This Xiaomi YouPin fan is mini, but if necessary it reveals its "secret"

xiaomi youpin mini extendable fan

Summer is coming and it is good to be prepared, obviously always with a touch of Xiaomi: a nice one portable air conditioner, a couple of "Crocs" YouPin style or maybe a car purifier. Are you looking for more? Are you aiming for something more particular, but at the same time essential and able to save you from the heat? So here's the extendable mini fan da Xiaomi YouPin, a solution with an affordable price, able to “change shape” if necessary!

The Jipin mini fan comes from Xiaomi YouPin and hides a "secret": all about features and price

xiaomi youpin mini extendable fan

Produced by the brand partner Jipin, active on the crowdfunding platform of the Chinese house, the extendable mini fan di Xiaomi YouPin it looks like a simple and compact product. A classic desk fan, useful to accompany you during the hours of study or work. But just stretch the telescopic aluminum tube to transform the device into a real free-standing fan; the base also has rear arms to be used as a support (and avoid the fan falling when extended to the maximum). In short, it is possible to go from a height of 37 cm up to 102 cm in a flash. The head is tiltable di 180°, so that you can refresh yourself precisely. A battery from 3.600 mAh (for an autonomy of up to 9 hours) and a low-noise motor.

Il Jipin extendable mini fan Comes from Xiaomi YouPin but it is also available for purchase for us Westerners at the price of about 36 € thanks to the store AliExpress, complete with free shipping. Below you will find the link to the product page: if you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.

We point out that the device is present in two versions: the one available is equipped with an extensible body but the head is only tiltable (it is not able to automatically move horizontally).


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