OneOdio Studio HiFi Review: Ideal for young audiophiles

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In the audio landscape, the price ranges are so wide and so rich in products that it is often difficult to choose, especially if you are entering this world for the first time. Thanks to some specialized brands, however, this choice has finally been filed, so that you can start your hobby as an audiophile with a product with a great quality / price ratio. And this seems to be the case with Over Ear headphones OneOdio Studio HiFi, protagonists of ours review: what will have convinced us?

OneOdio Studio HiFi Review | Over Ear Headphones

Package Contents

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The packages One hate, although they are often minimal, they always contain everything you need for a complete listening without sacrifices and so is the box of HiFi studio in review. In addition to the headphones, in fact, we also find a comfortable imitation leather bag to transport them, the manuals and both a jack cable da 3.5/3.5 mm, is a cable from 3.5/6.5 mm ideal for amplifiers. In short, already from here, we understand who they are aimed at.

Design and materials

The structure of the HiFi studio we can definitely define it as part of the category, without however renouncing a style designed for young people. At first glance, they are very reminiscent of headphones One Odio A10, among the first wireless of the brand, which represented a beautiful exercise of style at the time and even now. Looking specifically at how the design is composed, we find in addition to the ear cups with dynamic drivers from 50 mm (very large and comfortable), also two inputs for the audio jack. This is because one is linked to the source of the audio track, while the other can act as shareport with another headset. As for the materials used, the product is mainly in polycarbonate e leatherette, but for what they cost it's just fine, the touch and feel is great.

Audio Quality - OneOdio Studio HiFi

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And we come, therefore, to what is the main topic of this review: how do these OneOdio headphones sound? In the title we talked about an ideal product for young audiophiles and we do not think we are exaggerating, given how much the headphones make in terms of audio. The sound is rather full-bodied and above all detailed with Lossless formats. This is why the Hi-Res Audio certification, which then allows us to listen to music up to 24-bit / 96 Khz in a concrete way. And therefore, without spending a fortune, those who start listening to music in high fidelity can find a valid ally. The bass, for those who listen to Techno music or similar, are pounding at the right point and clearly distinguishable. For those who listen to classical music, the most sought after detail can be grasped. In short, the headphones respond well and satisfy us.

OneOdio Studio HiFi Review - Price and Conclusions

To close the test of OneOdio Studio HiFi is the price talk. We must say that in this the brand surprised us, since we can buy them on Amazon less than €30, redeeming the exclusive 7 € Coupon on the product page (but only for a few hours!), given what they can do, it is really an ultra-competitive price and we can hardly find such a capable product at such a low cost. Of course, we are not telling you that they are like Philip Fidelio or the undisturbable ones (and God forbid) Sennheiser, however, honestly, such a simple expense is to be recommended to everyone. NB If you do not see the purchase link, we advise you to disable AdBlock.

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