Here are how many phones Xiaomi sold in 2021 (and how much it grossed)

xiaomi lei jun

Having concluded the financial year, Xiaomi has published an in-depth report on how they fared earnings and sales in 2021. Last year proved to be a particularly profitable year for Lei Jun's company, with a series of positive numbers for many of her sectors. Let's start by saying that the year ended with a turnover of 46,8 billion, an annual growth of + 33,5% but above all 3,1 billion in profits up by + 69,5%. Of this turnover, 23,3 billion were generated by sales outside China (+ 33,7%) and represent practically half of the total turnover.

Based on its smartphone sales, Xiaomi positions itself in the top 5 in 62 countries in the world, reaching the top of the podium in 14 of these. The brand is growing a lot outside the borders: it is 2nd in Europe with 22,5% of the market and 3rd in South America (+ 94%) and Africa (+ 65,8%).

Xiaomi talks about its 2021, between turnover, earnings and the sale of its products

Let's talk about smartphone: based on analyst data, Xiaomi sits at the 3rd place in the world holding 14,1% of the world market. In the course of 2021 the company sold 190,3 million of smartphones, numbers that mark a + 30% compared to 2020. Of these, 24 million belong to the range over € 300: in this price range, Xiaomi has grown by + 160 % outside China, ranking 3rd overall.

If we talk about premium products, the company emphasizes how the Xiaomi 12 series made 256 million in 5 minutes and that Redmi K50 about 40 million in just 1 minute. These numbers have allowed Xiaomi to accrue 29,8 billion in turnover (+ 37,2%), with a average selling price of its smartphones stands on €150. As the top 10 of the best-selling smartphones in 2021, it is the Redmi brand that leads the company's sales rather than the Xiaomi one.

xiaomi lei jun

But as we all know, Xiaomi does not only mean smartphones but also the Internet of Things. In 2021 the company has come to count more 434 million IoT devices, a sector from which it generated 12,1 billion in turnover (+ 26%). An interesting fact concerns the user base: in the world there are 8,8 million users with at least 5 Xiaomi smart gadgets (+ 40,4%). Within its ecosystem, Xiaomi has sold 12,3 million smart TVs in a market in negative trend, ranking 1st in China for the third consecutive year and in the top 5 in the world. Sales of household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners have also risen (+ 60%), while on the software side there are 107 million monthly users who use AI Assistant and 63,9 million those who use the Mi Home app.

And since we are talking about software, we cannot leave out the MIUI. At the end of 2021, Xiaomi can count on a base of 509 million users in the world, an increase of + 28,4%. From its interface it obtained 4 billion in turnover through internet services (+ 18,8%) and 2,5 billion from the much controversial advertising (+ 42,3%).

So far we have talked about collections, but how much are Xiaomi's expenses? If we talk about research and development, in 2021 the company invested something like 1,8 billion, spending + 42,3% compared to the previous year. But the plan foresees a total expenditure of over 14 billion over the next 5 years. The R&D sector has allowed Xiaomi to create products such as MIX Fold, its first foldable, but also proprietary chips C1 appears e P1 and his robotic dog cyberdog.

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