This portable SSD brings you 1TB in the palm of your hand

portable ssd offer 1 tb how to save may 2022

Productivity on the go has become a necessity for many and therefore, in addition to a laptop, many are making use of portable memory. And if you need a fast and capacious enough memory, you can consider buying a Portable SSD such as Mobile Storage SSD da 1 TB can be interesting, especially with theoffering su Silvrr.

How to save on the 1 TB Mobile Storage Portable SSD on offer

1 TB portable ssd offer how to save may 2022 2

The structure of thePortable SSD it is presented, as mentioned, in a compact and easily pocketable way, since we have dimensions from 7.5 x 5.8 cm . In addition, it is also anti-fall and shockproof, since the outer shell is made of aluminum alloy.

1 TB portable ssd offer how to save may 2022 3

To this, we then combine technical specifications that are all in all interesting. We start from one USB 3.1 connection, Type-C, which allows you to have a reading speed of a 30 MB / s and writing a 17 MB / s, while for connectivity we find one OTG compatibility so you can also use it with your smartphone. The SSD in question is compatible with all well-known operating systems.

In order to purchase this Mobile Storage Portable SSD da 1 TB, you can therefore rely on the Silvrr, which puts it on offer at a very low price. By the way, taller configurations are also available, which you can always find at a discount. In order to take advantage of the discounted cost, you will need to log in via the application, as we explain in the dedicated guide.


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