This mini fridge is perfect for your car: fresh drinks at any time, for only 25 €!

Portable Car Cooler - 4L, 12V | Banggood

It's summer time and of course it's time to start thinking about how to survive the heat. If you are aiming for a useful solution for long journeys by car, then this low budget portable mini fridge it will certainly be for you. No, this time it is not a product Xiaomi nor from YouPin; however the price (25 € with coupon) is particularly attractive, especially when combined with free EU shipping!

The discounted portable mini car fridge at Banggood costs poco and it is very useful

Portable Car Cooler - 4L, 12V | Banggood

Characterized by a light blue color and a sober design, the portable mini fridge for cars on discount is a solution from 4L, equipped with a double shelf and a side compartment. The device is silent and light, able to keep your drinks cool and warm: in short, it is a useful product both now, with the arrival of the summer heat, and in the colder months. Obviously it can also be used without problems at home, but the real gem is to use it in the car (via the cigarette lighter, the charging cable is included in the package).

Portable Car Cooler - 4L, 12V | Banggood

Il portable mini fridge da auto is available on offer with code discount thanks to Banggood: the price is very attractive and there is also free shipping, directly from the store's European warehouses. Below you will find the link to the purchase, together with the coupon to use to save: if you don't see the box below correctly, try disabling AdBlock.


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