JIMMY HW10 review: say goodbye to compromises

You could consider the JIMMY HW10 as one of those revolutionary products, with which you can clearly see the company's intention to solve (or at least try to do so) some of the problems and limitations of a particular market sector. And if there is a password that the brand born under the protective wing of Xiaomi has followed to produce its new vacuum cleaner, it is without a shadow of a doubt "dynamism".

You know, over time I have come to the conclusion that - for my needs - water-based vacuum cleaners are the type of product that is most convenient for me, but there is no doubt that this particular type of device is among those that suffer most from a series of compromises that must necessarily be accepted, to wash the floor very well.

Compromises that apparently with the JIMMY HW10 they can be left on the back burner. The new product of the brand is one of the vacuum cleaners definitely out of the pack, and that will be talked about thanks to its 3 in 1 nature: it has a completely new design, it can work with water or dry, it can also wash carpets and i full of accessories that will allow it to be used even on sofas and similar surfaces. In short, it is a real all-rounder.

JIMMY HW10 review: you have NEVER SEEN a floor cleaner like this


Considering the number of accessories included, the packaging of the JIMMY HW10 it could also be considered compact. Of course, it is not among the smallest in circulation but, given the number of components it integrates, the first time you open the box, you wonder how the people of the company managed to put so many things in such a small space.

Inside the package there is:

  • 1 x 2 in 1 Upholstery Tool;
  • 1 x 2-in-1 crevice tool;
  • 1 x electric mattress head;
  • 1 x cleaning brush;
  • 1 cleaning solution of 480 ml;
  • 1 brush for rugs and carpets;
  • 1 adapter;
  • 1 x charging and storage base.

Design and materials

All the design of the JIMMY HW10 follows the concept of modularity. All the components fit together perfectly and the battery is also easily removable with the push of a button. And it is the same for the new motor, which could also be considered the real beating heart of a portable vacuum cleaner precisely because it can also be used separately with every single accessory that comes out of the package. You will understand therefore, that in this way despite the JIMMY HW10 has the size of a floor cleaner, in reality it can be used to clean sofas, cars, furniture and so on.

All the control buttons are positioned near the handle that no, it is not with the typical pistol form-factor, and in a nutshell they allow you to switch from the standard scrubber mode to the vacuum, carpet vacuum, maximum power or one mode. automatic that works at medium power or, if necessary, switches to maximum power.

Jimmy HW10 Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Portable Carpet Rugs

But the thing that stands out most to the eye is a huge color display, on which you can access all the information necessary for the correct use of the product. On this large screen you can check the battery status, the mode of use, the charging status and so on. However, I give you some advice: once charging is complete, you may need to disconnect the plug from the power supply because the display will always remain on. It is probably just a bug that will be fixed with a software update, but to avoid unnecessary consumption of electricity, it is good to keep this detail under control.

Jimmy HW10 Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Portable Carpet Rugs

Then there are the dirt and water containers which, to be honest, in my opinion are too small: especially the dirt container which can only contain 0.2 liters of solids, will force you to empty it at the end of each cleaning. Poco badly, however, because especially in this type of device it is essential to clean all the containers constantly, in order to avoid the formation of very bad odors, which are difficult to eliminate.

Jimmy HW10 Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Portable Carpet Rugs

Of course, the capacity of this container is to be evaluated based on the way in which you decide to use the product, and it must be said that the opening for emptying is among the simplest in circulation: just press a button and all the contents will end up directly in the bin on which you will have placed it.

Jimmy HW10 Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Portable Carpet Rugs

Then there is a very important factor to consider: weight. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a product to be used mostly in "traditional" vacuum cleaner mode, it is good to consider that it is true that the JIMMY HW10 it is one of the few alternatives able to work both dry and with water, but it was born as a floor cleaner and - you know - a floor cleaner has a heavier weight than a cyclonic wireless vacuum cleaner.

Jimmy HW10 Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Portable Carpet Rugs

The suction head, where one of the two motorized rollers that come out of the package will be positioned, is also quite large. And the reason is simple: given its nature, it has the task of hosting everything needed to wash floors with water, which not only increases the footprint, but also requires a certain posture during use.

