vivo presents V1 +: the image chipset that unites two worlds

vivo v1 plus official chipset image isp features

In the past hours vivo made important announcements for the X80 series and, among these, great prominence was given to the new image chipset V1 + o V1 Plus. THE'Self-developed ISP from the Chinese brand makes a big generational leap being the first in the sector to support both chipsets MediaTek, both Snapdragon.

vivo V1 + (Plus): all about the new image chipset

vivo v1 plus official image chipset isp features 2

So how is the new proprietary chipset of vivo? Those who remember the recent V1, the first generation of ISPs of the Blue Factory, saw how the brand has included it in the context of X70 Pro +, 2021 flagship equipped with Snapdragon 888 +, so it was a well optimized component with what Qualcomm offers. And along his lines, too OPPO e Xiaomi they did the same, using HusbandSilicon X e Surge C1 on smartphones with Snapdragon, cutting out the other MediaTek models.

Well, vivo has done much more by optimizing V1 + also for MediaTek and not just any chip from the Taiwanese house. Indeed, the new ISP will be up MediaTek Dimensity 9000, as well as on Snapdragon 8 Gen1, completing the hardware portfolio of a vivo X80 Pro very interesting. Among other things, it is the first collaboration that a smartphone brand makes with MediaTek regarding the image.

vivo v1 plus official image chipset isp features 3

As the same tells vivo, this operation took more than a year of work together with MediaTek and the results, in a leak, they have seen each other. But what are the properties of vivo V1 +? In addition to greater fluidity in video, it brings improvements incolor optimization, in shots in general and also in portraits, creating a vivid and more structured memory pattern. In addition, there is one AI component which greatly improves the image quality.

The choice to insert a image chipset by vivo arises from the need not to let the CPU manage everything, thus lowering consumption and guaranteeing one greater efficiency. In short, never like this year, it seems that the X series can actually reach quality peaks never reached. If you want to know more, we leave you thedeepening dedicated precisely to X80.

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