Afraid of the rain on Easter Monday? Your smartphone warns you!

how to receive incoming rain notifications ios android

As often happens on holidays, the Maltempo is always around the corner, as in the proverbial day of Easter Monday. But how to predict this situation without falling into unpleasant surprises? With our smartphone now we can do this too and, in one way or another, be on iOS and Android we can receive rain notifications arriving and in this guide we will explain how to do.

How to get notifications of incoming rain on iOS and Android

iOS (iPhone)

The first option, since it exists in the default app, to receive notifications of incoming rain is on the iPhone and, consequently, on iOS. The basic requirement for this function is to have updated your smartphone at least ad iOS 15 but, considering that it is also present on iPhone 6s e iPhone SE 2016, it will not be difficult to be included in this group. Having made this premise, let's proceed with the path to follow between the various Settings.

  1. Always allow access to the location

    The first thing to do is go to the Settings, then you go to select the application weather at the bottom, by subsequently clicking on Location and then allow access in "Everlasting".how to receive incoming rain notifications android ios 2

  2. Enable rain notifications

    Allowed access to the location, let's go to the app weather, we touch the menu place bottom right (which is the one with the icon with three lines), then from the circle with three dots at the top right, let's select Notifications, by clicking on Continue and then on Allow, making sure, however, that you have activated the voice "My location".

Once this is done, you should receive notifications of incoming rain on yours iPhone. Unfortunately, at the moment theItaly is not among the countries included for this type of notification, but it will come shortly. Do not worry though, below we present a useful way to be able to do it in the meantime be on iOS and Android.

RainViewer (Android / iOS)

how to receive incoming rain notifications android ios 4
RainViewer Android

The most useful method to have rain notifications coming is enclosed in a very well done application, which is called Rain Viewer. This application gives you a complete picture of the precipitation coming or in any case already present and you can use its convenient notification function to know if it will actually rain or not.

If you use it from Android, just download the app on Play Store, open it select your favorite city or town Actual position, go to Settings (icon at the bottom right), then Notifications and check that the rain notifications are active. Thus, whenever the disturbance is coming, Rain Viewer will send you a notification.

how to receive incoming rain notifications android ios 3-1

For those who use it on iOS, the process is similar, but to activate the Notifications, you will have to go down and click on thestar icon, going to allow obviously access to the Location to the app, then scrolling and checking that the Rain warning e Precipitation in the range are active.

These were the quickest methods for receive the rain notifications coming to iOS e Android. To find out how to darken your home on Google e Apple Maps, we leave you this other guide.

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