DJI suspends sales in Russia and Ukraine: it is the first Chinese company to say no to war


With the war in Ukraine and the international consequences for the Russia from the western world, a whole series of initiatives have also arrived with regard to the tech world. Many companies they have suspended their activities in the country and now there are news also for a big Asian name. We are talking about DJI, at the center of some controversy in recent weeks, which has now announced it stop selling drones both in Russia in that Ukraine, openly citing the ongoing conflict.

DJI is the first Chinese company to dissociate itself from the war in Ukraine

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As reported by to Reuters, DJI is to all intents and purposes the first major Chinese company ad stop sales in Russia, citing the war as a cause. In a statement on the official website, the well-known drone manufacturer announced with a note the temporary suspension of all commercial activities in Russia and Ukraine. Recall that the Asian company has been accused of having provided data on the Ukrainian army to Russia, through the use of its drones: the company has rejected the accusations, defining them as absolutely false.

We recall that at the moment the main Chinese companies have not moved away from Russia, in line with the Beijing potion. Indeed, the country has opted for one position of neutrality and he has never shown open criticism of Moscow and the ongoing conflict.

Obviously DJI's decision it is not about China: as specified by the company itself, this is a company choice, linked to its principles. A spokesman said that the suspension of activities in Russia and Ukraine did not take place as a position taken by the entire country, but concerns - as already specified - the principles of the company itself.

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"DJI detests any use of our drones to cause damage and we are temporarily suspending sales in these countries to ensure that no one uses our drones in combat."

The company spokesman reports that DJI is aware of the videos involving the drones of the brand and their use by the Russian army. However, the company has no control over the use of its products: hence the decision to temporarily halt activities in Russia and Ukraine.

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