How to turbo Samsung smartphones with Good Lock

samsung good lock

Introduced a few years ago, Good Lock is the app made by Samsung to improve and customize the functionality of their smartphones. For some generations, the One UI has included a suite of applications that enhances and further expands the already numerous additional features present in the proprietary interface. And since the functions available are varied and varied, today I'll explain how to use them best to get the most out of your Samsung device, both on smartphones and tablets.

The guide in question is based on One UI 4.1, so the features I am talking about may vary depending on the device and the version of One UI installed on it (although not in a radical way).

How to improve the functionality of your Samsung thanks to Good Lock

Functional customizations


Let's start with the first feature present in Samsung Good Lock, namely LockStar. This is an option for customize your lock screen, adding options to those already present normally. By choosing "Edit portrait Lock screen"You will change the screen when the smartphone is vertical, while with"Edit landscape Lock screen”The one horizontally. In both cases, however, Samsung's customization allows you to intervene on various elements.

For example, with the tab "Position”You can move any element of the lock screen where you want, including clock and date, notifications and music widget. In the tab "Wallpaper"You are redirected to the classic wallpaper customization screen, while in the"Clock”You can change and resize the clock widget.

Finally, in the tab "items”You can hide the elements of the lock screen or, for some, choose the type of display. Probably the most interesting options are "Shortcuts"And Notifications". With "Shortcuts”You can replace the two classic shortcuts for camera and phone with up to 6 shortcuts, which can be positioned in various ways. The useful thing is that instead of swiping to activate them, just click on them, a more comfortable choice especially if you are on the move.

With "Notifications“, On the other hand, you can choose whether to display only the icon of the app for which you have received a notification or whether to display its content as well.

To conclude, with "Lock screen timeout”You can choose how long to keep the lock screen on before the screen turns off automatically. Options include 15 and 30 seconds, as well as 1, 2, 5, and 10 minutes.

samsung good lock


We then move on to another entry of Samsung Good Lock, namely QuickStar. This time the Customization it concerns two aspects, first of all the Quick Panel screen, the one that is called up with a swipe down and where the various Quick Settings are located. With "Style your own Quick Panel"You can choose from some chromatic presets, while on"My themes”You connect to Theme Park (see the dedicated paragraph) to use the themes created personally.

samsung good lock

By activating "Show Quick button grid”You add more shortcuts within the Quick Settings grid.

Finally, with "Open Quick panel directly”You can bypass a gesture and make a swipe from the top suffice to directly open the extended Quick Settings screen but also notifications. You can also adjust the swipe split area to open the two screens and reverse their order.

The other QuickStar customization concerns the status bar. With "Visibility of Indicator Icons”You can choose which icons to display or not. With "Clock Settings”You can change the position of the clock (or hide it) or use the AM / PM display. With "Show notifications by last update”Changes the notifications positioning criterion, putting the latest one in the first position (ie the most left).

samsung good lock


Inside Samsung Good Lock there is also the MultiStar function, the purpose of which is to enrich the options related to multitasking. If you are using screen keys, with "Quick launch of the Multi window”You can hold down the Recent key to start the Split-Screen / Pop-up mode.

Once started, with "Multi-Windows Screen zoom”Increases the amount of content displayed on the screen.

samsung good lock

There is also the option "Immersive Mode“, That is the immersive mode with which to ensure that the status bar and navigation bar temporarily disappear with the split-screen to have more content on the screen.

samsung good lock

If you want to take advantage of the split-screen even with technically not enabled apps, just activate the option "Enable multi window to all apps". By activating "Pop-up view action"You can reduce the app running in a smaller window by swiping from the top corner (the area is adjustable with"Set popup gesture size").

With regard to "Multifocus", The split-screen apps remain active even when they are not actively used, while activating"Remove blur effect on adjusting split screen”Removes the blur effect when configuring the split-screen.

Inside the MultiStar there are also options to expand the functions of Samsung DeX. With the voice "I ❤️ Samsung Dex”You can activate a higher resolution with accessories wired via USB Type-C (watch out for overheating, run more than 5 apps at the same time and continue using the last app run when starting or exiting Samsung DeX.

samsung good lock


We continue with another entry of Samsung Good Lock, NavStar, this time dedicated to customizing the appearance and operation of full screen gesture e navigation keys (depending on personal choice).

