Aqara debuts on Amazon Italy: many smart home products and a coupon to save!

aqara official store amazon italy

When it comes to smart home products, the Aqara brand is one that often peeps out among our proposals: it is a brand known as a partner of Xiaomi, but which has managed to stand out thanks to the quality of its devices and now the brand is synonymous with quality (with an eye on the wallet). Now Aqara announces the opening of his store official su Amazon Italy (and also in Spain), a new step for the brand's European path. The first store in Europe was born in July 2021 through Amazon UK and since then its portfolio of smart home devices has landed in many countries, even reaching our peninsula.

The official Aqara store is born on Amazon Italy: many smart home products and the first opportunities to save

aqara official store amazon italy

Until today, Aqara has sold its products in Italy and Spain through the Apple online store or the various local retailers, making itself known for its variety of devices, affordable prices and compatibility with the main ecosystems (HomeKit, Alexa and Google Home). With the debut of the store official Aqara su Amazon Italy even more products will arrive, from hubs for your smart home to intelligent sensors and security cameras, from wired and wireless switches to devices to make home curtains smart.

Some examples of the news available on Amazon? First of all, the model could not be missing Camera Hub G3, Aqara's flagship security camera, a pan-and-tilt solution with facial and gesture recognition with AI support, integrated Zigbee hub and extensive third-party ecosystem support (HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home).

aqara official store amazon italy

Version is also present GH2 Pro, indoor solution always equipped with ample support and devoted to maximum safety. The store hosts various hub (M2, M1S, E1) as well as i sensors for doors and windows, the latter fundamental to discover any intrusions in real time. The brand's accessories overview continues with sensors dedicated to movement and those for the vibrations, but also solutions to prevent flooding. In short, you are spoiled for choice!

aqara official store amazon italy

You want to take a look at the official store of Aqara present on Amazon Italy? Then below you will find the link to the dedicated page, where you will find the various smart home products of the brand. We also point out that you can get a 5% discount using our exclusive coupon AMAZONITGIZ: The code is valid until May 19th and cannot be used on some products (M1S Hub, G3 Camera Hub and door & window sensors). If you don't see the box below, try disabling AdBlock.


The official Aqara store, with many discounted smart home products and an exclusive coupon!

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Below you will find a short selection of Aqara products available for purchase through the new store on Amazon.

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