Jimmy HW10 Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Portable Carpet Rugs

Then there is a huge charging base capable of managing all the accessories contained in the package and which will be used for the self-cleaning function which, however, in the JIMMY HW10 it is supported by another gem: drying. Yes, because once the JIMMY HW10 on the basis and starting the cleaning process, you can decide to dry the roller used in depth: the process is functional and does its duty, even if it is actually a bit long and lasts a long time.

Suction and washing power

To animate the JIMMY HW10 a very powerful 400w motor takes care of it, which actually makes the difference. Because it is precisely the functioning of this vacuum cleaner that has satisfied us the most. The modalities available are innumerable, and all of them manage to perform the task for which they were made very well.

Jimmy HW10 Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Portable Carpet Rugs

Whether it is used in a "complete" configuration or in a "reduced" configuration using the accessories, JIMMY HW10 it can clean virtually any surface without any problems, and also handles pet hair or hair quite well. When used in to clean on the go it has four modes:

  • AUTO: which uses the sensors integrated in the main brush and “understands” not only the amount of dirt present on the surface but also what type it is. That way it will be the same JIMMY HW10 to decide the suction power and the possible quantity of water to be distributed. This is precisely the mode that I advise you to always use even if, and this is quite normal, the battery drains rather quickly.
  • FLOOR: this is the mode indicated for any type of floor, as long as it is not a carpet or carpet. If you are on the safe side it is a good way to be able to obtain a good cleaning and a considerable energy saving.
  • TURBO: excellent if the floor on which you are going to clean is particularly dirty, but very energetic.
  • CARPET: this is a specific mode designed specifically for cleaning carpets, which is best exploited using the special roller that comes out of the package.
Jimmy HW10 Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Portable Carpet Rugs

When using the JIMMY HW10 in "portable" mode, ie using the accessories that come in the package, there are two ways of use:

  • ECO: the standard mode to be used when cleaning “traditional” surfaces.
  • MAX: more powerful mode, in my opinion to be used only when you go to clean a sofa, a mattress, a car or particularly dusty surfaces.
Jimmy HW10 Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Portable Carpet Rugs

The management of the areas adjacent to the walls and skirting boards is also good: using the JIMMY HW10 in "traditional" mode, it will remain poco less than 1cm of unclean space. And while it might seem like a compromise, we're actually talking about one of the best performances in the industry. Handling is also very pleasant, thanks to the great grip that the motorized brush will have with the floor, the whole system will be almost "towed" during cleaning, which reduces fatigue to a minimum.

Jimmy HW10 Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Portable Carpet Rugs

When you go to buy the JIMMY HW10 However, it is very important to remember one thing: unlike any other scrubber we have seen to date, this particular product does not wet the rollers, but "sprays" the water only where it is needed. Which means greater control over the distribution of the liquid, this is true, but also a less uniform system for washing floors. Let's be clear, when you distribute the water, the floor is well cleaned and drying is essential, but we must remember to do it and - above all - we must be careful not to splash the walls or objects adjacent to the cleaning area.

Battery life

Jimmy HW10 Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Portable Carpet Rugs

For such a dynamic product, battery life is a difficult factor to evaluate. Why should we distinguish the autonomy of a portable vacuum cleaner, the autonomy of a "traditional" vacuum cleaner and the autonomy of a floor cleaner and carpet cleaner. In short, it is very complicated and the performances depend a lot on the type of use. What I can do, to avoid throwing smoke in your eyes, is to tell you that the average JIMMY HW10 it will guarantee you an autonomy of about 30 minutes of operation, with a rather noticeable use for cleaning and washing floors.

Price and considerations

The price of the JIMMY HW10 is € 529,00 on Amazon and yes, it is certainly not among the cheapest models in the industry. On the other hand, however, it is one of the most "dynamic" products we have seen to date which, to be honest, sees in the Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Combo (here the review) its only competitor. However, everything it does, it does better than the Tineco model, and also in terms of design and quality of the materials it is much better.

Jimmy HW10 Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner Portable Carpet Rugs

If you ever find a fault with the JIMMY HW10 it is certainly the one relating to water nebulization which is only manual and not automatic because, if you wanted to completely wash the floor, it would be a function that would actually be missing. However, it can be used as an excellent vacuum cleaner and, if you are not satisfied with the versatility of the vacuum cleaner you have at home, you could certainly consider making a single purchase, to receive a product to be used practically anywhere and with any type of surface.

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