If you use the full screen interface, then the section concerned is the "Swipe gestures". With the voice "Transparent hints"The navigation bar is made transparent so that it does not overlap the contents on the screen, while with"Back gesture sensitivity"You can adjust the sensitivity of the gesture to go back; in this regard, with "Allow back gesture in full screen”This gesture is allowed to remain active even in Full Screen mode when playing, watching a video and so on.

samsung good lock

If, on the other hand, you prefer screen buttons to gestures, you need to go to the "Buttons". By activating "Show and hide buttons”A dot is added on the left, on which to double click to hide the keys when they are not needed; to recall them, just swipe from the bottom and double click again. By activating the item "Show on home screen”Makes it so that the keys cannot be hidden when you are on the home screen.

The most intriguing part of NavStar is the ability to graphically customize the navigation keys.

In addition to choosing from the available presets, clicking on "New configuration”You can adjust transparency, adaptive colors and choose which icon to associate with the buttons. In "Background Color"You can change the background color of the button bar, while in"Button layout”You can choose whether to keep them centrally or sideways and add up to 2 additional keys.


We conclude the “Star” section of Samsung Good Lock with notistar, which as the name suggests does something that could prove very useful for some: keep notifications. Normally, in fact, once deleted it is not possible to trace the notifications received. By keeping them, however, you can not only retrieve those that have not been read but also be able to keep notifications of deleted messages (as in the case of WhatsApp and Telegram).

samsung good lock

From the item "Application list"You choose which app to keep notifications, while with"User filter list”You can choose keywords with which to filter the notifications to be kept. By activating "Using on Lock screen"A shortcut is added to the lock screen on which to swipe up and open the list of notifications stored, which can be customized with the"Start icon settings on Lock screen". Finally, through "Notification storage period"You decide how long to keep the notifications (between 7 days, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year and forever).

samsung good lock

Home up

Another key element of Samsung Good Lock is Home up, which is the screen of personalization of the home. Entering the item "Home screen"You access the various configuration options:"Home Screen Grid"and "Apps Screen Grid"Are used to calibrate the app grids in the home and drawer, while with"Favorites Max Count”You can increase the number of apps in the lower dock.

samsung good lock

Speaking of drawer, with "Finder Access“, On the other hand, you can activate the search screen inside the smartphone with a downward swipe. And with "Apps List”You can change the scrolling from horizontal to vertical, have two rows of priority apps at the top and change the number of columns displayed.

With the voices "Background Blur Control"and "Background Color Control”You can adjust the amount of blur (or turn it off) when you open the app drawer. Furthermore, with "Hide apps icon label”You can remove the name from under the icons (both in the home and in the drawer). If you want to memorize the layout configuration of your home, you can use the "Backup and Restore”To save it and be able to restore it if you want to. You can also choose the storage frequency (hourly or daily).

samsung good lock

Through Home Up it is also possible customize the recent apps screen. Entering the tab "Task changer", The option"LayoutType”Allows you to choose the display: in addition to the standard List mode, it is possible to change to Grid, Stack, Vertical List and Slim List. If you choose Vertical List and activate the "Circular List“, The scroll will be curved rather than vertical. Furthermore, with "Search bar"A search bar is added at the top and with"Recommended apps”A row of recommended apps at the bottom of the recent apps screen.

There are also other additional options: with "Switch to previous apps with gestures"Enable or disable the possibility of switching between recent apps with a horizontal swipe on the gesture bar; with "Allow bottom gestures in full screen mode”Keep the gestures active in the full-screen apps; with "Gesture top priority setting"Give priority to gestures on running apps; finally, with "Bottom gestures sensitivity setting”You can adjust the sensitivity of the full screen gestures.

In the Home Up options there is no lack of customization of folders. By activating "Popup Folder"Make sure that the folders do not open full screen, with"Folder Title Suggestion"Have machine learning suggest the name for the folders while with"Folder Grid”The folder grid (both external and internal) is adjusted.

samsung good lock

To conclude the overview on Home Up, in the Share Manager screen you can customize the sharing screen. With the voice "Add Favorite Direct Share”You can set four favorite contacts among those fished by the various social and messaging apps.

samsung good lock

Nice shot

Let's move on, because Samsung Good Lock also allows you to customize screenshots with Nice Shot. For example, with the entry "Do not copy image to the clipboard when saving”Allows you not to save the captured screenshots in the clipboard (the copy / paste section, to be clear). With "Disable crop snappingInstead, remove the cropping suggestions when editing screenshots. But the option that I think most useful is called "Add delete button”And adds a button to delete screenshots, very useful when you make one by mistake and want to remove it immediately.

