Xiaomi Band 7: The Zepp Life code reveals 10 new features

xiaomi band 7 functions new app code zepp life leak

Xiaomi Band 7 (or Mi Band 7, but it is yet to be understood) it is as always one of the most anticipated devices of the brand and, considering the great mystery around it, the hype increases more and more. But thanks to various insiders, we can grasp what could be well 10 news between feature area of smartband di Xiaomi, found in the app code ZeppLife.

Xiaomi Band 7: here are the 10 possible new functions from Zepp Life

xiaomi band 7 functions new app code zepp life leak 2
Source: Android TR

As we said at the beginning, the possible changes between the functions of Xiaomi smart band 7 o Band 7 come from what until a few days ago was called Mi Fit and now it is instead ZeppLife. But how did it come about? Going to find in the app code, as often happens especially for Xiaomi, you can go and find interesting rumors that almost act as a confirmation for what then arrives on the market.

Let's start with what already it was rumored from previous leaks: the code confirms a new mode of Always-On Display, but also it Smart Alarm, that is, an alarm clock that intelligently optimizes itself based on our habits, or a new mode of energy saving. To this, let's add the new one Password a 6 digits instead than 4, but also a vibration system scheduled.

In addition, from the same Xiaomi smartband we will be able to manage both the sports modes (probably to set routes and so on) and the language of the device directly. Always in key fitness, you will be able to detect the time you are in upright during the day. Finally, two other interesting features will be the ability to upload the entire configuration of Xiaomi Band 7 and a mode of answer to incoming calls. It will be necessary to understand if we can send an automatic message or if there will be other capabilities.

Given these features, we can only expect great things from a smartband that has now become iconic and in many ways indispensable for many users who for years have relied on what Xiaomi has brought and has evolved more and more over time.

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