Display with 1 mm frames on Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo? Visionox takes care of it

smartphone display frames 1 mm visionox inv sink xiaomi oppo vivo

Although today we got to panels for smartphone with frames really subtle, well optimized, but never making us talk about "full screen display". Now instead, thanks to Visionox, the situation could change soon and it is not excluded that we could see smartphones Xiaomi, OPPO, live and others with with frames from just 1 mm.

Visionox InV silk: how the display for smartphones with 1 mm frames is made

smartphone display frames 1 mm visionox inv sink xiaomi oppo vivo 2

The new panel made by Visionox, brand expert in the sector, who called the technology that composes it InV silk, but how does it work? Thanks to a new one circuit design that structures it, the can actually be composed of frames thick (a big word) actually 1 mm. Does this mean that we will have higher consumption when we use the smartphone?

Actually no, because through proprietary technology FIAA, Visionox managed to get a very low energy consumption, favoring autonomy. In addition, considering that some brands develop chipsets dedicated to the display, in the future we will have more important autonomies also for flagships. In addition, many brands devoted to mobile gaming could adopt such a solution to give a more all-encompassing sense during gaming sessions.

But when will we see it on smartphones? Hard to say, but it's clear we wouldn't mind seeing top Xiaomi range, OPPO, live but also Realme, Redmi, OnePlus and Honor finally with full screen, as has really been desired for a long time.

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