With the Baseus car inverter you always charge at maximum power

Baseus 150W car inverter

Do you need maximum charging power even in the car, perhaps with the support for multiple sockets to charge various devices at the same time? Problem solved withBaseus multi-socket car inverter: 150W of power, various inputs and - above all - a super greedy price, complete with shipment Europe!

Baseus 150W multi-socket car inverter: savings are guaranteed!

Baseus 150W car inverter

L'multi-socket inverter for cars weblog Baseus offers a total power of 150W and is equipped with a series of respectable features, which make it a must-have accessory (especially given the discounted selling price). The device is equipped with a practical display to view the status, offers support for 30W fast charging via both USB A and Type-C. It works with EU plug without any problem and is perfect for charging not only smartphones and small devices, but also tablets and notebooks. The dimensions are quite small and allow it to fit comfortably in the compartment near the cigarette lighter (although obviously it also depends on the inside of the car).

Baseus 150W car inverter

For those who had lost some detail, in a nutshell, a car inverter transforms direct current (DC) at 12V into 220V alternating current, similar to the one in the house. This way you will benefit from the maximum charging power directly also by car; also we talk about a device power strip, which therefore allows you to have more terminals under charge.

Baseus 150W car inverter

Find themulti-socket inverter for cars di Baseus on a flash offer on Banggood, obviously with the usual and appreciated shipping from Europe. Below you will find the link to the purchase: if you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


LED display, Quick Charge 30W USB A, 30W USB-C

Shipping from EUROPE

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