Realme 9 Pro + review: focus on PHOTOGRAPHY!

in 2021 Realme it has given us quite a few interesting devices, going to populate almost all the hottest market segments with balanced smartphones.

Balanced is the term most often given to Realme 8 Pro last year, and once again with this new generation the company is not wrong and, indeed, raises the bar even more with the new 9 Pro and 9 Pro +, the latter protagonist of today's review.

Realme 9 Pro + review

Design and Materials

I'll be honest, the design of this one Realme 9 Pro + it is certainly not among the most original and exclusive, but it doesn't matter. The company, as usual, has also confirmed on this model its intention to do things as it should: Realme 9 Pro +, in fact, is built impeccably and I have not been able to find flaws in the construction area.

The smartphone has a metal side frame that perfectly matches the color level with the rear back cover which is available in three different colors Aurora Green, Midnight Black and Sunrise Blue: I was probably unlucky as this black version is the most anonymous, in a sense, since Realme defines the Sunrise Blue "chameleon“, That is able to literally change color following direct exposure to sunlight after a few seconds, to return to normal color in less than five minutes.

realme 9 pro +

With this 9 Pro + Realme has also further reduced the thickness from the 8.9mm of the first 6 Pro series up to the current ones 7.99 mm which make the smartphone comfortable to hold and easy to handle. The company has inserted the power button on the right side while on the left profile the rocker for volume adjustment and the Dual-SIM cart; on the top there is the secondary microphone while on the bottom there is room for the beloved jack from 3.5mm, the Type-C connector as well as the microphone and speaker.

Speaking of speakers, Realme 9 Pro + it has two stereos, and the other is located in correspondence with the ear capsule; traditional selfie camera punch hole decentralized to the left which also integrates unlocking through face recognition. There is also the biometric sensor under the display which I found very reliable and precise: if in doubt, if you decide to configure both unlocking methods, you have 100% efficiency without ever having to double unlock attempts.

Among other things, the new fingerprint sensor is also able to take heart rate measurements without necessarily having to wear a smartwatch; the measurements are quite accurate when compared with a smartwatch, but I think this addition is more of an exercise in style than something really concrete and useful.


Realme 9 Pro + has a display AMOLED with diagonal equal to 6.43 "inches and 1080 x 2400 pixe resolutionL; here too the company did not miss a beat, it is no coincidence that we are faced with a panel with a refresh rate of up to 90Hz and an average brightness that is around 430nits and up to 1000nits of maximum peak (which are revealed, however, only in the case of playback of HDR content, a bit as already seen with the Redmi Note 11 Pro that Dario tried). For the record, it has compatibility with HDR10 + and has a pixel density of about 409ppi.

Put aside the technical data for a moment, what amazes is the brilliance of the colors reproduced by this panel: I may seem repetitive, but I do not want to deviate from what has been said in the other reviews of the Realme devices that I have tried recently. The quality of the panel cannot even be questioned, there are good colors and a brightness that never creates problems even under direct sun exposure.

As already mentioned in the past, despite the update to the new one RealmeUI, the color management has remained a bit rough and for those who love to indulge themselves in the customization of color calibration there is well poco to do. Rest assured, however, that if you are a "normal" consumer and not a nerd, you can turn a blind eye to what I have just said.

Hardware and Performance

The rumors that have been chasing each other incessantly in recent weeks had almost convinced us that we would find a Qualcomm CPU on board, but Realme surprised everyone. The solution adopted on this new Realme 9 Pro + is based on the Dimensity 920 Octa-Core at 6nm of Mediatek, a Mali-G68 GPU and 6 or 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM memory, alongside the 128GB or 256GB of internal memory that cannot be extended, given the absence of the MicroSD slot. Once again, there is the possibility of dynamically expanding the RAM memory up to a further 5GB.

Putting aside the sorrows for the absence of the Snapdragon, not so much for the different performances as much as for the easier access to modding for the most nerdy, the Realme 9 Pro + is a reliable smartphone, like almost all the products that lately we are trying.

The numbers and the results obtained in the benchmarks also confirm how the solution adopted by the company is balanced; the performance is excellent, and the temperature management is perfect with values ​​that do not exceed 40 degrees even after repeated benchmark sessions. Plus if we really wanted to make a comparison with the counterpart Snapdragon 695 5G the results we would obtain would be in favor of Realme and his Dimensity 920, with about 50% higher scores in multi-core and about 25% higher in tests such as Antutu Benchmark.

The quality of the graphic details to which it is performed Call of Duty Mobile by default it is average: I tried to go further with the quality of the details and I still got good performances that did not send the smartphone into crisis which, on the contrary, still guaranteed a sufficiently high framerate.

Furthermore, there is no lack of support forNFC for payments cardless, compatibility with the Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi 6 and, of course, the 5G network. To great surprise, in addition, there is the 3.5mm jack for the use of wired headphones: we deserve a joy every now and then, I would add. Also good are the stereo speakers that this time also seem to be well equalized without a predominance of high and medium frequencies.


If there is one aspect on which Realme on this 9 Pro + he wanted to devote all his energy, this can only be the camera, and the company does not hide it. "Flagship camera in mid-range smartphone”Is what the presentation phrase of this smartphone says, and indicates how the sensors used are of a certain level.