In addition to screenshots, there are also options related to the screen recording. For example, with "Do not disturb during screen recordingDo not disturb mode is automatically enabled to prevent notifications from appearing on the screen during screen recording. With "Selfie video optionsYou can customize the capture of your face during screen recording. If you have a green / blue screen you can use "Make the background color transparent"To make it transparent, with"Auto background color"You let the color be detected automatically, while with"Color detection sensitivity”The sensitivity with which it is detected. With the option "Selfie video size“, Then, you can adjust the size of the frame of your shot.

samsung good lock

One Hand Operation +

If you want to facilitate one-handed use smartphone, within Samsung Good Lock you cannot not activate the One Hand Operation + option. Normally the full screen gestures are positioned in the lower edge, but this is not always a particularly ergonomic and comfortable position if you hold the phone with one hand. With One Hand Operation + you can choose to enable side gestures, being able to use them instead of the traditional ones: in addition to choosing whether to have them on the right and / or left, you can adjust their size, colors, vibration but above all their respective operation.

samsung good lock

For the three available actions (straight left, diagonal up and down) you can connect the actions you prefer, not only the back key / Home key / recent app rankings but many others: multimedia keys, notification management, split -screen, flashlight, search, screenshot, rotation, screen off as well as app launch and even app specific functions. If three gestures weren't enough, enabling the option "Long drag”Three more are added based on the timing with which they are carried out.

Through the "Advanced Settings"It is possible to exclude the operation of gestures from certain apps, choose the type of animation, activate them also in landscape mode and with the S Pen, have a permanent notification to deactivate them, adapt them to the size of the keyboard, hide them on the lock screen and in the quick panel . Through the "Gesture settings”You can start the action of the gestures without lifting your finger from the screen, adjust the angle and the distance of activation.

samsung good lock

Routines +

Inside Samsung Good Lock there is also Routines +, a function designed for add routines to Bixby, Samsung's voice assistant. In addition to those you find in Settings / Advanced functions / Bixby Routines, here you will find more. With "Location based quick access”You can press a button when you are in a specific GPS area to perform a specific action (open an app, do an internal search, etc.); with "Run to touch macros”You can create a widget that, once clicked, causes a previously recorded action to be performed (the possibilities of use are almost endless).

samsung good lock

With "Control arrow keys with S Pen”You can move the S Pen to move around the interface instead of the arrow keys; with "Fingerprint to website”You can make sure that, once the smartphone has been unlocked with the fingerprint, a pre-set website is opened directly; finally, with "Low battery announcement”You can activate an audible announcement that reminds you to put your smartphone on charge once a certain percentage of battery has been reached.

samsung good lock

Sound assistant

Let's move on to customization of the audio panel, another opportunity granted by Samsung Good Lock with the Sound Assistant module. With the voice "Customize Volume Panel”You can configure the sidebar that appears when you press the volume keys. You can adjust the height and positioning (right or left), you can choose whether to display the volume in numeric format and add a key to call up the bar without using the physical keys.

In addition to configuring the standard panel, Sound Assistant also affects the expanded panel. With "Bluetooth metronome”You can adjust the audio delay if you are using headphones or Bluetooth speakers that do not synchronize perfectly; with "Show toolbar functions”An icon is added under each volume bar to understand what is being done; with "Application volume”Adds a volume bar for each running multimedia app.

Moving on to something more typically aesthetic, through "Make your own panel colors”You can change the graphics of the volume panel, choosing from the available presets or creating a custom theme.

With "Individual application volumes”You can add a volume bar for any app you prefer; with "Multimedia content volume control”Priority is given to multimedia over the ringtone when the volume keys are pressed; with "Silent multimedia mode”Multimedia content mute is activated when you switch to vibrate or silent; with "Change volume”You choose the number of steps that make up the volume bar; with "Control music with Volume keys”You can move to the next / previous song by holding down the keys with the screen off; with "Favorite multimedia app”Activates the ability to directly open an app when using the volume keys on connected Bluetooth devices; with "Bluetooth metronome”You can sync audio with out-of-sync Bluetooth devices; with "Headphone alerts”Alerts can be activated for ringtone, alarm and notification in the headset; with "Inversion stereo" you can swap the right with the left in the headphones; with "Customize vibration patterns”You can create your own vibration patterns; with "Concert hall”You can simulate its audio reverb; with "Voice editing”You can apply funny effects to your voice; with "Multiple audio”You can choose that an app can play audio at the same time as other apps.

samsung good lock

nice catch

Its operation is not immediately intuitive, but the Nice Catch function is a welcome addition to Samsung Good Lock. Once activated, it allows the user to further raise the protection of their smartphone by being able to keep even more data under control. This is thanks to a 7-day history of the app behavior installed on the phone.

