Hisense HS-214 Soundbar Review: compact and with INTEGRATED subwoofer!

With the Cheaper TVs purchasable nowadays, many complain that the audio quality is not excellent: I personally bought a 42 ″ Android TV of a new "Chinese-German" brand for poco more than 200 euro and I would have nothing to complain about were it not for the speakers present that at a volume higher than 5 of 50 they croak and vibrate indecently.

I found a solution to this problem for relatively little money poco, less than 100 euros, with this Hisense soundbar, the HS-214 which, in addition to being rather compact, does not have an external subwoofer but rather integrates a central woofer incorporated into the soundbar itself. Don't be skeptical, trust me.

Hisense HS-214 Soundbar Review

Content of the package

First of all I wanted to say a few words about the contents of the package in which you will receive the soundbar:

  • Hisense HS-214 soundbar
  • Power cord
  • Screws and fischer for wall fixing
  • Infrared remote control (including batteries)
  • HDMI ARC cable

Design and Materials

Hisense HS-214 certainly not the most original you will find on the market, but on the other hand, what can we ever expect from a soundbar? Excluding the construction materials, honestly, they are almost all identical as it should be. That aside, it's pretty compact with solos 65cm wide, poco less than 10cm deep, about 6 cm in height, ideal for practically falling under the feet of 90% of televisions currently in circulation.

Soundbar by Hisense it is made of plastic with rather refined finishes: the two side parts that house the two bass reflexes are made of hard plastic and not particularly treated, while the upper body has leather-like finishes in terms of texture but classic plastic all practical act.

Along the top of the device are present four touch keys not backlit: in detail, the first allows you to turn the device on and off, the second to navigate between the various sources and the last two to raise and lower the volume of the soundbar. On the front, where the two speakers of the soundbar are hidden, there is also a status LED that changes color according to the source that is playing the audio and is easily understood through the legend in silk-screened symbols on the top.


On the connectivity front, the soundbar of Hisense it is quite versatile and full of inputs: first of all it is important to know that any TV you have, modern or not, you can connect it without problems given the presence of all the necessary standards.

Hisense HS-214in fact, it is equipped with an outlet optical audio, Bluetooth 4.2, HDMI ARC (therefore also useful for connecting, for example, a BluRay player), coaxial output, AUX for older computers or TVs and even a USB port to play music directly without the aid of other audio sources.

The positioning that the company has reserved for the various inputs is intelligent: all of them are positioned in a recess that allows you to connect all the cables without problems and above all without hindering the two slots for fixing to the wall.

Then there is the infrared remote control that allows you to swtichare between the various audio sources as well as to adjust the volume, the equalization between the three available presets and poco other: an essential, but indispensable remote control.

Audio quality and user experience

But let's get to the practical part: how does this Hisense soundbar sound? Two technical data, before telling you how it sounds, are indispensable to the context: we have two 27-watt speakers in the soundbar and a 54 watt lower woofer. I have no tools at hand to check the actual power of the installed speakers, but by ear I would say that we are there.

I tested the soundbar in essentially three modes, namely with Bluetooth with my iPhone, with To on the Macbook and with audio output optics on the TV mentioned at the beginning: for me who have always been a lover of audio systems (you will remember, perhaps, my passive Bose 2.1 mentioned several times in the reviews of products like this) I feel the absolute need to use the equalizer and, to Faced with this observation, you will understand very well that I have listened to the best of this soundbar using it on the computer, where I have full control of all frequencies.

Hisense's standard soundbar equalization, excluding the three presets Movie, Music and News, it is rather flat: the highs are missing, the lows are not excellent and it is a shame because the potential is there, and I really mean it. Logically these are all considerations based on the price at which it is sold, but trust that for the size there is really well poco better.

However, with the necessary equalizations I can tell you that it sounds good, very good: the high frequencies are sharp if well adjusted, and above all the woofer does its job, and he was the big surprise. The Hisense HS-214 manages to reproduce round and full-bodied bass, while having a relatively small woofer. Brava Hisense that in this multimedia sector is giving a hard time to many of its competitors.

A few small tips, in case you have to buy it or if you already have it: pay attention to the support surface, with the woofer on the lower part you risk running into annoying vibrations, so pay attention to this aspect. Expect, then, to play around with equalization a bit if you want to get the most out of these Hisense soundbars, because trust me, it deserves all the money.

Price and Considerations

Hisense HS-214 officially arrives on the market a 119,00 € but, not being a brand new product and already on the market for a few months, it can be easily found at poco more than 70 euros, a truly ridiculous figure compared to the potential of this soundbar. Who is it for? To those who want to improve the sound of the TV without the pretensions of a cinematic surround and above all with a minimum footprint: at the moment I think you can not make a better purchase.

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