TheONE TOK1 smart keyboard from Xiaomi YouPin is ideal for young musicians

offer theone tok1 smart musical electric keyboard

We are often used to smart products of all kinds but mostly wearable or for the home or for various uses in your free time. Few, very few are musical instruments, like the TheONE TOK1 smart electric keyboard, from Xiaomi YouPin, which goes into offering with discount code su Banggood to a price very interesting with shipping from Europe.

TheONE TOK1 discount code: the Xiaomi YouPin smart keyboard on offer

offer theone tok1 musical keyboard

Just like the historic keyboards of the 80s / 90s, the TheONE TOK1 smart electric keyboard remember a little piano, With its 61 keys, but also the compartment to rest for example a tablets Android or iPad, certified MFI, so you can play thanks to the dedicated app to learn the secrets of this beautiful instrument.

In addition to its own intelligent functions, the TheONE smart keyboard has an entrance AUX audio, an AUX output, an input Microphone, an entrance for the pedals, entry DC for power and also an entrance USB. They complete everything four keys like the ignition one and the volume rocket.

La TheONE TOK1 smart electric keyboard goes in offering with discount code on Banggood at a great price, which you can receive with shipment from the store's European warehouses. If, on the other hand, you need a more structured and important keyboard, we leave you some very interesting solutions always from TheOne and Xiaomi YouPin.


Shipping from EUROPE - 1.2 €

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Shipping from EUROPE 1.2 €

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Shipping from EUROPE - 13.1 €

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