Record-breaking Redmi Note 11T Pro +: the DisplayMate A + certified LCD display

redmi note 11t pro plus lcd display displaymate certification

In a short time they have become a highly anticipated product, the new ones Redmi Note 11T, especially the model Pro +, are already talking about them, especially thanks to the LCD display. In fact, the top model of the Redmi range has already obtained the prestigious certification DisplayMate A +, challenging the flagships with panels AMOLED.

Redmi Note 11T Pro + restores luster to LCD displays: 14 broken records

redmi note 11t pro plus lcd display displaymate 2 certification

To communicate the recognition for the upcoming smartphone was the same Redmi, which explains how Redmi Note 11T Pro + is the first with LCD display flagship to be certified by DisplayMate with the grade A +. To this, we must add the fact that the screen itself broke 14 record of the certification body, which is truly remarkable.

But what does this bring us? Whereas the refresh rate will be a 144 Hz, it is clear that Redmi can actually bring back and revalue the LCD panels, which are now increasingly set aside in favor of AMOLED ones. This, however, in terms of gaming, could turn out to be a turning point, given that the brands specialized in those types of smartphones can aim for less expensive models but with a high refresh rate LCD panel.

So we just have to wait for the next one 24 Maggio 2022, where we will finally find the presentation of the smartphone and, what not of poco account, also of the Xiaomi Band 7, also highly anticipated. Learn more about the Redmi Note 11T, we leave you thedeepening dedicated.

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