INMOTION S1 review: the new benchmark among scooters under 1000 euros

You probably don't know INMOTION, but it is important that you know how much the brand has been growing in recent years also in the West, thanks to the many models that they have been developing for some time now and that in the East have practically sold like hot cakes. Electric bikes, scooters, unicycles, INMOTION products have always stood out for their build quality and attention to detail, and are now also available for sale by us, even on Amazon.

And that's why when theINMOTION S1 (here the complete technical sheet) my curiosity was immediately activated, and it did so mainly because I am a person who basically does not like to ride a scooter.

But, generally, it is precisely this repudiation of mine towards this type of product, which allows me to understand the real quality of a product without being "blinded" by the type of device: in a nutshell, precisely because I don't like scooters, I can evaluate with the utmost objectivity whether a product is well made, or if - allow me the term - she is a filmmaker.

INMOTION S1 review: the new benchmark among scooters under 1000 euros


As well as virtually all electric scooters, even the INMOTION S1 it comes out of the package already assembled and, for this reason, the dimensions of the package are rather bulky. All that will need to be done is to weld the handlebar to the vertical structure with four screws, using the mounting kit supplied, and recharge the scooter with the power supply that comes out of the package and has an Italian plug.

Technical features

  • Motor power: 500W (brushless type);
  • Maximum speed: 25 km / h;
  • Battery: 674 Wh;
  • Tires: 10 inch;
  • Four assistance modes;
  • LED front light;
  • Aluminum alloy frame;
  • Weight: 24 kg;
  • Dimensions when open: 130,7 x 52 x 127,5 cm.

Design and materials

From an aesthetic, design and materials point of view, the first thing that stands out when looking at theINMOTION S1 its essentiality is immediately noticeable. The whole structure of the scooter is dull gray, and compared to the vast majority of electric scooters all unnecessary components have been put aside. At the front there is a double fork cushioning system, while the footboard is very simple, it is always dark in color and integrates the company logo colored in orange.

In terms of dimensions, we are average: the platform is large enough to allow an adult to rest his feet comfortably, but given the tonnage (it is large 130,7 x 52 x 127,5 cm) and the weight (around at 24 kg) is certainly not among the most compact in circulation and therefore I would have preferred that the company had thought of a slightly larger platform.

INMOTION S1 review best 500w electric scooter

Poco bad though, because the whole structure, assisted by the cushioning system and the 10 "wheels which are air chamber, give theINMOTION S1 good stability in motion and a feeling of solidity that is all in all good.

INMOTION S1 review best 500w electric scooter

For those of INMOTION then, they have well thought out (finally, let me say it) to integrate an additional cushioning system in the rear: it is made of elastomer and connects the front wheel area to the footplate.

INMOTION S1 review best 500w electric scooter

In this way, the biggest problem of scooters with anti-puncture wheels has been solved: generally this type of products tends to suffer a lot from shocks and vibrations in the rear, which does not happen at all in theINMOTION S1.

INMOTION S1 review best 500w electric scooter

L'INMOTION S1 then it has three goodies that I liked very much and that show how much the company thinks about details. First of all the display: it is simple, it is true, but it is in color and integrated into the handlebar and finally in a review of an electric scooter I can write that it can be seen very well even in direct light conditions. This may seem silly to you, but lately many companies are underestimating this factor.

INMOTION S1 review best 500w electric scooter

The second thing I really liked are the position and direction indicators: the platform integrates luminous LEDs that stay on constantly, and that turn into real automatic directional arrows, which are activated completely autonomously when you tends to change direction. And let me say it: this is one of those features that profoundly improves safety while driving. Good INMOTION.

INMOTION S1 review best 500w electric scooter

The last peculiarity that struck me positively concerns the recharge, and it is something that I rarely find in an electric scooter sold for less than 1000 euros: under the platform there is an area where you can connect the battery charger. has a double entrance. In this way, if you need to quickly recharge the battery of the device, you could connect 2 power supplies which - in fact - would halve the times: for a complete recharge with the only charger that comes out in the package it could take about 7 hours. , which become 3.5 if you buy and connect an additional power supply. And that's a touch of genius.

INMOTION S1 review best 500w electric scooter

An LED has been integrated in the front part of the handlebar capable of emitting a decidedly incisive brightness at night, and the locking system is also quite simple to use: opening and closing the scooter is very intuitive, and the mechanism is not only simple to use. but also solid and safe.

What convinced me less however are the materials of the shell that surrounds the display, which is made with a plastic that from the first glance seems too light and that clashes deeply with the general quality of the rest of the scooter.

