Kepup W200 review: the all-rounder smartwatch, a poco price

kepup w200

Trivially today we tend to define any type of wearable device with the term "smartwatch". Let's say that this definition, however, is rather improper. In fact, not all products that come out on the market can be labeled as such. Indeed, the reality of the facts is completely reversed. Taking a look at the international panorama, therefore, there are many more devices that have nothing to do with this definition, however, offering many interesting functions. Some are able to monitor many sports, others propose, for example, the monitoring of certain less common vital parameters, such as blood pressure. But some essential features are missing to be able to fall into the category of SmartWatch.

If we take for example, for a moment, a Huawei Watch or an Apple Watch we notice the presence of some elements: in addition to heart rate detection, step monitoring, the ability to connect different apps, these provide the ability to respond to the phone by speaking directly through the watch. But not only that, because they allow us to respond to voice messages, as well as text messages, with relative simplicity. All features that in most cases are not there.

So how to catalog the new Kepup W200, the device protagonist of this Full review? Is it a smartwatch, or is it a simple fitness tracker? Let's say that most of the characteristics coincide with this definition but there are some points on which it is necessary to make a separate discussion.

Kepup W200 review, the smartwatch poco engaged


I have to admit that the sales package looks a lot like what Apple currently sells for its Watches. As we can see, therefore, its entire surface extends horizontally, showing the internal design of the product on the front. Inside this box, then, there are the following accessories:

  • Kepup W200;
  • USB-A cable with magnetic pins, for charging the watch;
  • short instruction manual, also in English.

Design & Materials

Who knows what smartwatches would have been like if Apple Watch had never existed. Most likely they would have taken their current forms anyway, some with clock face circular and others with more square designs. The latter case is precisely that of the model produced by Kepup and presented for the first time on YouPin, Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform. Thanks to the support of the community, therefore, the device was eventually produced and also enjoyed some success. Taking a look at its shapes, in fact, we see the lines are rather clean but still poco original, as they reflect the design shown by many other competing smart watches.

kepup w200

From the point of view of dimensions this Kepup measures 48,6 x 37,1 x 12,2 mm weight overall (including strap) of 37,5 grams. Taking a look at these measures, therefore, do not come to mind many other products with these characteristics, configuring itself as one of the most compact in this area. On its side, then, it certainly has the lightness, which allows us to keep it on the wrist practically for the whole day without any discomfort. During physical activity, in any case, the strap is not exactly the best, showing few air vents that make you breathe poco Skin. As on almost every model, however, also in this case the release system of the latter is very simple, so this component can also be replaced.

Let's see how all the side frame was made in aluminum, with the exception of the single physical button on the right. THE sensors for the detection of heart rate have been placed at the bottom, as well as i magnetic pins for charging. Let's say, therefore, that the clean and youthful design is a point in his favor, also considering the quality-price ratio. I remind you, then, that this device is certified IP68, so it is suitable for any type of sport, not fearing water, dust and sweat. I tried to wet it myself more than once in these days of testing and absolutely nothing happened, so the product in this respect is absolutely promoted.


I don't want to say that they are all the same but in the price range of this product we find many similar devices. So similar that the display, one of the most important features within this sector, always seems to be the same. Therefore, also in this case, Kepup has decided to install a TFT da 1,69" with resolution 240 280 pixels x. Beyond this, then, the front glass is rounded and this aspect facilitates navigation and use of the classics gesture.

kepup w200

I must admit that in direct sunlight the watch can be seen fairly well, obviously taking advantage of the brightness at the highest level. Beyond this, then, the colors are quite balanced, not showing excessive saturation. Despite this, I would have expected a lot more from the panel touch screen, the real weak link of this product. Not that it is not usable but, unfortunately, in some situations it turns out to be a bit too cumbersome and this partly ruins the experience gained with the device. Therefore, I would have appreciated a smoother scrolling of the pages and a greater response of the touchscreen, one of the fundamental components.

Here it is necessary to take advantage of the classics gesture, present on practically every self-respecting smartwatch, integrating the following actions:

  • Swipe down: the notifications page opens, where you can view all the latest messages received on the phone. I remind you that it is not possible in any way to interact with them;
  • Swipe upward: you access the main menu directly, with all the various items that refer to activity, heart rate monitoring and much more;
  • Swipe left or right: it is possible to access a series of summary screens that show the progress of our activity, the steps taken, the heart rate, the weather and remote control of the music.

Hardware & Connectivity

We are, with this Kepup W200, in a rather low price range. From this point of view, therefore, it is practically impossible to expect some features, such as the GPS or the NFC module for contactless payments. Also in this case, therefore, these supports do not find space, with the exception of the Bluetooth 5.0 which is essential to communicate correctly with the smartphone. Except for some uncertainty in the configuration phase, therefore, this technology has always performed well.

When immersed in water, the product does not automatically lock the screen. So you could also inadvertently press some buttons during a common shower. Despite this, however, the IP68 certification protects it from any type of danger deriving from non-corrosive liquids, such as water.

