheap pets

And, of course, this is a performance that tends to decrease deeply if you use the maximum suction power, but I can guarantee you that even with this setting I had no problem cleaning an area of ​​about 70 square meters: at the end of the cleaning it is sufficient autonomy to make a second pass and if the battery runs out while the robot cleans, the Trifo Emma it would return to the base for recharging and resume cleaning from where it left off, once sufficient autonomy has been obtained.

Price and considerations

The official selling price of the Trifo Emma Pet is 199,99 euros, but through the discount code in the box below you could buy it at a discount on Amazon at 139,99 euros. And at this price you will hardly find an alternative that can guarantee its same cleaning quality. It's a slim device, has a large dirt bin, and is managed by an efficient and easy-to-use app.

Review Trifo Emma pet robot vacuum cleaner cheap pets

Sure, it does have trade-offs, but that's a pretty normal thing when deciding to buy an inexpensive automatic vacuum cleaner. And I will tell you more, more than the absence of the laser turret, in this product the only lack I have felt is the presence of a solenoid valve system integrated in a container for the water that should have been more capacious: with this characteristic, the Trifo Emma it would have been a best-buy.

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