Honor conquers China: overtake Apple, OPPO, vivo and Xiaomi

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The story of Honor we know it well by now (if not, remedy), in particular its sale by mother Huawei after the US ban. Following this move never seen before on the smartphone market, Honor has embarked on an independent path, relaunching itself on the technology market after having disconnected from Huawei and the limits imposed by the ban. Being able to go back to using Qualcomm chips, Google services as well as the components of Samsung, Sony and various companies, it has started to attack the smartphone market again. In addition to devoting himself to the economic segment (as with the X series), Honor has also decided to aim high, as the Magic series demonstrates or his first folding.

Sales of Honor smartphones in China are soaring, to the detriment of its competitors

smartphone sales china 2022 honor

And as we witnessed Huawei's collapse in the smartphone market, Honor was starting to make itself felt, as analysts' sales figures show. As the data published by Canalys reveal, Honor has conquered China, coming to the first place during start 2022. Over the course of just one year, the company went from having 5% to reaching 20% of market shares. A result that places it at the top of the ranking, above listed competitors such as OPPO (including OnePlus) and Apple, respectively at 18% of the Chinese market, as well as vivo (16%) and Xiaomi (14%).

smartphone sales china 2022 honor

The merit of these results is Honor's quite varied catalog, especially for products such as the series Honor 60 e Honor X30 which have seen big sales on the offline market. Even more impressive is the figure for the annual growth, with Honor scoring a + 205 % comparing Q1 2021 and 2022. It is interesting to note that only Apple is also positive (+ 17% on an annual basis), while all the other Android brands have suffered the negative trend of the market.

smartphone sales china 2022 honor

Yes, because if they sold out in 2021 over 1 billion smartphones in the world and there has been an increase compared to 2020, the trend continues to be decreasing. Even in the first months of 2022, smartphone sales recorded a -11% on an annual basis, and of all geographic areas, China is the one most affected by this decline.

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