BlitzWolf's smart 12L air fryer is the most complete and costs only 85 €

BlitzHome discount code BH-AO1

When it comes to tech products for the home, BlitzWolf figures without too many problems among veterans, even when it comes to kitchen accessories. After a crackling first chapter (here you find our review) and a second model in two versions, now it's time to get to know the smart air fryer definitive: BlitzHome BH-AO1 he doesn't joke at all and offers three products in one at a super price thanks to the dedicated discount code.

13 / 05 Update: BlitzWolf's 3-in-1 smart air fryer is back on sale again at a greedy price, with shipping from Banggood's European warehouses. Find all the details directly at the end of the article.

BlitzHome discount code BH-AO1: it is the most complete smart air fryer, with oven and dryer

BlitzHome discount code BH-AO1

Looking at the new smart air fryer BlitzHome BH-AO1 it just seems to look at a electric oven and in fact the appearance does not deceive. This time BlitzWolf has surpassed itself and offers a 3 in 1 product, to satisfy all needs. Air fryer, oven and also food dryer, useful for drying fruit, vegetables e mushrooms. There is no lack of touch controls via the various buttons on the front; in addition, in this round the company has opted for a door equipped with a glass, so as to be able to observe the cooking of the food.

Obviously it is a smart device that can be controlled via smartphone thanks to the dedicated app, complete with notifications on the status of cooking.

BlitzHome discount code BH-AO1

The new smart air fryer BlitzHome BH-AO1 by BlitzWolf is on offer with discount code at Banggood, with shipping from European warehouses of the store. Below you will find the dedicated link, together with the coupon to use: if you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


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