Where to buy OPPO Pencil, the smart Pen of the brand's first tablet

OPPO Pencil

The Chinese company has finally launched its response to the market Cupertino e Xiaomi pad 5: a tablet with respectable specifications and an eclectic design, also accompanied by a vital accessory. We are talking about OPPO Pencil, The first smart Pen of the brand that completes the package offered by OPPO Pad: let's find out where buy this novelty, together with an overview of the features it offers.

Where to buy OPPO Pencil, the trusted companion of your new OPPO Pad

Equipped with a sampling rate of 240 Hz e 4096 pressure levels, OPPO Pencil allows you to draw lines, paint and take notes in a practical and fast way. The device measures 165.3 mm, weighs only 16.5 grams and comes with a tried and tested minimal design. The body features a touch-sensitive surface - just do it doppio click to switch between brushes and erasers, without the need to select the tool via the tablet interface. There is also support for the magnetic wireless charging by hooking the smart Pen to the edge of the OPPO Pad; there is no lack of recharge fast, which allows you to get up to 20 minutes of use in just one minute. And now that we have an overview of the various features, let's find out where to buy OPPO Pencil!

OPPO Pencil

The first smart Pen OPPO Pencil, the pen dedicated to the OPPO Pad tablet, is already available for purchase also for us Westerners thanks to the TradingShenzhen store. Below you will find the link to the product page: if you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.

And if you want to get your hands on OPPO Pad, here is our dedicated in-depth study where to buy the brand's first tablet! If, on the other hand, you want to discover all its secrets, here you are served with ours review.


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