Honor X8 vs Honor X7: who are they for and which one to buy


The two new mid-range proposals from home Honor they are, in our opinion, simply interesting products. Concrete, solid, aesthetically very pleasant: X7 e X8 have all the credentials to compete with Android rivals in the range of € 200-250. They have two distinct target audiences and in daily use they convinced us. One of the two products winks at the very young, while the other is essentially aimed at those looking for a handyman with excellent autonomy. Now, however, let's see how to take stock, helping you to understand which of the two is right for you, analyzing the differences and the elements in common: here is our comparison Honor X8 vs Honor X7, with all the details and differences of both devices!

Honor X8 vs Honor X7: which one should you buy?

Design and materials

Honor-X7Review-midrange-economic 0007

Let's start immediately from the aesthetic examination of the two mid-range smartphones. Definitely, with model X7 the company has brought to the market a product similar to Huawei's mid-range solutions (the reference to the Nova series is evident). The satin finish of the coloring Titanium Silver it's really nice and the materials are plastic.

Honor X8

In reverse, the older brother X8 it has a great design, it is very thin, it has a shiny back and it has a very low weight (only 177 grams). The first is concrete, weighs 198 grams and has a drop notch (a little "Old style", as we have defined it), the second is "Jaunty", with its minimal photographic module and reflective light effects on the rear panel. A praise to the company for having included on both devices a 3,5mm audio jack. If the X8 does not need a cover, it is almost essential with the other phone as it tends to be a bit too slippery in the hand.


The screens of Honor X8 and X7 are two LCD units that have technology IPS; on the one hand we have one (that of the older brother) more defined (with Full HD + resolution, 2388 x 1080 pixels), on the other hand, there is an HD + unit. Both have a diagonal from 6,7" but, to be exact, the older brother has a size of 6,74".

Honor-X7Review-midrange-economic 0010

You will not notice any problems for charity (since it is a minimal difference), but it is an element to be taken into account for purposes of comparison. Many settings and parameters on both phones, but let's take a look at the conclusions.

Honor X8

Objectively, the Honor X8 screen is more modern, thanks to the punch hole central and narrow frames. The X7 model on the other hand, thanks to the notch to drop, it loses some charm in this sense.

Hardware and Performance

Curiously, we find the same processor on both mid-ranges from Honor. We are talking about the "evergreen" Qualcomm Snapdragon 680, for an must in this category and that we find in many other competitor products. There is no 5G but the LTE module that we find on board is quite good and fast.

Honor-X7Review-midrange-economic 0012

Which one to prefer between the two? Simple: in this sector the X8 wins hands down, also thanks to a noteworthy HW / SW optimization. The RAM banks change (6 GB against 4 GB) but there is the possibility of increasing this value with the Turbo RAM. If you want a balanced all-rounder, the choice is almost obligatory: X7 is the way.

Honor X8

However the big brother X8 will amaze you on the front Gaming: we played it a lot and we have to be honest in saying that we liked it both in terms of use and performance.


Nothing to complain about the autonomy side: the mid-range are excellent from this point of view. Here the absence of 5G it is noted, but for the better: the autonomy deriving from the energy cells contained under the body is practically incredible.

Honor X7 battery
Honor X7 battery

With the two phones you will do a day and a half of stress use, also because in stand-by they consume nothing, and under heavy loads the same. Just for the sake of completeness, the X8 has a 4.000 mAh with 22,5W and X7 instead, well 5.000 mAh with the same technology for wired fast charge. Vince, however, the little brother. Ultimately, we can say without hesitation that if you are looking for a low-cost Honor product with top autonomy, you will have to turn to Honor X7.


Honor-X7Review-midrange-economic 0015

As often happens for devices in this price range, we notice that the auxiliary lenses make more "outline" than "substance". What changes is the main focus that on X8 and from 64 MP, while on X7 and from 48 MP.

Honor X8

Now, you ask: is there a lot of difference? Not during the day, both cameras shoot well, even if you will have more fun with that of the "big brother". The photos are more vivid, brighter and the software handles better the illumination e the exposure.

Honor X8

At night and in the evening, practically, they are the same: both are fine for medium-standard use. Perhaps, the quality of X8 can help more young people who want to experiment with creative shots with their device.

Honor-X7Review-midrange-economic 0011

Selfie room instead, discreet: 16 MP, certainly does not drive us crazy but then, in the end, for videocalls and selfies on the fly, it is better. We do not recommend it to lovers of selfies or content creators, who will certainly need more performance from this point of view.


Honor-X7Review-midrange-economic 0008

The Honor X8 and X7 software is identical: Android 11 with Magic UI 4.2. The style is reminiscent of Huawei's EMUI skin, but here we have the Play Store and Google Mobile Services. Nothing to report: a clean system, with few frills, without too many useless transparencies and with an evident attention to design.

Conclusions Honor X8 vs Honor X7: which one to buy?

We have come to the final question: the truth is, there is no better or worse phone. They are two devices designed for two different target users. Do you love gaming, the slim and minimal design, do you want a defined panel with which to watch movies and TV series and a product that is very light in your pocket as well as in your hand? Honor X8 is the right choice for you! The price of this little gem? The smartphone is proposed to €259,99.

Look for a balanced device on the € 200 (price list costs €209,90 but with the coupon you take it home a €179,99), with excellent autonomy and a "classic" aesthetic (even if we admit that the back cover has a charm not to be poco thanks to its finish)? Then in this case it is better to aim for Honor X7!

The list price difference is around € 50, but with the dedicated coupons (found below) you can take them home for much less. Have fun with your new Honor smartphone!

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