For instance, "Vibration history","Ringer fashion history"and "Call mode history"Show which apps have used vibration, changed ringtone or call mode,"Toast history"Those that showed messages on the screen,"Detect Commercials"Those that show advertisements after unlocking the screen and"Screen Wakeup history”Those that awakened the display. Furthermore, with "Medium volume muted history"Of the apps that have changed the volume, while with"Setting change history”You have a history of all the changes made to the Settings.

samsung good lock


Let's now move on to the functions of Samsung Good Lock which can only be used on certain smartphones, as in the case of EdgeTouch. The concept is very simple: avoid unintentional touches on the edges of the screen, very useful option especially on those top of the Samsung range with curved edges.

samsung good lock

There are three presets: "Optimized","Sensitive"and "insensitive“, Each of which changes the sensitivity area of ​​the screen. By clicking on "Show Edge Zones”You will have a preview of how they change by choosing from these presets. In addition to being able to modify them, by clicking on "Add Edge Zone”You can create one from 0, choosing the most comfortable sensitivity area for your use.

samsung good lock


We conclude with Pentastic, the Samsung Good Lock function designed for those who own a smartphone equipped with a stylus, as it allows you to customize the S Pen. Starting from the pointer, so you can either choose from the various presets available or choose any image or sticker on the Galaxy Store or in the Gallery. The other customizable element is the Air Command interface, which is the menu that appears when you take out or activate the S Pen.

samsung good lock

Graphic customizations

Theme Park

In addition to the Galaxy Themes offered on their smartphones, Samsung Good Lock makes sure that users can create your own theme with Theme Park. The options are varied and include backgrounds, color accents, geometric shapes of the folders, shape and colors of the icons (with support for third-party icon packs from the Play Store).

samsung good lock

The color and geometric customization also touches the keyboard and the Quick Panel, as well as the Messages, Phone, Clock apps, the volume panel and the Settings menu.

samsung good lock

Keys Cafe

If you like it customize the keyboard, there is an option in Samsung Good Lock that is right for you: Keys Cafe. Starting from "Make your own keyboard”You can choose the various screens (QWERTY keyboard, numbers and symbols) and change the layout of the keys, add and remove them.

samsung good lock

With "Style your own keyboard“Instead, personalization focuses on the aesthetic aspect. In addition to being able to choose between the various presets, by clicking on "My theme”You can create a custom theme, choosing colors, button shapes and even background images taken from the Gallery.

samsung good lock

For the more creative, with Keys Cafe it's even possible create your own sticker sets. By going to “My Sticker” and clicking on the + button, you can choose up to 100 images per set, customize their size and create real personal packs to be used via the Samsung keyboard. And then, with "Play keyboard game”You can enjoy two mini-games to train in the speed and accuracy of typing. Finally, in the "Advances keyboard setting”You can hide domains and“ / ”while typing URL links, adjust the sensitivity of the auto-substitution and the interval of the double tap on the keyboard.

samsung good lock

clock face

If you want to customize your watch, then inside Samsung Good Lock is there clock face to do for you, with which you can change it both for the Always-On Display screen, for the lock screen and for the Galaxy Watch smartwatch (if it has one paired).

samsung good lock

In addition to choosing one of the various presets contained in ClockFace, by clicking on it you can enter the editing screen and customize practically every aspect (as well as add more): clock hands, colors, shapes, images, GIFs and so on. It goes without saying that it is also possible to start from 0 and create your own template to use as a clock.

samsung good lock


To finish the set of graphic customizations offered by Samsung Good Lock we close with Wonderland, the app for create animated wallpapers. Basically, you can select one of the various animated wallpapers already present and, by clicking on "Edit“, To profoundly modify the various layers that make it up. If you are feeling particularly creative, you can create one from scratch by choosing any element. Starting from the background, being able to choose an image from the Gallery or use colors and gradients, add stickers, animations and so on.

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