Innocn 27C1U 4K review: cheap, rotatable and EXCELLENT quality monitor

Over the years, the setup of my studio desk has changed a lot. External monitors went from 1 to 3, but what I always missed was the ability to use a vertical display to be able to better view my timeline in montages in Adobe Premiere. Of course, very few people will have the real need to use a monitor in this way, but the fact that the INNOCN 27C1U gives it the possibility for me was a plus that I did not underestimate.

And I didn't do it especially considering the characteristics of the device and the fact that it costs less than 400 euros on Amazon: theInnocn 27C1U 4K is a fantastic 27 ”USB-C monitor, full of ports, able to rotate and with a panel that - believe me - has nothing to envy to models that are also sold for 100/200 euros more.

Review Innocn 27C1U 4K: one of the best budget monitors


The monitor packaging Innocn 27C1U 4K it is made of hardcover and is well finished. The monitor is protected by two large layers of polystyrene, which will allow it to arrive intact during shipment. Inside there is the following equipment:

  • Monitor;
  • stand;
  • power supply with European / Italian socket;
  • USB-C cable;
  • DisplayPort cable;
  • manuals.

Design and materials

Made entirely of polycarbonate, very solid and opaque black, theInnocn 27C1U 4K it doesn't look like a cheap monitor at all, quite the opposite. The panel is flat type and is coated with an anti-reflection layer, and is attached to a very well made stand that is not only very simple to assemble, but which integrates a whole series of protractor elements so that you can be sure of the right angle. of the panel.

The whole structure of the stand is fully adjustable: the monitor can be rotated on the horizontal axis, the stand itself is connected to the platform through a mechanism that can be rotated in turn, and the area where it will be hooked to the panel can be raised or lowered. , or inclined. In short, theInnocn 27C1U 4K it is one of those monitors designed for high productivity, and can be placed in practically any position possible for such a device. Truly exceptional.

The bezels are thin but not very thin: the panel / diagonal ratio is not the best, and if 3 of the 4 bezels are slightly visible, the lower one is much thicker and integrates the control keys together with the illuminated power button. The controls are very easy to manage, I've always been a fan of these large and easily accessible solutions, but placing the monitor vertically could be rather unsightly.

In the back, then, there are an infinite number of doors. Two USB 3.0 type A ports, one USB type B port, two HDMI 2.0 ports, one DisplayPort 1.4 port and one USB-C port with 65w power delivery have been inserted into the rear of the monitor. In a nutshell, by connecting the monitor to the power supply and then connecting it to a compatible notebook via USB-C, the display itself will supply the power to the computer and recharge the battery.

But it does not end there: theInnocn 27C1U 4K it is one of the very few monitors in circulation to integrate a gyroscope thanks to which, when you rotate it 45 degrees (right or left), the system will automatically adjust the screen setting, thus avoiding having to go through the system preferences. It is a brilliant and immediate idea, but I have noticed that it only works on Windows and not on macOS.

Technical features

Here is the complete technical data sheetInnocn 27C1U 4K:

  • Display: 27-inch IPS LCD with 3840x2160 pixel resolution and 400 nit brightness
  • Update frequency: 60Hz
  • Speakers: 2x5W
  • Display colors: 1074 million
  • Contrast: 1000: 1
  • Doors: DP, USB-C, USB-A 3.0 (2), HDMI 2.0 (2), 3,5mm audio, USB-B

Audio and video quality

L'Innocn 27C1U 4K uses an IPS type LCD panel with a maximum resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels at 60 Hz, capable of guaranteeing a maximum brightness of 400 nit and compatible with FreeSync technology. It is a good panel, among the best around in this price range, characterized by a contrast of 1000: 1, typical of panels of this technology. Sure, a VA panel could have guaranteed up to 3 times the contrast ratio, but you would have missed out on the wide viewing angles that characterize this model, a key feature for a monitor that is super-tiltable in virtually every direction.

According to the company, the display would be able to guarantee 100% coverage of the sRGB color range and 98% of the DCI-P3 color range, but if we found confirmation on the first value in our tests, in reality with regard to the DCI-P3 range with the colorimeter we found a coverage less than about 10% compared to what the brand declared.

Poco bad though, also because we are talking about a cheap and super versatile monitor, with an average DeltaE that stands at 1.5, which is not bad considering how much this model costs. What puzzled me is the brightness distribution, which is good but not perfect. In reality, the backlight is better distributed in the center of the panel, at which point it exceeds the peak 400 nits, while towards the edges it tends to decrease a little, going down to approximately 370 nits.

Then there is a consideration that I would like to make about choosing an opaque panel. In reality, although I am one of those who accept the compromises, it is important to remember that it is true that this finish tends to practically eliminate any reflection, but at a cost: the opaque processing tends to affect the sharpness of the image, at least compared to what you would have with glossy panels, making the subpixels of the panel itself less sharp. And yes, I still prefer this type of processing especially on a screen that I continuously work with all day, but it is important to always take this factor into consideration before proceeding with the purchase.

And despite theInnocn 27C1U 4K it is not a gaming monitor, on the contrary, it is a real monitor to work without too many compromises, I was quite amazed by the latency time: in my tests I even detected 8 ms of latency in some conditions, which makes it very close to the 5 ms typical of gaming monitors.

The 5w speakers are good, but they do not leave a miracle scream. These are two typical speakers for the price range, which reproduce a good sound in the volume but less pleasant in the balance of frequencies. In a nutshell, the audio reproduced by the speakers of theInnocn 27C1U 4K it might feel muffled, especially since the speaker grilles are placed in one area poco in contact with the user. Fortunately, however, together with all the available connection ports, theInnocn 27C1U 4K it also integrates an input for the 3.5 mm jack.

Price and considerations

The price ofInnocn 27C1U 4K is 419 euros on Amazon, but through the box you find below you could buy it with a 30 euros discount by activating the coupon on the product page itself. And without going too far, the conclusions are very simple: theInnocn 27C1U 4K it is one of those monitors without too many frills, which do very well what they promise and which amazes in terms of quality in the price range in which it fits. At 389 euros you will hardly be able to buy a monitor like this, which guarantees excellent freedom of movement and superb video quality, when compared to its direct competitors.

It also has many connection possibilities and the stand is among the most interesting I've seen in this price range. Sure, something needs improvement, and probably the glossy finish doesn't make it one of those products for people who buy the monitor to view their content in 4K, but for productivity one thing is certain: at this price point theInnocn 27C1U 4K has no rival.

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