JIMMY BX7 Pro review: the only, TRUE, vacuum cleaner against mites, bacteria and allergies

Strange but true: one of the sectors in which technology is moving forward extremely fast, is not that of smartphones, but that of vacuum cleaners. And if, a few years ago, someone had anticipated this strange phenomenon, I probably would have laughed in his face. Yet here we are, in 2022, one of the most complex periods of the last 70 years, in which many manufacturing companies have focused their attention on this particular market.

Robot vacuum cleaners, floor cleaning robots, smart carpet beats, and so on and so forth: there are many products of this kind (in some cases, even very sophisticated) that were presented in this period, but what we will talk about today is the one that probably seemed to me most comfortable to solve one of my biggest problems: allergy to dust mites.

Is called JIMMY BX7 Pro and it has nothing to do with all the other vacuum cleaners that we have reviewed in the last period: first of all it works via an electrical socket, then yes it is cyclonic but it is very compact, and integrates a three-stage system with which it sucks, disinfects with the UV and heats the surface on which it goes to work. With a single purpose: to reduce allergies and increase the hygiene of everything in fabric.

JIMMY BX7 Pro review: cyclone vacuum cleaner that sucks, sterilizes with UV and heats to eliminate dust mites

Design and materials

Despite the coloring and the materials used in the JIMMY BX7 Pro are in line with those seen in all the other products of the company, the design of this particular vacuum cleaner is completely different from what we are used to. First of all, it is not a battery-powered model but rather a vacuum cleaner that must be connected to the electrical outlet with a cable: and, you will see, given all its features, the choice made by the company is more than right.

It is also a decidedly compact product. Large enough to be used easily with one hand, the JIMMY BX7 Pro it is a product clearly designed not to be used on the ground, but on mattresses, sofas and on all those surfaces that require a strong suction power capable of sucking even what is under the surface itself.

But despite this huge design difference, we could define the engine and its dirt container as rather traditional. JIMMY BX7 Pro it uses a double cyclonic technology to generate the vacuum, and inside the dirt container it is able to divide the different aspirated particles, and then filter them with a typical HEPA filter.

The 0.5L dirt container and the filter, then, are released from the main structure with the typical mechanism that we have seen in more traditional wireless vacuum cleaners, and can be washed without any problem under running water.

But the most innovative feature that we find in this device is in the brush which not only integrates a small display on which you can control the operating modes of the JIMMY BX7 Pro, but it is among the most advanced brushes currently in circulation: clearly it is of the motorized type and integrates a sensor with which the vacuum cleaner will notice the dirt present on the surface, but it is also equipped with a UV system created with the aim of sterilizing the surfaces on which you will be working and a grate from which it will distribute a jet of air at 60 ° with which you can eliminate all the humidity accumulated on your sofa or on a mattress.

But it doesn't stop there: at the center of the brush structure, the JIMMY BX7 Pro it is equipped with an ultrasound emitter capable of destroying not only the mites, but also any eggs, in order to make the intervention as long-lasting as possible.

The power cable is not fixed in the structure, but can be disconnected from the vacuum cleaner itself, in order to improve its convenience when not in use: the wire is 5 meters long, and the possibility of disconnecting it is very convenient when must put away the JIMMY BX7 Pro in a piece of furniture or a wardrobe with the smallest possible footprint.

Technical characteristics and suction power

To animate the JIMMY BX7 Pro a 700w digital brushless motor takes care of it, a power that, added to all the other features that characterize this particular vacuum cleaner, fully justifies the need to power it via an electrical outlet. Because it is useless to go around it, if the JIMMY BX7 Pro it would have had 5 minutes of autonomy.

There are 3 operating modes and they can be managed using a button located on the handle. There is suction and UV mode, suction and ultrasonic mode, and suction, UV and ultrasonic mode. Now, the point is this: I personally cannot guarantee that the system is actually working because, obviously, I have no way of controlling the amount of mites on my sofa. What I can tell you though, is that the JIMMY BX7 Pro it has been tested and certified by the UK Allegri Foundation, and I trust it.

Anyway, cleaning with the JIMMY BX7 Pro flows that is a pleasure, materials and ergonomics are textbook and actually the device does without any problem what it was designed for. However, I would have the only note about the hardness of the brush bristles: to avoid any damage to more delicate fabrics, the company has equipped the JIMMY BX7 Pro of very soft bristles.

And yes, actually the whole cleaning process is very delicate, but I would have preferred that slightly stiffer bristles had been used, especially to make life easier for those - like me - who have pets in the house: to remove the hair of my 4 dogs from the sofa, I had to do more than one pass with the vacuum cleaner.

That said however, the suction power of the JIMMY BX7 Pro it practically “glues” it to the fabric and actually the cleaning is very deep. And the surface heating system is also very functional: with the 60 ° air jet, this vacuum cleaner is really able to reduce the problem of humidity on sofas and mattresses (or on any other fabric surface on which it works. ).

With regard to the container cleaning, as I told you, it can be safely rinsed. To remove the dirt, simply open the flap using a button located on the circular surface of the device. A position that I find quite comfortable and that avoids that annoying problem of ending up with dirty hands.

Price and considerations

The sale price of the JIMMY BX7 Pro is 149.99 euros, but with the discount coupon that you find below you can buy it at a discount at 129,00 €. And it is clear that this is a particular product that is aimed at both those suffering from allergies to dust mites, but also to those who may have a small child who wants to protect not only from mites, but also from bacteria and everything else. it derives from the humidity of a possible mattress of a cot.

Of course, it is not a product for everyone and probably not everyone will think about spending this amount on such a device. What I can tell you, however, is my experience: after cleaning the mattress and the sofa with the JIMMY BX7 Pro, I really realized the difference in terms of cleanliness and allergens. As far as I'm concerned, it's the product that was missing.

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