Mibro Watch A1 review: thin and light, but there's more

mibro a1

What exactly are you looking for in one SmartWatch? Difficult question to answer, at least for some people. Except for those who are sure of the answer, in fact, all the others navigate almost in the shadows, within a sector that offers a truly infinite number of possibilities. To date, therefore, we can choose between different types of products such as smartwatches, smart bands, fitness trackers and much more. These are all solutions that up to poco they did not exist long ago and they have expanded that market more and more, offering more devices. Many brands, therefore, immediately understood that this would be a real Trojan horse, thus riding the wave and always proposing new solutions.

Taking a look at the electronics stores, one aspect seems clear: there is almost an embarrassment of choice in the smartphone field, but not only. At one time almost no space was dedicated to wearable devices but today, these objects have found their position. Many users are looking for these products, intent on completing their tech equipment, usually consisting of smartphones, tablets and PCs. Among the many companies present on the market, at the moment, there are active companies that continue to develop new ideas. Mibro Watch A1, therefore, it comes from one of these, offering an avant-garde design that still maintains a certain style. Let's say that, also considering the price, you might prefer it to many other competing companies.

Mibro Watch A1 review, the thinnest and lightest smartwatch!


From the sales package, graphically very accurate, we find only a few essential information on this smartwatch. In addition to depicting the dial, in fact, this sales box reveals part of the product design, also depicting the brand logo. Inside the package, therefore, there are the following accessories:

  • Mibro Watch A1;
  • USB-A cable with proprietary charging base;
  • short instruction manual, also in English.

Design & Materials

Although the information on this smartwatch is limited almost only to what is reported in the short instruction manual, I can tell you with certainty that the whole body is made of aluminum. With the exception of the lower profile, of polycarbonate, at the top there is space for the front glass and the metal frame, with the latter showing the words “Free Wear” on the right frame. We note, then, the presence of two physical keys, not too large, which integrate really well with the design of the device. I must admit, therefore, that on a practical level this wearable is very light, perhaps one of the lightest among those tried in the last period, totaling only 42 grams weight (including strap). AliExpress, in any case, provides us with some more information, reporting the cards also present on the official website of the company where the dimensions of the product are also provided: 45mm x 9mm thick.

Size A1

Unlike what some competing brands offer, here resides a 248 mm long rubber strap that shows several holes. It will not be difficult, therefore, to adapt to any type of wrist, being able to take advantage of almost any size. This allows, therefore, to keep it firmly on the arm and not to lose it during physical activity, one of the worst dangers for a product of this type. In everyday life, therefore, I have not encountered any problems with this device, at least as regards the comfort: you hardly feel it but, on the other hand, it has only one defect. During the hottest hours of the day, he cannot get his wrist to breathe properly, causing excessive sweating at this point. Therefore, the replacement of this component with one equipped with a greater number of air intakes would be welcome.

From the right side, as mentioned, two physical buttons appear which basically only serve to access the home directly or, with the lower one, to open all the various sports activities. From the frontal profile, however, reside the magnetic pins for charging and sensors for the heart rate detection. Since it is not a wearable capable of answering calls, however, it is not equipped with any microphone or speaker. Beyond this aspect, then, we note the presence of a glass panel which, along its circumference, has all the notches that mark the time. It is only a detail, but in any case there remains a refinement that is not always adopted on such products. I also remind you that this device is certified IP68, therefore it is easily resistant to water (up to 5 ATM) and dust


Some time ago I got to try Mibro Air, a smartwatch with a rather large display that poco differs from the one tested on this model. Indeed, I believe that on a technical level they are practically identical. Also in this case, in fact, we are faced with a circular from 1,28" with resolution 240 240 pixels x. So, on a technical level, this is a pretty good unit, with bright colors but a resolution that, at times, turns out to be only sufficient.

Size A1

Let's say that the definition is not exactly exceptional and that in direct sunlight it is a bit difficult to view all the contents on the screen. Despite this, the touchscreen is discreet and performs quite well on almost any occasion. It could have been even more responsive in scrolling pages and menus, but at this price I think it's more than satisfying. You only notice some imperfections during navigation, more on a graphic level, such as a slight flickering.

Also in this case it is possible to move within the various menus thanks to gesture. Going a little more specifically, therefore, we note the presence of the following actions:

  • Swipe down: the quick settings page opens, where we find the options item, the shutdown button, the Do Not Disturb mode, energy saving and the button for Bluetooth connection with the smartphone;
  • Swipe upward: access to the notifications area, which can only be viewed on the screen but with which it is impossible to interact in any way;
  • Swipe left or right: you can access a series of summary screens showing sleep monitoring, weather, remote music control, heart rate, and activity summary.

Hardware & Connectivity

Like many other competing smartwatches, this product does not have any modules GPS o NFC, useful for contactless payments. On his side, however, he equips himself with a Bluetooth 5.0 which allows us to communicate with our smartphone in an excellent way. There are some problems related to notifications but which, at least in my opinion, depend poco give to this form. In fact, I believe that at the software level there is some problem related to this aspect, and not only.


I have already told you about its resistance to water and dust, with the IP68 certification, which makes this product perfect for use during sports. During the test period, therefore, I did not register any critical issues in this respect, taking the watch in the water several times without reporting any damage. Just beware of one aspect: the display does not lock automatically, so the touchscreen could do more than a few jokes underwater.