I can confirm, at least technically, that we are dealing with the 766MP Sony IMX50 equipped with optical and electronic stabilization, the same one recently seen on theOppo Reno 7 Pro 5G, But also on OnePlus 9RT and others, but with a big substantial difference that I reveal to you at the end.

I start from the main sensor that makes a total of shots of good quality; of course it is perhaps a bit excessive to talk about a “flaghship” camera, but if we think about the quality-price ratio that characterizes this device, then the appellation can fit.

The photographs taken in daytime are of great quality, the lens manages the backlight well and balances the various chromatic tones well; in the shots a little closer I noticed a greater distortion and an uneven focus. Furthermore, the bokeh effect achieved seems to me a bit too forced in some cases e poco precise in detail.

Speaking of bokeh, Realme's attempt to insert a "Cinema"of iPhone; the recording takes place, however, only in HD 720p and the tracking of people and objects is not very accurate, as indeed it is not on the iPhone.

Realme, however, could have made better use of this technology and "soften" in a certain sense the parts where it is not perfectly able to create the effect by blurring, avoiding angular areas that are decidedly ugly to see. Don't worry, though, because if you stop watching videos only on your smartphone, the problem is not so obvious. While we're on the subject of videos, I can tell you they are recorded in 4K is 30fps and that you have to give up stabilization in this resolution, which is available if you record videos in FullHD 60 fps.

Even the ultra-wide camera achieves generally acceptable shots; it evidently has a different focal aperture so even during the day a totally different color balance than the main camera is evident. In the evening it is a little more difficult to get quality shots with this lens, while the main camera manages to bring home excellent results especially thanks to a good optimization of the camera application, full of functions to get the most out of it. these lenses.

La selfie camera, on the other hand, it has a behavior that can easily be influenced by the light conditions: at noon on a sunny day, for example, you can have good shots even in portrait mode, which cuts the subject more than well. Taking the photo inside the house, however, reveals a little more noise but it is still tolerable; at night the situation worsens, and the noise doubles, and the LED flash will save the result but will "whiten" the scene a little, making it less natural.

However, I can assure you that looking at the photos on the mobile phone screen you will not notice much the defects I have told you about, which are more evident when viewed on a PC screen or if you print a photo directly on paper.


Realme 9 Pro + is the first smartphone that I personally test with the new RealmeUI 3.0 and I felt the step forward that the company has made. First the ROM is based on Android 12 and has security patches updated as of December 5, 2021, but what I have noticed is a really improved overall stability.

I have always looked at RealmeUI with admiration and have always appreciated it in all its forms and this new update, of which Michele spoke to you extensively in a video that I recommend you watch, confirms how attentive Realme is to these aspects. The system is fluid in all its parts, it has certifications Widevine L1 for high-resolution streaming and is equipped with many interesting and very useful goodies in everyday use, such as the possibility of having multiple users on the system, the cloning of apps and the very well optimized children's space.


I found some discomfort and general distrust on the part of users when the leaks said that the battery of this Realme 9 Pro + would be equal to 4500 mAh, but in everyday use I was really happy to see an interesting autonomy at the expense of the expectations I had made.

Although I used the smartphone at almost always maximum brightness, always in 4G and with the screen set at 90Hz, the Realme 9 Pro + always accompanied me until the evening without major difficulties and with at least a good 20% of remaining charge. Fast charging is also supported up to 60W with the standard Super Dart Charge which ensures very short loading times and no longer than 30 minutes.

2 Minute Review

Realme 9 Pro + is a confirmation of how the company works by listening to user feedback; this model is the evolution of a model launched less than a year ago and which we have defined as “balanced”, never an adjective was more appropriate.

Here we are faced with a smartphone with a great display, well built and with balanced hardware, it should be said again, for everyday use. Of all, without too many words.

Realme 9 Pro + Free Fire Limited Edition

@gizchina The perfect choice for the #gaming mobile devices # realme9proplus #freefire #HavaianasLivreDeCliches ♬ BORN FOR THIS - Foxxi

The new version Realme 9 Pro + Free Fire Limited Edition is finally available in Italy and obviously we couldn't try it for you. The smartphone has all the features of the standard model - so you can easily refer to our review - but introduces a new style. The back cover layout remains unchanged, but the body is dressed in a new skin, adopting a more “gaming smartphone” style. It is no coincidence that this is an edition dedicated to Free Fire, the famous mobile title.

As for the back cover, we have a panel with a mirror treatment and gods reflexes red, greens e blu (present in the areas near the edges). The final effect is truly splendid and so is the package sales is no exception: we have a box built and following the best practices for the occasion, along with various stickers dedicated to Realme and Free Fire.

The special version Realme 9 Pro + Free Fire Limited Edition is available only in the version from 8 / 128 GB: the smartphone will be on sale from 2 May exclusively on Amazon at the price of €419.9. We inform you that there will be a promotion from 2 to 8 May: during this period the device can be purchased at €369.9.

Considerations and Price

Il retail sale price of this new Realme 9 Pro + is equal to €399,99 for the 6 / 128GB version and only 40 € more for a total of €439,99 for the version with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory.

Once again Realme beats the competition with super aggressive prices that make this market segment increasingly rich in competitive products and great value for money: alternatives, at least at the hardware level, are many but few are able to be competitive with price. and global distribution, not to be underestimated for users looking for reliability, warranty and assistance.

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