Xiaomi Band 7 is lagging behind, but it won't take long

xiaomi band 7 release period delay details leak
Xiaomi Mi Band 6, image used for reference only

Although we don't talk about it for a while, Xiaomi Band 7 is present and his exit date it is not far. From a new leak we learn that it is actually late compared to the expected roadmap, but that the situation will unlock soon.

The release date of Xiaomi Band 7 postponed due to a pandemic, but we are almost there

xiaomi band 7 period exit delay details leak 2

To speak of the smartband par excellence is Digital Chat Station on Weibo, which explains how the new model is nearing completion, given that the stalemate created by the new epidemic in China had slowed down the production. It doesn't specify a specific month or date, but it's easy to guess that the month of May 2022 it might be the right time. He talks about a joint presentation with a smartphone and it seems that it is not difficult to deal with Xiaomi 12Lite.

To the above, there are other indications arrived in the comments, where the leaker explained that Xiaomi Band 7 it will be less and less a bracelet and more and more a smartwatch. This is no longer a case as it is very likely that we will see a new form factor to structure what up to now has been a smartband which, however, probably needs a change of pace despite its success.

Therefore, we just have to wait for further news, both from the leaks, and perhaps from the brand, which to date has not given any sign of a much appreciated and always highly anticipated product.

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