Longer LK5 Pro review: the 3D printer with a maxi display

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The panorama of the printers 3D in poco time, even if on the sly, has been enriched with many new models. Precisely for this reason, companies inevitably try to differentiate their products, and so it has done Go along, with her Longer LK5 Pro. The 3D printer in question, in fact, which offers support for filaments in PLA ed ABS, has a maxi as its predominant feature display by 4.3 " which represents an added value in terms of machine management.

Longer LK3 Pro 5D printer review

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Package contents and assembly

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La Longer LK5 Pro comes in a hardcover of important dimensions that contains all the components of the printer itself, carefully packaged and separated from each other.

The printer also follows the trend of the latest releases. By purchasing the Longer LK5 Proin fact, you will practically have a product at your disposal already 90% assembled. The steps to be taken, in this sense, are very few. In addition to having to secure the axes to each other and to fix them to the base, your task will only be to connect some bare wires (in this sense the manual will not help you much, but the operation is quite intuitive).

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Finally, the last step to do before using the printer itself is that of the calibration: nothing simpler. You will need to equip yourself with a sheet of paper and follow the instructions on the display, by clicking the calibration icon, in fact, the extruder will move in the 4 corners. You will have to manually adjust it with the knobs below to make the sheet of paper enter the space between the nozzle and the plate making a little friction.

Design and features

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Among the peculiarities of the Longer LK5 Pro there are precisely the dimensions. Thanks to the plate from 30 x 30 x 40 cm, in fact, you will have the opportunity to make really impressive prints.

After having specified this "small" detail that will surely please users, let's go back to the design. The printer in question does not differ particularly from the models already seen. The minimal design, in fact, is functional to reduce the weight and increase the stability of the product. In this case, we find the filament holder on the left and it must be said that, while loading it a lot, it does not flex and does not disturb the print quality.

In this sense, it is possible that you are faced with a different system of replacement of the filament. In Longer KS5 Pro the replacement, removal and insertion of the filament takes place completely automatically. All you have to do is insert the tip into the cavity to detect the filament and the printer will do the rest, drawing the coil to itself.

Precisely in terms of build quality, we find a very solid product and this can also be seen in the printing phase. In particular, the two oblique axes contribute to the general stability and this positively affects the final result of the print.

Then we find the heated plate up to 60 °. Unlike other solutions, for the Longer LK5 Pro, there is the need to affix an additional plate (present in the package) to the heated plate, which does not act directly as a base for the prints. This solution has pros and cons. If on the one hand, in fact, we have the cons of having a slower heating of the plate (it takes several minutes to reach 60 °), on the other hand there is the advantage of being able to easily change the glass plate, without having to replace anything of the structure.

We then close the technical characteristics with a brief summary. The 3D printer offers the ability to print via SD card or with direct connection to the PC, it has a single extursor from 0,4 mm and reaches a printing temperature of 250 ° (starts from 190 °), with a. maximum printing speed of 180 mm / s. This means that both filaments can be printed without problems PLA and ABS.

Software and print quality

software cure

Have you ever got your hands on a 3D printer? If the answer is yes, then you already know how to use the Longer LK5 Pro. The printer, in fact, does not have a proprietary slicer, but is supported by the software Ultimaker Cure, practically the best known and most used program for this type of printer.

The use, in fact, is really simple and intuitive. Just choose the printer you have in the configuration phase (you can choose it by following the names of all the supported brands) and the print settings will be automatically applied to all projects opened with Ultimaker Cure. The software also allows you to load different formats. In our test we uploaded a PNG file of our logo (making a small change so that it can be used as a keychain) and the software automatically turned it into .gcode file.

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Once this step has been carried out, just load the .gcode file on the external pendrive (present in the package) to start printing.

As previously mentioned, therefore, the printing turns out to be precise and without too many smudges, even in the details: a quality not to be underestimated in filament printers which, on the other hand, give their best by performing linear prints.

Price and conclusions Longer LK5 Pro

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You wish to have a qualitative approach to the world of printers 3D, or are you looking for a qualitatively superior model to an entry level 3D printer? There Longer LK5 Pro it can be for you.

As can be seen from our examination, in fact, the product has an excellent quality / price ratio and it goes without saying that it is worth more than the approximately € 360 price list. Furthermore, using our coupon, you can buy it at the price of 308 €.

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Longer LK3 Pro 5D printer

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