Chuwi MiniBook X review: the smallest 2in1 laptop in the world

For more than two years now, Covid-19 has substantially changed our way of living and thinking about everyday life. Our habits have changed, even from a working point of view, with the arrival of smart working and other forms of "remote" work. Had we not had such a powerful medium as the internet, most of the upheavals we are witnessing today would probably never have happened. 

To date we can say that the two-year period in which we are living, 2020-2022, is one of the most complicated economically speaking. Not so much for the financial upheavals, which play a lot on this situation, as for everything concerning the procurement of materials in the technological field. In the last period, in fact, the demand for semiconductors has skyrocketed and few manufacturers are managing to keep up. 

Despite the current situation being dramatic, several brands in China are continuing to churn out new devices at a steady pace. Reason why today we can return to talk to you about a Chuwi product, that is Chuwi MiniBook X, a laptop that places the emphasis above all on mobility. Given its size, in fact, it is configured as the perfect device to work in any place and in any situation, without sacrificing too much performance. 

Chuwi MiniBook X review: the most compact laptop, which becomes a tablet


From this point of view Chuwi never contradicts itself, proposing a packaging identical to that used also by the other devices of the brand. In any case, inside the sales package, we find the following accessories:

  • Chuwi MiniBook X;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • short instruction manual, also in Italian.

Design & Materials

I must say that the quality achieved by this brand, on a constructive level, is absolutely not to be underestimated. Compared to the first devices released on the market, in fact, the company has been able to renew itself, significantly increasing the attention to detail. From here, therefore, a very compact MiniBook X comes out, made almost entirely of aluminum, which shows an almost surprising solidity. There are no burrs and the entire body appears to be well assembled, a sign of an important improvement in this respect. I speak to you, in any case, of a product that as you can see for yourself is very compact, measuring 244 x 166,4 x 17,2 mm, with a total weight of just 920 grams. With such a clean design, therefore, the presence at the top right of the Chuwi logo, which is in relief compared to the profile of the body, is a little out of place. Let's say that from this point of view the company could have opted for a less conspicuous solution.

chuwi minibook x

This is without a doubt one of the handiest laptops I have ever had the pleasure of trying. Even with only one hand, in fact, you can carry it with you smoothly, resulting almost pocket. Obviously it is not possible to put it in the pants, but you will have no problem with it in smaller backpacks. I therefore believe that Chuwi has done an excellent job in this respect. I just have to make a small criticism of the brand: the rear hinges, which allow you to rotate the screen di 360°, they make noise. It is not an annoying sound but it almost seems to creak, giving the feeling of having to break at any moment. Despite this they are rigid, they keep the display in a fixed position even in the most uncomfortable situations, so from my point of view they are absolutely promoted. 

In addition to the quality of the materials, Chuwi has tried to insert a sufficiently large number of doors, compatibly with the space available. So let's see the presence of an entrance in the left frame mini jack for headphones and a large ventilation grille to allow hot air to escape more easily. On the opposite side, however, we find a microphone, the entrance to the laptop charging, a door USB Type-C, On / off button and a Status LED. It is not much, but it is enough to work on the move without too many problems, as long as you stock up on an additional external HUB to expand the ports present.

Keyboard & Trackpad

Opening the device we have a wider view on the keyboard available, thus being able to make some more considerations. I was expecting exactly this kind of surface in terms of dimensions, but I didn't think the company could curate the writing experience that well as well. I believe, in fact, that it is one of the products with the best feeling in this respect, showing soft keys and with a rather short stroke. Therefore, it is easy to write with this keyboard even on the move, at least for those who arrive like myself from a daily experience with a 2019 MacBook Pro, the latest of the models with the thinnest keyboard. You just have to accept a compromise: the individual keys are a bit small, but after a few hours you still get carried away. In the dark, then, it is possible to work without problems, thanks to the two levels of backlighting that offer a good one comfort.

Where the dimensions show some more criticality is in reference to trackpad. This component, in fact, is rather small and does not allow to work optimally. As for the keyboard, however, Chuwi has put a lot of care in this component, offering a soft, reactive and very precise surface. Let's say that we are not at the levels of the experience offered by a MacBook, but the feeling is very close to us, with the due proportions. Usually, therefore, this is one of those parts where brands of this type invest less, so I was pleasantly surprised by the results obtained by this trackpad. 


chuwi minibook x

MiniBook X proposes a touchscreen da 10,8 " with resolution 2K (2560 x 1600 pixels), form factor in 16:10 and rather thin side frames. Although there is no anti-glare film, the panel is clearly visible in direct sunlight, albeit with some slight difficulty in the sunniest places. Beyond this, then, the colors are well reproduced and can be calibrated through the Windows settings. But among the many features of this device there is, as mentioned, also a touchscreen panel. The latter, therefore, is really very reactive, making everything easier in daily work. Even if Windows 11, the software version mounted on this unit, is not quite ready for use more in the mobile environment, it turns out to be more streamlined and simple than it used to be. Here, however, the credit is largely due to Microsoft.

chuwi minibook x

By going to rotate the display by 180 ° we have the possibility to exploit this MiniBook X as a real one tablets. Even if, as previously mentioned, the hinges make some noise, this versatility can be very useful in the workplace. It is not a large panel but it can still be useful for viewing some Power Point presentation or various documents. By reducing the side frames, then, the experience is even more immersive, as if you were dealing with a truly premium product. From this point of view, therefore, the company has made an important leap forward compared to the previous models, increasing the quality level during the construction phase.

