Mankeel Pioneer review: finally a VERY COMFORTABLE function even in electric scooters

Mankeel Pioneer 500w electric scooter review

What is the function that is absolutely least seen in an electric scooter? Energy recovery? No. The ability to activate Cruise control? No. Integration with a smartphone application? Neither. Think about it, by now we have seen (and tried) all kinds of electric scooters: for the city, for dirt roads, with super powerful engines and even with the possibility of installing a saddle. But no one, or almost, has ever had the opportunity to be able to do one of the most comfortable and simple operations: extracting the battery for recharging (or replacement).

And this is precisely one of the features that I liked most of the Mankeel Pioneer, a scooter that - on paper - seems to have been cared for in every small detail and which, together with a 500w motor (capable of delivering a peak power of 800w), a double fork front shock absorbing system and a maximum speed of 25 Km / h limited (unlockable up to 40 Km / h), it has a platform that can be opened to extract the battery. I would say not bad.

Mankeel Pioneer review: 500w electric scooter, with removable battery

Package Contents

As well as virtually all electric scooters, even the Mankeel Pioneer it comes out of the package already assembled and, for this reason, the dimensions of the package are rather bulky. All that will need to be done is to weld the handlebar to the vertical structure with four screws, using the mounting kit supplied, and recharge the scooter with the power supply that comes out of the package and has an Italian plug.

Technical features

  • Motor power: 500W (800w peak);
  • Maximum speed: 25 km / h (unlockable at 40 Km / h);
  • Battery: 48v 10 AH;
  • Tires: 10 inch;
  • Three assistance modes;
  • LED front light;
  • Aluminum and magnesium alloy frame;
  • Weight: 27 kg;
  • Dimensions when open: 1230 x 530 x 1160 cm;
  • Closed dimensions: 1230 x 530 x 590 cm.

Design and materials

I admit it: I did not know Mankeel (here you will find the entire shop of the company), and this was the first time I've tried one of their products. And yes, I started a little biased given the almost "anonymity" of the brand, but then I had to change my mind. And one of the things that struck me most of the Mankeel Pioneer is the solidity of the frame: it is large, it is true, with its 1230 x 530 x 1160 cm when open and a weight (with battery inserted) of about 27 kg, it is not among the most manageable electric scooters on the market, but all the structure made of aluminum and magnesium alloy when on the move transmits a great feeling of stability and solidity.

And it does so above all thanks to the elastic 10 ”tires which, assisted by a double fork front shock absorbing system, are able to manage very well the vibrations deriving from uneven road surfaces and above all collisions with any holes. In reality, elastomer forks are quite stiff, and it is a configuration that some might not like at first, but given the type of vehicle, I am of the opinion that the choice made by Mankeel is the right one.

Mankeel Pioneer scooter 500w review

The locking system is also very simple, with which the entire horizontal structure of the handlebar can be lowered in order to improve, as far as possible, the portability of the scooter if it is not used: it is a double safe mechanism, quick to use. and all in all well designed.

Mankeel Pioneer scooter 500w review

The only real limit to the convenience of the Mankeel Pioneer is the platform, which is the minimum wage width and which I would have liked to have seen slightly larger dimensions, also because we are talking about a rather bulky model and a few more cm to rest the feet certainly would not have affected the handling of the device too much .

Mankeel Pioneer scooter 500w review

There are two drum brakes, and they are both drum brakes, and are managed with standard knobs placed on the handlebar, in the center of which an on-board computer has been positioned that uses a color display with which they can be kept under I check all the information relating to your trip: it is a good solution, which does not excel in terms of beauty, but which provides useful information and is clearly visible even in direct light.

Mankeel Pioneer scooter 500w review

The accelerator is located on the right knob and just below the display the only device management button has been integrated, with which you can turn it on and decide which of the three speeds to use. .

Mankeel Pioneer scooter 500w review

In short, all in all the Mankeel Pioneer it is an electric scooter that is also quite elongating, but in which in my opinion only one thing is missing: given the great attention that the company has given to details, I would have liked that in the Mankeel Pioneer light indicators had been inserted under the platform, in order to improve its visibility at night and make the journey safer.

