Chuwi HiPad Pro review: a complete tablet, at a super affordable price

chuwi hipad pro

For several months now, we have been witnessing a chronic lack of semiconductors caused by various factors. This has forced several companies, therefore, to diversify their offer and do it in the best possible way, with the hope of staying afloat. It is not easy, in fact, for small producers to go through this particular moment, especially when playing against giants like Samsung, Apple, Huawei and a few others. It almost seems to never have enough space, often entering into competition with these brands, which periodically churn out new devices in almost every technological field.

Let's say that the situation is quite different depending on the state considered. Indeed, perhaps it is better to take the continents into question, given that most of the world production of semiconductors passes in some way from Asia. Lacking raw materials, therefore, the whole sector is suffering, anywhere in the world. Unlike the European territory, however, China is one of those countries where this crisis has less devastating effects. For some time, in fact, the various manufacturers of consumer technology have been trying to roll up their sleeves, proceeding along their own path.

Having to bring up China, I cannot fail to mention Chuwi, one of the companies that most of all in this historical period is distinguishing itself. From poco, in fact, we had a chance to try Chuwi HiPad Pro, a small tablet that shows more than a few interesting points. In addition to taking the field with Android 11, this device offers a contemporary design, in line with what has now been shown by almost all the competition. But will it really have that extra edge to beat the market?

Chuwi HiPad Pro review: design, hardware and price… its strengths


Going to observe the packaging we notice the presence of the usual cardboard box, which on one of the faces shows different technical characteristics of the product. Beyond this, then, the following accessories are located inside:

  • Chuwi HiPad Pro;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable for charging and data transfer;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • short instruction manual, also in English.

Design & Materials

Several years ago, by now, I tried a Chuwi branded device which, from the point of view of the sales package, did not show any news compared to the current one. Despite this, once extracted from the box it immediately returns a feeling of solidity. Let's see, therefore, to initially analyze the materials that constitute it. We therefore have a back surface characterized by the presence of two different materials: the darker part is in aluminum, while the lighter one, at the top, is coated with polycarbonate. Analyzing them, however, a fact emerges: they are both very slippery and do not offer good grip in everyday use. Let's say, however, that it is also true that often devices of this type are enriched with a protective cover, so as to protect it from any falls or bumps.

chuwi hipad pro

I was very impressed by the surface dedicated to the display, which here occupies almost the entire front part. We note, in fact, the presence of rather thin frames, which embellish the design. Beyond this aspect, however, the brand wanted to take inspiration from different models currently on the market: the square edges, in fact, we have already seen on several Apple and Samsung tablets, including recent ones. Let's see, then, how the brand wanted to equip this tablet with almost every comfort. From the right side, therefore, we see how the volume balance and a microphone. On the opposite side, however, we find it SIM slot, possibly removable. Speaking of Chuwi, then, I believe that the company has invested a little more than in the past for the quality of the materials, proposing on this model a stereo audio system that requires the presence of two speaker on the top and two more speakers at the bottom.

Taking a look at the upper frame we notice the presence of a On / off button and the entrance USB Type-C for charging the tablet. Beyond these two components, however, we do not notice other noteworthy parts, excluding the display frames and the form factor of the product which offers a square design rather pleasing to the eye. Let's say, however, that perhaps we were also tired of always seeing the usual devices with rounded edges.

Chuwi has done a nice job in terms of construction, offering its customers a human-sized tablet, measuring 155,34 x 242,60 x 7,50 mm, and weighing just 455 grams that don't make it too heavy. Almost every single part is made in a more than satisfactory way, except for a few small details.


Not just more iPads: now thin edges are starting to make their way even among “minor” manufacturers. Chuwi HiPad Pro, therefore, shows a display from 10,8" with resolution 2K (2.560 x 1.600 pixels), aspect ratio of 16:10 and 90% screen-to-body-ratio. Let's say, therefore, that the presence of minimal side frames lays the foundations for viewing multimedia content at the highest possible resolution. But that is not all. Here, then, the colors they are quite well calibrated, although they tend to always stay on the warmest shades. In any case, you can change all this in the relevant settings menu, under the heading “Display”.

chuwi hipad pro

There aren't many ways to change colors but the company has made a platform available for all users to make almost any type of change. I must also tell you, then, that in direct sunlight the display is not seen well, highlighting the presence of different reflections on the screen. In this respect, then, I must admit that even the fingerprints are already visible after a few hours of use, a sign of a oleophobic treatment scarce or completely non-existent. Let's see, then, how the brand has decided to position the selfie camera at the top, in the left corner. Here, however, there is a phenomenon of light bleeding, since the entire circumference of the camera loses color and shows a darker halo.

chuwi hipad pro

Here, then, the panel is also under examination touch screen which allows us to enjoy all the various contents on the screen in a rather fast and reactive way. It is not a bolt of lightning but for a rather mild use and, above all, not linked to the working environment. After a few hours of intense use, therefore, there is also the urge to get involved, at least for some elements.

