INNOCN 40C1R review: a FEAR monitor that Lacks NOTHING!

Ok, I have never hidden from you that I am a convinced user of Huawei's monitor, the 34 ″ curved Mateview GT of which I brought you my review in recent months: I have always talked about him in other videos as well, telling you how satisfied I am with its quality after months and months of daily use.

In recent weeks I have come across an ultra-wide 40 ″ inch monitor from a Chinese brand that I had never heard of, INNOCN (imagine what the pronunciation might be) and after a bit of initial perplexity I tried it with pleasure and I struggled to part with it. I'll tell you why.

INNOCN 40C1R Monitor Review

Content of the package

Inside the sales package in which you receive theINNOCN 40C1R you will find:

  • Monitor
  • Two-piece table stand to be assembled with a single screw
  • Power cord (no external power supply required)
  • USB-C cable
  • HDMI cable
  • Quick manuals

Design and Materials

I must admit: returning to a "linear" display after months of using a curved screen was a bit of a trauma at first, but then you get used to it easily if you are faced with a worthy replacement. The monitor design di INNOCN it is pretty neat, no doubt about it: it is, in any case, a screen that falls within the high end of the market, at least for the price at which it is proposed, so I do not expect poor construction or cheap materials.

The monitor itself is quite heavy: let's talk about about ten kg so if you intend to use it hooked to a VESA desk mount, keep in mind the weight issue so as not to run into my same problem with the monitor slightly tilted downwards given the low resistance of my Amazon Basics arm.

However on a constructive level the monitor is sturdy and well assembled: note of merit also for the support base which is quite firm (as well as beautiful heavy!) and also the arm, rather versatile in the adjustments. Speaking of adjustments, with this screen you can adjust the orientation to the right and left as well as up and down: in addition, the monitor support allows height adjustments with a range of about 15 cm, all movements are be fluid and achievable even with one hand.

Il design perhaps it is vaguely inspired by some monitors of BenQ, for example, but it is not so difficult to be similar in a field like monitors, where it really is poco space for inventiveness and a margin of uniqueness. However, there is a space dedicated to the physical buttons on the front on the right: there are five of them and they allow you to move around the monitor OSD to adjust all settings.

Il power button, the first from the right, also has a blue backlit LED that is always on when the display is active and turns off completely when it is in standby.

There are also speakers integrated into the monitor: the manufacturer does not actually declare the power of the speakers installed, but I can tell you that overall the quality is good as well as the sound equalization. Taking a measurement about 10cm away from the screen I detected values ​​equal to about 77dB, so the volume for office use is also more than good.

Regarding the fixing system of the screen to the entire support in the package, I can tell you that the system provided by the company is quite simple and consists in fitting and matching four tabs, first the two upper and then the lower ones: considering the weight , trust me, get help from someone in this operation.

Furthermore, as anticipated before, if we want to use a desk stand the monitor INNOCN 40C1R it is also equipped with traditional VESA coupling, so no problem. I close with two sizes, for those who need them: the monitor is 94cm wide and it is about 57cm high, including the support base, which can become 42cm if we need to disassemble it.

Technical Features and Video Quality

Let's go back, however, to talk about concrete things: the monitor of INNOCN has two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort 1.4 and a USB-C port (which, among other things, supports charging your computers up to 90W) and a AUX for audio. As a reminder, for those who do not know, in order to make the most of the potential of this display, especially in terms of refresh rate, you will necessarily have to use the standard Display Port 1.4 which is the only one, among those available, to guarantee you the full 144Hz: the company, in fact, certifies 60Hz via USB-C cable and 100Hz via HDMI 2.0 port.

The panel in question is a unity IPS 40 ″ inch, if you had not understood, with a resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels, maximum support up to 144Hz, compatible with HDR400, and AMD Freesync and a contrast ratio of 1200: 1.

However, to give an interpretation to the technical data mentioned above, I can tell you that there are excellent blacks, combined with a maximum brightness of about 570 nits, very respectable. The company also certifies a 100% sRGB color coverage, And the 94% DCI P3, a monitor therefore reliable in the workplace as much as in the gaming field.

Beyond the technical data, however, there are practical assessments to be made in the field: it is a 40 ″ panel, not a few on a desk to work on the computer. What is certain is that working with a monitor of this size is definitely a transcendental experience, even if it is comfortable, but it is also true that it can sometimes be uncomfortable especially on desks of a little more modest size (especially in depth).

One thing that has not particularly convinced me are the viewing angles not exceptional especially on dark / black screens where colors tend to lose some points: it is a problem that you encounter only if you tend to move while working on the computer, otherwise positioned in the center of the screen you will not see the slightest problem.

I tried the monitor's INNOCN on different titles, starting with FIFA, but also Call Of Duty and Cyberpunk 2077: the screen is very sharp. THE colors they are lively, the strong contrast and the high refresh rate really make the difference: I am not a professional gamer and I am not looking for performances above this, for ordinary users there is no need to spend more, trust me.

It goes without saying how comfortable a monitor of this size is for editing videos, using multiple screens and performing multiple tasks at the same time: if you've never tried 21: 9, trust me, treat yourself to this gift. I am sure you will thank me.

Advanced Features

Through the OSD made by INNOCN there is the possibility to access a large number of features and settings, much more than many other views on other similar products. In the game settings, for example, in addition to being able to enable Freesync and change the response speed, you can also choose between four color presets optimized for specific game genres such as FPS, RPG or Arena Moba.

Then there is the usual possibility of using a viewfinder in the center of the screen of different types and shapes. In “professional” color adjustments, we can choose the color profile between standard, sRGB, Adobe, Uniformity or customized parameters.

The most interesting gem is that linked to the presence of PIP: the monitor, in fact, allows to exploit its entire surface with two sources at the same time. For convenience I tried the screen connected to the Macbook via the Display Port cable and then with USB-C to OnePlus 10 Pro to play a movie on Netflix.

Through the OSD it is possible to choose from which of the two sources to reproduce the audio, how large the PIP window must be, where it should be positioned and possibly invert the view between the two sources.

Considerations and Price

INNOCN 40C1R is available on Amazon at a discounted net price of poco more than 400 euro, a figure very much in keeping with what this monitor can offer, especially when compared to more famous brands.

Of course, I understand a little the skepticity that there may be towards the brand, but buying it on Amazon allows you to be in an iron barrel, trust me, for all of the two-year product warranty should it come in handy.

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