EKSA Fenrir E7000 review: the ideal gaming headset for PS5 and Xbox

eksa fenrir e7000

The market of Gaming has grown dramatically, also thanks to the push given by platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. With the videos published online, in fact, millions of gamers have become passionate about different titles, fueling the sector more and more. To date, therefore, this is one of the categories within which the most money runs, especially due to advertising. As a natural consequence of the explosion of this phenomenon there has been a real boom in the sale of accessories related to gaming. Not only mouse and keyboard, therefore, but headphones, chairs, desks, laptops and much more.

By browsing the web it is possible to find a number of products belonging to this very wide world. The ones that are most important, however, more in the professional field, are the audio devices. For some time, therefore, companies have changed their perspective, offering customers the opportunity to have increasingly high-performance and captivating headsets, dedicated to the world of gaming. In addition to the design, therefore, these accessories must have a series of well-defined characteristics that allow the gamer to fully immerse themselves in the dynamics of the videogame.

Those who have known us for the longest time are aware of a brand that has recently made headlines on GizChina.it. So I'm talking about the new ones EKSA Fenrir E7000, a new pair of gaming headphones with a decisive and direct design. Even if they do not have some features often requested by this sector, they have been designed to satisfy less demanding users who want to approach this world with quality. Don't be fooled by their price or the materials used, because they offer more than what they want to see.

EKSA Fenrir E7000 review, simple and versatile gaming headphones


As expected, these headphones have been placed inside a rather voluminous package. Then let's see the photo of the product on the front, while the back shows all the main technical specifications of the device. Inside the sales box, therefore, we find the following accessories:

  • EKSA Fenrir E7000;
  • 3,5mm jack cable with audio and video outputs;
  • short instruction manual, also in English.

Design & Materials

Taking a look at the official website, which I invite you to visit, the company places more emphasis on the versatility of the product. No mention is made, for example, of the type of materials used to make these headphones, even if everything seems clear from the first unboxing. Going to extract this device from its packaging, therefore, we see how the brand has opted for the introduction of a body made entirely of polycarbonate. From here, however, we discover that the upper arch is made of metal, thus giving strength and flexibility to the entire rather imposing structure. Currently you can find even more discreet gaming headsets but these Fenrir do not want to hide anything, presenting themselves with dimensions poco compact. From the instruction booklet, in fact, we discover that they measure 200,0 x 95,0 x 214.5 mm, with a total weight of 295 grams. From these data, therefore, you can immediately give a first judgment: these headphones are not so comfortable to wear, especially if our gaming session lasts for several hours. When we wear them, in fact, we feel almost all the rigidity of the central body, tightening a little too much on our ears.

eksa fenrir e7000

I must admit that I have tried more comfortable headphones, because as I told you poco ago theergonomics that's not really their strong point. On the other hand, however, the brand has decided to integrate rather soft plastics along the ear cups and on the upper headband. From this point of view, therefore, we are on a good level, confirming the good things seen on the other audio devices sold by the same company. Beyond this aspect, then, the two pavilions they contain the ears well inside them, completely isolating us from the outside world. This, therefore, is one of those aspects required by gamers, who usually like not to be disturbed by external noises.

These Fenrir E7000 are not equipped with any Bluetooth module, as the connection with all the various compatible devices is via cable. We see, in fact, how a fabric cable starts from the left earpiece and divides in two at the end of its run. On the one hand, therefore, we have a classic USB-A, while on the other hand the brand has introduced a mini jack. Depending on the product we are dealing with, we use one or the other socket. Beyond this, then, there is no gaming headset that does not integrate a microphone: this finds space above the left pavilion and can be adjusted in any position. Also on this side, then, reside also the wheel to adjust the volume and the selector that allows you to instantly activate / deactivate the microphone. Finally, I would like to point out the presence of Colored LEDs, with green tint, present on the two ear cups but which, unfortunately, only light up when we connect the headphones using the USB-A.

Connectivity & Compatibility

After several months of testing EKSA-branded products, I think I can say that the company is probably trying to conquer a good slice of the market by offering devices with the greatest possible compatibility. Even these Fenrir, therefore, do not disappoint in this respect. Taking a look at the sales package, in fact, compatibility with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 e Xbox Series X / S. But not only that, because when I tested the device on other platforms, such as Windows PC and Macbook, I didn't experience any problems. From another point of view, however, some users may be disappointed by the lack of a USB Type-C output which is quite useful with media without a mini jack input. For example, on my Google Pixel 4 I had to use an external adapter to connect them, otherwise I couldn't use them with my smartphone.

Unless you use the equalization program on the support to which the headphones are connected, there is no possibility to change the sound performance of this device. There are other products, again EKSA branded, which allow you to have a minimum of customization on the audio side. From here, therefore, it is clear that these Fenrir E7000s have been designed for a young audience, who is approaching the world of gaming for the first time or who, in general, does not have big claims.

Audio & Microphone

I firmly believe that these headphones, more than any other product, are to be used exclusively in the videogame field. During the whole trial period, in fact, I exploited them with many different titles and genres, encountering some critical issues. With i Games more narrative, with a greater number of dialogues, his predilection for bass comes out in an important way, still allowing us to enjoy these contents. Going to explore, instead, more dynamic games such as GRID Autosport, FIFA and Call of Duty everything changes: in these titles, in fact, the sounds are very important and, sometimes, it is essential to understand where certain noises come from. Thanks to the quality of these headphones, therefore, it is possible to manage every aspect of these video games well, offering us a much deeper spatial audio than what one might expect.

eksa fenrir e7000

There are no software settings here that allow us to enjoy one genre better than another. As mentioned previously, however, I am convinced of the fact that they derive a great advantage from the most dynamic video games. Even a less trained ear, therefore, can be able to find an enemy that is in proximity to its position simply by listening to the sounds on headphones. Even at the most volume, then, there are no distortions, a sign that all the internal components are well assembled and of good quality.

eksa fenrir e7000

During the most common phases of the game it is possible to activate or deactivate the main microphone, located above the left pavilion. From here, therefore, the recorded quality is not exceptional but it remains valid for all the more casual users. This component, among other things, is articulated and does not cause any discomfort.

Price & Conclusions

These EKSA Fenrir E7000 currently on can also be found on the official website of the company, at a price of approx 22 €.

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Take advantage of the discount on the official website now and take home the new EKSA Fenrir E7000 at an incredible price!

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22 €

They are very simple and immediately ready to use headphones, without additional software that complicates their use. Those who are approaching the world of gaming will certainly appreciate this product more, even for its lines rather close to this category of products. From a construction point of view they are good enough and, perhaps, the only flaw is the extreme sensation of rigidity that they return once worn. They are not very light, so you have to get used to their style and weight a bit. Despite this, they sound very good and are mainly suitable for video games, adapting themselves poco in other multimedia areas.

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