Honor X7 review: essential and with (super) battery

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To frame Honor X7 it is important to understand what type of smartphone it is. It is a medium-low-end device that has intriguing technical specifications, with the typical design to which the company has now accustomed its users. And no, given the price range it is certainly not one of those products designed for geeks or for those who want maximum performance, but that's okay, it's a good product for those who need a phone with a large display, a ' excellent autonomy and reliable. Perhaps, I would remove two points for the drop notch that makes 2019 so much and for the design seen and revised on other products, but for what it costs they could be acceptable compromises. Basically, compared to many other Chinese proposals it is an interesting device if you compare it to the 200 euro official price even if, with the coupon you find below, the price drops to 189 euro. Which makes it even more interesting.

In any case, do not despair: we have dedicated a whole chapter to the best alternatives on the market in this price range.

Honor X7 review: cheap, super battery and a lot of substance

Materials and design

We can only begin the examination of the smartphone with a focus on the aesthetic sector. Big, it's big, slippery, too, but it's built with care and the materials used convinced me. The colors available (only three, but very, very beautiful) are striking and in these days of testing, several people to whom I showed it appreciated the Titanium Silver tint. Pretty and with precious plays of light, it is satin to the touch and "muffled" to the eye. Of course, the back cover, as well as the body, is made of plastic, but it is of excellent workmanship.

The rest of the aesthetic is similar - if not identical - to that of the Nova 9 SE of Huawei. The photographic compartment has two holes (which contain the lenses) set in a pill. Clean frame, with the brand logo at the bottom left, clean profiles with the right one that has the volume rocker and the fingerprint / power button. By the way, the latter is a reliable one. Fast, but it doesn't run.

Honor-X7Review-midrange-economic 0007

Its dimensions are 167,6 x 77,2 x 8,6 mm thick. Double microphone, speaker grill on the bottom, USB Type C and, last but not least, 3,5mm audio jack. Rich equipment. The weight is 198 grams and, unlike other models, it feels. Poco bad. Being very rounded, it risks slipping every three by two: I recommend using a cover (luckily you will find one in silicone in the package).


For the price range in which it is placed, Honor X7 has an interesting screen: it's a 6,74-inch unit of type IPS LCD, with 16 million colors, 20: 9 ratio, 84% screen-to-body and 1600 × 720 pixel (HD +) resolution. This, perhaps, is a sore point. A FullHD would have been welcome. The PPIs are 260 and the refresh rate is 90 Hz.

Honor-X7Review-midrange-economic 0014

How does it go in everyday use? Let's think about the target audience of this device: the user who has to make a standard use of it, certainly not a gamer or a social-addicted or even a photographer. The videos look good, but don't expect too much. Perhaps the viewing angles, especially in the sun, are slightly annoying and poco thwarted. While gaming, I saw the pixels and polygons of 3D objects, but the hardware under the body also comes into play here.

Honor-X7Review-midrange-economic 0012

In the center of the panel there is a drop notch (too old-style) that contains the selfiecam and a sensor for 2D unlocking: I would have liked a small hole like the big brother Honor X8 (here the review), but so be it.

Hardware and Performance

It was not born as a gaming phone and it is not a high-performance device: okay, we have established this. So what is its purpose? Simple: it is an all-rounder that adapts to the most canonical uses that can be done. It is good for those looking for a concrete smartphone, for phone calls, for the exchange of emails and messages, to take snapshots of a holiday, a trip out of town or their daily life. Also good for those who usually enjoy those pleasant minutes of the day on social networks such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Whoever seeks concreteness, knows what he needs e Honor X7 succeeds perfectly in its purpose.

Honor-X7Review-midrange-economic 0001

We come now to the hardware sector: processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 with 4G modem (there is no support for fifth generation networks), 4GB LPDDR4 RAM and 128GB memory. For those who want, I point out that you can expand the storage memory with a microSDXC; on the RAM we can add 2 virtual GB. The whole is completed by an Adreno 610 GPU.

AnTuTu Honor X7
AnTuTu Honor X7

There is no NFC for contactless payments, but there is Bluetooth 5.1, dual band WiFi and support for Dual SIM. For the more demanding, I point out that I also ran a series of benchmarks with AnTuTu and Geekbench, but honestly, those looking for such a product will hardly count the hair with these tests. Anyway, here are the values.

Geekebench Honor X7
Geekebench Honor X7
  • Geekbench reports me 378 points in the single-core test e 1627 in the multi-core;
  • AnTuTu instead, reports a score of 248403 points.
  • In the stress test, however, the battery went from 81% (in 45 intense minutes) to 67%. An excellent result as far as we are concerned. The maximum temperature was also not critical: 38 ° reached and the phone is cool "like a rose". These are excellent performances, typical of the Snap 680.


Let's get to the point: how long does the battery last? A lot, so you won't have to worry about autonomy. Fortunately, Honor X7 it is well bodied. The battery is 5000 mAh with 22.5W wired fast charge. It can easily hold up to two days, so you won't have to bring a powerbank or charger (which is included in the package anyway).

Honor X7 software


At the front there is an 8 Mpx selficam with f / 2.0 aperture that guarantees average selfies for the price range in which the smartphone is placed. Later, the main 48 megapixel camera behaves discreetly (during the day). At night, a little less, it is better to avoid dark environments and aim for well-lit places. The ultrawide is there, but the quality does not scream a miracle (5 Mpx with aperture f / 2.2), as well as that for depth or macro shots; the 2 Mpx lens fits well if there are no disturbing elements such as "cheeky" hair.

There is LED flash and digital zoom up to 8X. Too bad for videos that are limited to 30 fps in FullHD and lack stabilization. In short, as mentioned several times, the target of this device are not the content creators, but for standard use, everything is very good.

Honor-X7Review-midrange-economic 0009


On board we find Android 11 (pity) with Magic UI 4.2. Honestly, everything is very reminiscent of the EMUI, but there is, on the other hand. It runs well and the SoC moves the entire operating system without too many criticalities. Very comfortable gestures (which are those of Huawei) but here is the Play Store. Yes, the difference is made by the store.

Honor X7 software

On the Google app store you will have everything and more, with BigG services in tow. Too bad only for version 11 of Android; I would have liked v12 just for a talk of longer-lasting software updates.

Honor X7 software

The alternatives

This price range is a bit difficult: it is difficult to find real valid alternatives, but I must say that they can be counted on the fingers of one hand. I really enjoyed Samsung's Galaxy A22 (nice little gem, really, both aesthetically and in everyday use), but also the POCO M4 Pro 5G which, in fact, has 5G and then the company is always very careful in creating products with a unique design. Finally, there is the Redmi Note 11, evergreen, solid and concrete. The market is ruthless in this price range (€ 190-200).

Price and conclusions

Let's face it: when you test a smartphone it may happen to notice small details that then maybe, in everyday use, the type of user to which the device is aimed may never notice. All in all, however, at the price at which it is sold Honor X7 it is a good product. If you consider that you take it home for less than € 190 thanks to the coupon you find in the link below, it becomes even more interesting. It's a nice one batteryphone able to guarantee two days with stress use, with an elegant design, with a photographic compartment that amuses those who are beginners.

Honor-X7Review-midrange-economic 0004

I see it perfect for a very young person or for a person who wants a smartphone with a generous display and that does not cost too much. In short, I would define it as a concrete, solid entry-level, suitable for those looking for substance at the right price.

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