Engine power

The engine of the Mankeel Pioneer it is one of those concrete brushless that, in a sense, you do not expect from a brand that actually is still poco known. It is a very honest 500w limited to 25 Km / h, which is capable of delivering a peak power of 800w and which (if desired) can also be unlocked to reach 40 Km / H. Let's be clear, the unlocking process would make the scooter illegal, but it's a possibility that is good to know.

Mankeel Pioneer scooter 500w review

The power of the engine allows the Mankeel Pioneer to support a maximum load of 120 kg, and to be able to manage climbs with a slope of about 20 °. You will therefore understand that we are on much higher levels than those we would find in other electric city scooters. But when everything might seem almost perfect, here comes the bad news: the Mankeel Pioneer it has no "walk" mode. And it is really a shame because, given the tonnage of the product, it would have been convenient to be able to have assistance from the engine in case you bring the scooter by your side while walking.

Mankeel Pioneer scooter 500w review

In any case, there are three operating modes and they respectively carry the Mankeel Pioneer at a speed of 15 Km / h, 20 Km / h and 25 Km / h, and they are all characterized by a good distribution of the torque, which is effectively delivered in such a way as not to be immediately thrown forward by the scooter.

Mankeel Pioneer scooter 500w review

The management of power delivery based on the remaining battery autonomy is also good. Many electric scooters, as well as some electric bicycles, suffer from a rather annoying problem related to these factors: when the battery is charged, the power delivered by the motor is maximum but, when it is discharged, the motor tends to prove less powerful. It's a way of making the battery last slightly longer which, in some situations, might be handy, but which I personally hate with all my heart.

Fortunately, however, in the Mankeel Pioneer this problem is not present at all and, all the time, the power output of the engine seemed uniform and constant to me.


even the Mankeel Pioneer is one of those electric scooters that can also be managed via a smartphone application, available for both Android and iPhone, and to which you will connect via Bluetooth. And let's face it, it's a well-made application that doesn't stand out in functionality.

Virtually all the basic functions found in the applications created for the management of scooters have been integrated into the Mankeel app: from information relating to the battery, to more general information on the “life” of the scooter, up to the routes traveled over time.

There is also the possibility of activating a sort of anti-theft device, with which the scooter will be immobilized if it is not "unlocked" through the application but, here too, it is one of those accessory features that - given the nature of the product - have little value in terms of security.

Battery life

The battery of Mankeel Pioneer it is a 48v at 10A and, let's face it, it is a very powerful battery with an average autonomy if considered based on the price range in which the device is sold. In my tests, I managed to reach about 35 km with a single charge, with variable speeds and in routes full of ups and downs. Average performance, which however deviate a little from the maximum 45 Km of autonomy declared by the company (which are calculated in ideal conditions).

Mankeel Pioneer scooter 500w review

The nice thing, however, is that the battery of this scooter is totally covered by an IP68 certified case, and it is a fundamental feature considering that it is possible to remove it with disarming simplicity and, why not, take a spare one with you to double the size. autonomy of the scooter.

Mankeel Pioneer scooter 500w review

Charging is also average: for a full charge from 0% to 100% it will take about 4 hours with the power supply with European plug that comes in the box.

Price and considerations

The price of Mankeel Pioneer is $ 799,00 but, through the coupon you find in the box below, you could buy it at a discount at $ 749,00, that is approximately EUR 710. And yes, it is certainly not among the cheapest electric scooters on the market, but considering the build quality and above all the performance of the engine, the figure requested by the company is quite adequate, certainly a 50 euro less would have been welcome.

Mankeel Pioneer scooter 500w review

The ability to extract the battery is the gem that allows the Mankeel Pioneer to stand out from all the other competitors on the market, and the attention that the company has devoted to details is truly excellent.

But it is precisely this attention to the little things that would make me imagine the Mankeel Pioneer equipped with some more features, such as position lights integrated into the platform or the "walk" mode to be used when pushing it by hand.

There is no doubt, however, that the work done by the company with this model is very good, and it is much higher than what one would generally find in products sold in the same price range by more famous brands.

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