In short, from the point of view of design and materials there is poco to fault theINMOTION S1. All the details are well cared for, the structure is solid and there are small details that allow it to stand out from its competitors. What I would have liked to have seen better care is perhaps the size of the platform.

Motor power

To animate theINMOTION S1 a 500w brushless motor takes care of it, which convinced me a lot from the first start. You see, in general (and especially in electric scooters) companies often offer super-powerful motors, 500w or even 1000w, which then in everyday life are unable to guarantee consistency and efficiency.

INMOTION S1 review best 500w electric scooter

Fortunately this is not the case withINMOTION S1: the motor that drives it is well balanced and set up very well, it takes full advantage of the powerful battery that the scooter is equipped with and manages a maximum load of 120 kg and the optimal management of large slopes, which can reach up to 30% of inclination.

The braking system is also excellent. At the front there is a drum brake which is flanked by an electronic disc brake at the rear. The electric brake can be activated automatically if you are going downhill or if you exceed the maximum speed, and even if sometimes it may seem too "invasive", in reality it does its job well. In a nutshell, you just have to get used to its presence.

INMOTION S1 review best 500w electric scooter

The torque distribution is good and although it avoids that, especially at the start, the scooter tends to accelerate to the maximum immediately, it is still able to guarantee a good thrust that definitely makes you feel the power of the engine.

There are also 3 speeds available: Eco mode, Standard mode (D) and Sport mode (S). The maximum speed is limited to 25 Km / h, but it is possible to unlock the limit of the last gear, thus reaching 30 Km / h using the entire acceleration of the device. The presence of the walk mode is also very welcome: in this way, when you need to push the device, the motor will assist in the whole procedure.

The management of power delivery based on the remaining battery autonomy is also good. Many electric scooters, as well as some electric bicycles, suffer from a rather annoying problem related to these factors: when the battery is charged, the power delivered by the motor is maximum but, when it is discharged, the motor tends to prove less powerful. Well, in theNMOTION S1 this problem is not present at all and, all the time, the power output of the engine seemed uniform and constant to me.


When starting the scooter for the first time, it will need to be activated via the INMOTION app, available free of charge for both iPhone and Android. In a nutshell, it is one of the typical applications that have been accompanying this type of electric scooters for some time, which actually not even with theINMOTION S1 reserve particular surprises.

Through the application we can access some information such as the charge and autonomy in residual Km, as well as the KM traveled and a whole series of data relating to the use of the scooter. It is also possible to keep an eye on recording your driving sessions, or decide to participate in the company's community, whose members share all their driving sessions: for this function, you need to enter the “Moments” section.

To be honest, it is a well-finished application with more features than those generally found in apps of this type, the main problem of the whole InMotion system is that they have not thought of translating the application into other languages. that are not English. Sin.

Through the app it is also possible to activate an electronic lock mode, with which the scooter, if touched or moved, will emit an alarm sound and will not activate, and through the settings it is possible to decide whether to allow connection to the device also by other people or block it to the first smartphone used in association.

Battery life

As for the battery, let's start immediately with an assumption: theINMOTION S1 is able to guarantee an autonomy greater than at least 25% / 30% compared to its direct competitors. And this is possible thanks to the huge 675 Wh accumulator pack that it integrates, i.e. from 12,5 Ah to 54V. And the 54V is all felt when you accelerate.

INMOTION S1 review best 500w electric scooter

The company guarantees a maximum range of about 80 km with a single charge, but this in ideal conditions: in reality, going with an average pace and roads full of ups and downs, in my tests I reached about 65 km with a single charge. And it is an excellent result.

INMOTION S1 review best 500w electric scooter

Charging times are average. For a complete recharge it will take about 7 hours with the charger that comes in the box but, if you want to speed up the process, buying an additional power supply separately could cut the time in half.

It is an expensive option, it is true, but it is still a possibility that could be convenient for some types of users.

Price and considerations

The price ofINMOTION S1 is 899 euros, but through the box below you could buy it at a discount at 789,00 €. It is expensive? Yes. It is certainly not among the cheapest electric scooters on the market. And yes, if the price had been filed by at least 100 euros, there is no doubt that theINMOTION S1 it would have been an absolute best buy.

INMOTION S1 review best 500w electric scooter

But in any case we are talking about a product that, due to its characteristics and high attention to detail, has all the credentials to become the new reference point under the 1000 euro threshold: there are products around that cost even more than 'INMOTION S1, but which are of much lower quality.

It is an excellent alternative for anyone who has to move to urban and suburban areas and wants to do it independently and in a green way, but with the awareness of carrying an electric scooter that is a bit bulky, but safe and efficient.

With more refined materials near the display and a slightly wider footboard, it would have been perfect.

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