OnePlus detaches from OPPO and asks for yours on the OxygenOS

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After merger announced, it was planned that OnePlus and OPPO merged their respective OXYGEN and ColorOS in a new unified system. But the plans did not go as planned, the companies retraced their steps and decided to let their proprietary interfaces remain independent. The news has arrived directly from OnePlus, which in recent weeks has underlined the gap between the two UI, albeit the latest major updates tell us otherwise.

Do you want to give your opinion on OxygenOS? OnePlus has thought of you with this survey

In the future, therefore, one stands out OxygenOS 13 which aims to present itself to OnePlus users as an experience close to Android stock: light, clean and oriented to use globally. We have already discussed what its news could be, and in the meantime the OxygenOS team has decided to listen to its users. A practice that OnePlus has often and willingly used with its community and that we now see replicated in view of the next update.

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In the survey, the company also and above all addresses non-OnePlus smartphone owners, asking them which features they prefer and which not and which are the most priority aspects for an interface. The questions concern the aesthetic and functional customization, specific functions of the OxygenOS that we would like to see maintained or not and so on. If you want to participate and have your say, you can do it at the following link:

Take the OnePlus survey

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