Hardware & Performance

HiPad Pro hides mid-level hardware under the body, offering an SoC MediaTek Helio G95, therefore an octa-core unit with configuration 2 x 76 GHz Cortex-A2.05 + 6 x 55 GHz Cortex-A2. Hence, they complete this package the RAM LPDDR4X da 8GB and an internal type memory UFS 2.1 da 128GB. All the graphic part, then, is managed by one Mali-G76 MC4 GPU with a maximum clock frequency of 900 MHz.

chuwi hipad pro

I would say this is one of those predictable products that deliver exactly what you expect. Like many other devices on the market, therefore, this tablet offers good performance in almost all occasions. I have never highlighted any problems from the hardware point of view, although after several hours of use it shows a certain warmth on the back. But it is all quite normal, especially in the gaming phase, when the CPU and GPU are pushed to the maximum. With games of the likes of Asphalt 9, therefore, it is possible to enjoy a decent graphic quality and a good frame-rate, which is not always stable. Taking a look at the other applications, then, such as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix and others, I must admit that I found myself quite well, resulting fast and pleasant in daily use. From a certain point of view, then, we are probably so used to seeing displays at 90Hz or 120Hz that they begin to almost annoy panels with a refresh rate lower. Here, therefore, everything seems to be more cumbersome, almost woody, when in reality it is simply a matter of coming to terms with a less performing product in this respect.

As far as multimedia is concerned, this HiPad Pro is, perhaps, one of the devices with the best quality-price ratio. With Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, two of the world's leading video streaming services, I haven't experienced any problems. Attention only to one aspect: here the certification Widevine L1 type allows you to view TV series and movies at the highest possible resolution, so fun is guaranteed.



Let's say that from this point of view I would have hoped to find something better on board this device. I had to change my mind, relying once again on a version of Android 11 practically stock, without any type of customization by the manufacturer. In addition to the main system apps, therefore, there are Google services and all the main applications of the Mountain View company, such as Maps, YouTube, Gmail and much more. Turning on the device, therefore, after the initial configuration phase, we are immediately operational.

As always, the critical issues concern a specific aspect: the security patches of Google are updated to October 5, 2021. This is one of those things, therefore, that still creates the most embarrassment and that should make the company think about remedying it in some way. Applications such as banking, in fact, it is not advisable to install them, precisely because of this situation. In spite of everything, however, the system seems to have been well optimized for this machine, consuming very little battery among other things. It would not have spoiled, in any case, a little more personalization.

Audio & Connectivity

Despite the presence of ben 4 stereo speaker let think of an exceptional audio, this device does not bring any news in this regard. We have, therefore, an audio poco full-bodied, without bass, which prefers medium and high tones more. From a certain point of view, however. the position occupied by these speakers is spot on, offering a rather spatial and enveloping audio.

Audio aside, in terms of connectivity here we have the 802.11 Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac Dual Band which allows us to navigate almost every corner of the house. In the less covered points, however, he suffers a little, going into difficulty slightly. So make sure you always stay close to your modem / router. Despite this, the tablet also offers connection via nano SIM, with the 4G of Fastweb which allowed me to work on some Google work files on the go. Finally, the Bluetooth 5.0 which can manage various peripherals, including the classic wireless headphones.

Let's see how on the front this HiPad Pro shows a selfie camera, set in the display, from 5 MP, able to offer a decent quality during video calls, whether it is for work or school. On the back, then, there is an 8 MP sensor which, however, from this point of view does not offer more than a few sufficient shots in good light.


Chuwi HiPad Pro is equipped with a battery da 7.000 mAh. With this unit, therefore, it is possible to safely cover more than two days of use, using the tablet only for watching some TV series, a few tens of minutes of gaming and poco other. Giving a greater boost to performance, autonomy suffers but it is very difficult to download it in the same day, unless you keep it on continuously for several hours. From this point of view, therefore, it is absolutely promoted.

With its charger you can recharge it from 10 to 100% in poco more than 3 hours.

Price & Conclusions

Going up The Amazon you can find this Chuwi HiPad Pro at a price equal to 259 €, using the di 50 € offered by the e-commerce platform.

NB If you do not see the box with code or the link to the purchase, we advise you to disable the AdBlock.

Difficult to find better at this figure, considering that it is an alternative to other devices in its same price range which, however, do not show this type of characteristics. From this point of view, in fact, the display is equipped with rather thin bezels that bring this device a little more into the future. Also on a constructive level, then, it does not show uncertainties, proposing a design that is now tested but well finished. A few more doubts certainly concern the software sector, a sore point of this tablet. Not so much for the functioning itself, but for the graphics and everything related to the updates. I believe, in fact, that in this respect it will be difficult to see any further upgrades, if not for some new patches of the security packages that could arrive in the coming months.

You must necessarily think carefully about the purchase of this Chuwi, thinking more about the use that you will have to make of it in the future. Being a tablet, it will most likely be purchased by most users as an element of entertainment, for video games or watching videos and TV series on the go. I think that few, therefore, would take the risk of installing a banking app, exposing their data to the network on a machine that is not adequately updated in terms of security.

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