OPPO Find N2 could also arrive in Europe (and in good company)

OPPO Find N2

For some time now we have already talked about the brand's new folding smartphone, the alleged Find N2: there are rumors of specifications and form factors, the price and the fact that it will not arrive alone and now rumors are also arriving about the possible debut at our latitudes. OPPO Find N2 will also come in Europe?

OPPO Find N2 coming to Europe, according to the latest rumors

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Let's start on the right foot immediately: everyone liked the first OPPO Find N, from critics to fans (even we didn't love it and here is ours review). A foldable but human-sized device with a perfect format and comfortable to hold: a dream! Earlier there had been rumors about the next chapter which we will call - for convenience - OPPO Find N2. The flagship will have the latest on its side Snapdragon 8+ Gen1, fresh from launch. Obviously, also in this round we are talking about a super price, about 1000 € at the current exchange rate (foldables are not cheap even in China and the figures are usually much higher).

While the first chapter remained a Chinese exclusive, it seems that the next OPPO Find N2 could also find space in Europe. According to a well-known insider, the company is internally testing both the foldable in-fold and a clamshell smartphone, both arriving in various regions of Eurasia and Europe.


Good news for those waiting for the launch of the brand's foldable also in our latitudes, but still to be taken with due precautions given that there is still no official confirmation. OPPO Find N2 and the brand's first Flip Phone should arrive in the course of the second half of the year and we look forward to news.

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