Hardware & Performance

By taking a quick look at this model, anyone would be misled. Leafing through the data sheet, however, we see how a CPU has been integrated inside this laptop Intel Celeron N5100, therefore a quad-core processor with a base clock frequency of 1,10GHz and turbo boost up to 2,80GHz. Even though it is a unit released in the first half of 2021, it is quite recent and on all the various working software it performs quite well. This, then, is accompanied by one 4GB DDR12 RAM and a SSD from 512GB, not broken down. We therefore have all the storage space at our disposal, on disk C, being able to freely dispose of every single gigabyte.

Let's say that the brand wanted to take a good risk poco with this SoC, powering a laptop designed for this type of platform. In addition to the various PC functions, in fact, it integrates a real tablet. Hence, therefore, the need to offer performances that are often very different but equally directed towards a single goal: to make the system as stable as possible. I must admit, therefore, that MiniBook X succeeds in full, being able to manage several tabs open on more than well Chrome and some files video in 4K, all at the same time. Even if from the "Resource Management" the CPU runs at maximum power, I have never noticed sensational slowdowns in the execution phase. But of course, as with everything, if you overdo it beyond a certain limit, this laptop is unforgiving. You can even, therefore, take advantage of its computing power to perform some short assembly video, without too many effects, and some slight tweaks on Photoshop.

With the 4K test videos that I usually try on all similar devices I have not recorded any problems. Any type of format is read without problems, even by the software pre-installed on Windows 11, being able to scroll on the bottom bar at any point of the video itself. Therefore, it has hardly happened to me to witness a certain reliability on such devices. From the gaming point of view, then, it is possible to enjoy a good level of detail and a decent frame-rate, but only on titles of the caliber of Asphalt 9. On the other hand it was not possible to ask for more from the integrated GPU, one Intel UHD Graphics with a maximum power of 800MHz. However, there are also limits: with more than 5 tabs open on the browser (Chrome) and Photoshop in operation, the laptop begins to suffer, slowing down the operations of opening programs and scrolling pages on the internet. Going to force the hardware even more, then, you can easily witness the forced closure of some app. Despite this, the external temperatures always remain below the guard levels, although the back of the device is rather hot.



Turn on for the first time this Chuwi MiniBook X and find inside it Windows 11 it was a real surprise as well as a relief. For some time, in fact, I had hoped this moment would come. From now on, therefore, we are faced with the new Microsoft interface, designed to make everything simpler and more intuitive. I must admit that, in some respects, the Redmond company has managed to achieve its intent, with some reservations. Inside some items, in fact, the old menus still appear with a rather dated interface that brings us back to the past for a moment. Despite this, using the device in tablet mode is more pleasant, because at least in the initial menus you are less enslaved to a model designed for another use, as on the previous version of Windows.

In addition to being able to take advantage of the entire Office package without any problem, on this laptop it offers the possibility to download various contents from the Microsoft Store and, thanks to the system apps, to take advantage of the device immediately without any constraints.

Audio & Connectivity

Despite its small size, the audio sector defends itself quite well. When watching videos, films and TV series the sounds are quite pronounced, although lacking in depth. From this point of view, in fact, the lows are poco present, so the sound is quite flat. At most volume, however, you will be more than satisfied with the sound performance of this MiniBook X. In addition to being able to take advantage of the main speaker, then, you can connect a pair of earphones, using the mini jack input on the left.

chuwi minibook x

There is no shortage of a good module Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.2 and two entrances USB Type-C, one of which is used to recharge the laptop. With hotspots, as well as at home, the wireless connection has never let me down, allowing me to enjoy all the various web content without any indecision. Going to the less covered areas of the house, then, I did not notice any critical issues, a sign that the antennas mounted on the device do their duty at best. The same goes for the webcam, positioned at the top left, which with its 4MP is able to guarantee good performance during recording. Also thanks to its small size, this MiniBook X could actually become the perfect tool for students and freelance workers.


Under the body there is a space battery from 26,6Wh, therefore 3.800 mAh. With an average intense use, consisting of several hours on WordPress, watching a few videos on YouTube and a few episodes of a TV series on Netflix, a few tens of minutes of play, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth always active and the modification of some image on Photoshop, I did not go beyond 4 hours and 30 minutes of continuous ignition. Given what we have in our hands, therefore, I believe that this machine almost works miracles in this respect. By going to use the laptop in a more mild way, however, you can safely work on it even for two consecutive days.

Inside the package there is a 24W power supply that allows you to fully charge the device in poco less than 3 hours.

Price & Conclusions

Chuwi MiniBook X is currently being sold on the official store at the price of 523,50 €.

NB If you do not see the box with code or the link to the purchase, we advise you to disable the AdBlock.


Enter the official Chuwi store now and take advantage of the discount on Chuwi MiniBook X, the smallest 2in1 laptop ever!

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523,50 €

Given the size and form factor, I believe this device does not cost poco. But, at least as far as I'm concerned, it's about making a choice: having a larger device in your hands, with a large display but low performance, or opting for a smaller and more compact product, with convincing performance in many respects, almost unsuspected. I therefore believe that the choice is almost obligatory, especially in the face of what is offered from the hardware point of view. There are not many products, including those from Chuwi, which manage to have such a well-made keyboard, a precise and responsive trackpad and a display with good performance. In fact, we have learned over the years how these factors often affect daily experience and how, at times, they are neglected by companies. Chuwi MiniBook X, therefore, however small, raises the bar further, showing a really high attention to detail.

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