Monitoring & Fitness

I believe there is no minimum number of sports to monitor. Some products, therefore, offer many activities, even exceeding hundreds of units, while others amount to much smaller numbers. Hence, this Kepup integrates 10 sporting activities including Outdoor running, Indoor running, Outdoor walking, Indoor walking, Outdoor biking, Indoor biking, Yoga, Elliptical, Rowing machine, Other activities. By clicking on the latter option, however, we do not access any additional menu but we can simply try to monitor a sport not present in the main list. Let's say, however, that if we decide to play basketball, for example, we will not be marked with the dribbles and other essential parameters for this activity. Despite this, the step count is quite in line with what the competition proposes: it is not accurate, overestimating the steps actually taken a little too much.

kepup w200

We have already shown you the possibility of going to monitor different vital signs. Among these, one of the most important is certainly the heart rate. Taking a look at the graphics also reported on the official app I must admit that I have not noticed any major inconsistencies. Going to make some quick comparisons, however, I believe that under stress the sensor tends to overestimate our heartbeat, reporting slightly incongruent data. In any case, however, I have always kept this mode active 24 / 24h thus having a more complete picture of the situation available. This one's poco precision in the detection of the frequency, then, also reserves on the count of steps which is inevitably distorted. From this point of view, in fact, the smartwatch tends to overestimate this data, showing at least 1000 more steps after a walk than the Mi Band 5.

Good sleep monitoring, which is able to understand 9 times out of 10 the time when you fall asleep and the time of awakening. I must point out, however, some controversial aspects: from the official application it is possible to see only the night just passed, without taking a look at those of weeks before or even previous years; second point, although the system should be able to detect REM sleep, light sleep and heavy sleep, we should have also had this distinction in the graph. But this function, of course, is not there.

The detection of the oxygen saturation in the blood (SpO2) is well received but be careful: it is a mere estimate and cannot in any case be substituted for that recorded with a professional device.


There are many languages ​​present such as English, Portuguese and German. Virtually only Italian is missing. Despite this, the various menus are well translated from Chinese, reporting very few errors. On the part of the brand it would have been nice to raise the level of Customization, given that on a graphic level the choices are rather limited. So let's see how the main menu has been designed in the form of a list, with the items that integrate several other pages inside. Just click on the physical button on the right to wake up the screen and then swipe up to enter this menu. Let's say that the company could have taken care of the graphics more, embellishing everything with some more subtlety. For the proposed price, however, we can only be happy with the result.

kepup w200

The following options are found within the classic main menu: Training, Training Record, Heart rate, Today, Sleep, Blood Oxygen, Breath, Alarm, Stopwatch, Timer, Music control, Remote shutter, Weather, Settings.

Smartphone application

You must download the application from Google that is indicated in the instruction booklet, after scanning the QR code. This is a download that does not go through the Play Store but that allows you, once logged in with your account, to quickly configure the smartwatch. This app is called Kepup Watch and offers a rather sparse interface at the moment. From the home, in fact, you immediately notice some defects on a graphic level, using a slightly retro style. Despite this, there are all the usual items such as the calculation of steps, sports activity, calories burned, heart rate detection, sleep monitoring and blood oxygen saturation. Within each of these options there are other items that report further data in their category, thus showing graphs, diagrams and some information more. I would like to point out only the impossibility of clicking on the sleep monitoring window, thus being able only to view the data relating to the previous night.

By clicking on "profile", at the bottom right, we access our profile directly, thus being able to modify some parameters. From here, therefore, we can manage notifications, set new watch faces, activate call notification and poco other. Let's say that in this respect there are much more virtuous brands. Despite everything, however, the device behaves quite well, even if the notifications of our smartphone do not always arrive on the wearable. This, however, could be a software-related problem rather than anything else. I remind you, in any case, the possibility of activating the display with a simple twist of the wrist.


Kepup has decided to install one on this model battery da 260 mAh, a unit capable of concluding even 6 consecutive days. It is not possible to go further but only if you use it as myself, therefore with the detection of the heart rate always active, as well as the bluetooth. In more normal conditions, with less than fifty notifications and the bluetooth disconnected, it is also possible to reach 9 days of autonomy. Don't worry about the charging cable, because in any case it goes from 5 to 100% in poco less than 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Price & Conclusions

This Kepup W200 is currently being sold on AliExpress at about the price 30 €. Find the purchase link below.

NB If you do not see the purchase link, we advise you to disable AdBlock.


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24,47 €

In light of what we have seen in this review, I think this device is suitable for a small circle of people. On the contrary, I think instead that in the end it is the majority of the population, that is the least attentive to fitness and to the detection of every single vital parameter. In any case, it remains more a smartband than a smartwatch, also due to the different features it lacks. If you don't have too many sporting claims, then this could be the right product for you.

I believe that in the end Kepup has produced a terminal that is valid in many respects but, unfortunately, still a bit immature. With some refinement, even on the software side, the product could come back to life and really compete with other similar devices.

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