Red Magic will launch two Transformers-themed smartphones

red magic transformers collaboration details 21/04

After the launch of the powerful smartphones of the 7 series, Red Magic seems to want to be more daring by starting a partnership with Transformers. In fact, it seems that a new product dedicated to the mechas of Hasbro, for a very interesting collaboration.

Upgrade 21 / 04: Red Magic has confirmed that there will be two Transformers-themed smartphones. Find all the details at the bottom of the article.

Red Magic 7 Pro in Transformers version? A teaser suggests it

red magic transformers collaboration details 2

How do we find out about this new collaboration? It all starts with a very eloquent teaser posted by Red Magic itself on its Weibo, where a mechanical eye is visible behind a planet that the caption of the poster leads back to cybertron, the homeland of the Autobot and Decepticon. But what would be behind this partnership?

Obviously, the first thought is aimed at a smartphone, maybe a Red Magic 7 Pro Transformers Edition, which wouldn't be bad at all. But it doesn't stop there: in fact, it seems that the gaming brand of Nubia want to expand its catalog by launching a gaming monitor, in addition to some other accessories dedicated to both smartphones and perhaps PCs.

Red Magic confirms: two Transformers-themed smartphones | Update 21/04

red magic transformers 21/04
Red Magic 7 Megatron

After the first teaser aimed at revealing the collaboration, we now have the confirmation: there will be two themed smartphones. Clearly, although on the official Chinese website it is not expressly stated that it is Red Magic 7 e 7 Pro, it is not difficult to guess it is these two. In fact, it is difficult that there are more phones in sight.

red magic transformers 21 / 04-2
Red Magic 7 Pro Optimus Prime

Each of them even has a different packaging based on the model, going to represent Megatron (the villain in question) for the base model e Optimus Prime for the Pro model.

In any case, we will have to wait for the next one April 25 2022, date indicated on the poster but always in the language of the Transformers, to know what offers us from the Red Magic world. In the meantime, we leave you there review of 7 Pro e where to buy it in Italy.

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