Monitoring & Fitness

Taking a look at the software we notice the presence of ben 20 sport, among which Indoor running, Outdoor running, Cycling, Cycling, Walking, Swimming, Trekking, Figure skating, Soccer, Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Elliptical machine, Yoga, Sit-ups, Lifting, Jumping rope, Aerobics, Free Workout. Let's say, therefore, that in this case the company has focused on "few" sports, being able to analyze a number of activities, in my opinion, adequate. Often, in fact, there is a tendency to include many different sports, with the risk that the most particular ones are detected in the least exact way possible. On the other hand, however, I must admit that I only tried running and walking, two of the most common activities.

Size A1

Going to the lower profile we see how the brand has introduced various sensors, including those for detecting the heartbeat. During the whole trial period I did not register irregularities in the detection of the frequency, recording all in all reliable data. Obviously these were not taken from a professional machine, but they can still give an idea of ​​the current state of form. I remind you, then, that I have always kept the heart rate monitoring, 24 hours a day, at regular intervals. This aspect, therefore, is closely linked to the detection of passivated, a figure that differs a lot from those recorded with other similar devices. From a certain point of view, in fact, Mibro A1 tends to overestimate the steps, reporting about 1500 steps more than those shown by Mi Band 5. Same result obtained from the previous one Micro Air.

I was struck by the sleep monitoring, given that the wearable almost always managed to detect the time I went to sleep and that of awakening. I do not guarantee, however, that the other items such as, for example, "Light Sleep" or "Deep Sleep" are actually reliable. But beyond that we find other types of measurement, some really interesting. We have, therefore, the detection of blood pressure, which in a few moments already reports the results, as well as the level of blood saturation, so to speak the item "SpO2". The latter has always worked correctly, even if the survey should not be confused with that recorded by a professional tool.


In the video you find at the beginning of the review I show part of the software of this model. Mibro A1, therefore, can boast the presence of different menus and many options, offering a fairly complete customization. There would have been room for other options too but the brand had to compromise in this respect, keeping the system as stable as possible. As always, the interface is quite colorful and offers many different settings and features, some of which are very well developed. It remains, in any case, a product still not translated perfectly in Italian and with graphics poco cured, especially in some places. I wanted to play more with the software, modifying many other aspects of the product, but it was not possible.

By clicking on the top button, you can directly access the main menu. Here, therefore, the following items find space: Sports, Training data, Heart rate, Blood oxygen, Sleep report, Pressure, MET, Music, Timer, Alarm, Find phone, Message, Stopwatch, Weather, Settings.

Smartphone application

As well as the smartwatch interface, Mibro A1 offers an application poco treated in some respects. From the Play Store, therefore, you have to search for "Mibro fit“, Then going to download the first item. Once you have downloaded the app, therefore, you need to enter your account and configure the device. When we have finished all the operations, the watch is ready and from here on it will be possible to view all the progress also via the app. From the home, therefore, we can take a look at the calories burned, the steps and the distance traveled. Poco below, then, we have the records of activities, heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen, body weight, effective activity and fatigue. All options which, if necessary, can be removed from this screen. Obviously, within each item, it is possible to view the graphs and data, in a timely manner, without errors.

By clicking on "Equipment" at the bottom, we enter another world. Here, then, we can personalize the smartwatch in almost every part, being able to change the design of the main dial. But not only that, because through the system settings we have the possibility to integrate notifications from different apps, to activate an alarm, to receive phone calls and much more. I tell you right away, however, that there is no kind of interaction with the notifications same: they are read but not answered, to any of them. When some message arrives, therefore, the smartwatch lights up autonomously showing us only the text. The same goes for calls, so you can answer from the watch but you always have to pick up your smartphone to answer.

There is also the possibility to raise the wrist to automatically illuminate the screen. Obviously, this is a nice setting which, however, has a certain impact on autonomy.


On board there is a battery from 270 mAh which, according to the brand, should last 45 days. As always, however, this data is to be taken with a grain of salt, since it was calculated in laboratory conditions that are practically unattainable in reality. I can tell you, therefore, that we settle more than anything else on about 9 days of autonomy, keeping the sensors active. I didn't spare myself with the brightness either, taking it to a rather high level during testing.

Price & Conclusions

Mibro A1 is sold on AliExpress at the promotional price of approx 36 €. Find below the link to reach the site, so you can take a look and possibly proceed with the purchase.

NB If you do not see the purchase link, we advise you to disable AdBlock.


Take advantage of the AliExpress promotional price now and take home the new Mibro A1, the thinnest and lightest smartwatch on the market!

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37,05 €

Let's say that this device on its side certainly has the price. We cannot separate this data from everything else, even if the quality of the product in some respects is not what we would have hoped for. From a constructive point of view, in any case, there are no problems and it is difficult to find better. It weighs a lot poco and it is comfortable to wear, managing to combine design and functionality well. A sports fan would probably be forced to turn to some other product, but there are other types of users as well. Those who do not like to run but who, on the other hand, want to monitor themselves with style, could embrace the philosophy of this smartwatch. Some compromises have to be made, especially for the graphic quality of the interface, but it would have been really difficult to hope for better for the price at which it is offered.

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