Realme 9 and 9 5G are coming to Italy: there is also room for the new Pad Mini!

really 9

The Asian company announces a new Global event dedicated to Europe: do not worry because it is a presentation that involves us too! Realm 9 4G, Realm 9 5G and the new Path Mini I'm in the home straight in Italy: here is the presentation date revealed, along with all the details on the new models coming out!

Realme 9, 9 5G and Pad Mini: official presentation date in Italy

really 9

Let's start immediately with the most important detail, before going to discover in detail all the Realme news coming soon. The presentation date of the new devices for Italy is set for 12st May and during the event they will find space Realm 9, the big brother 5G and even Realme Pad Mini, the brand's ultra-compact tablet. There will be a live streaming directly on the social channels, starting at 13. And now let's go into the details of the various devices.

It starts with Realm 9 in version 4G, the first smartphone equipped with the latest sensor Samsung HM6 da 108 MP; there is no lack of a display Super AMOLED a 90 Hz, Un chipset Snapdragon 680, a large battery of 5.000 mAh and a slim body, from just 7.99 mm (and 178 grams of weight). If you're curious to find out more, take a look to our in-depth study dedicated to the debut in India (which took place in April).

really 9

We then Realm 9 5G, device moved by Snapdragon 695: it is a different model than that launched in India, so at the moment you are groping in the dark.

realme pad mini

Things change with instead Realme Pad Mini: the compact tablet has already been launched in India and will arrive with the same features (at least based on what can be seen from the first teasers). We will then find a display from 8.7", a battery from 6.400 mAh and a low thickness of only 7.6mm. Also in this case you can take a look at ours deepening.

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