The new Xiaomi front-loading washing machine is smart and really costs poco

xiaomi mijia washing machine front loading smart price

Xiaomi, among its appliances, does not lack washing machines, often also smart. This however does not prohibit constantly update, as in the case of the new one Mijia Front-loading Washing Machine, equipped with intelligent connectivity and a very competitive price.

Xiaomi Mijia Front-loading Washing Machine: all about the new smart washing machine

xiaomi mijia washing machine front loading smart 10 kg price 2

At first glance, it looks like any front-loading washing machine, but it still has various peculiarities that make it very interesting. It starts with a load capacity of up to 10 kg, a direct transmission without vibrations and a maximum noise of 50 dB, which therefore makes it truly silent.

In its functions, we find up to 23 mode di washing, Of which 16 programmable directly from the control panel, while the others can be managed from the application Xiaomi Home. This is because, as mentioned, the new one Mijia washing machine it is smart and equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. Finally, we have the support for washing at high temperatures, which gives this model a useful function of sterilizing the garments that are going to be washed. Xiaomi estimates a percentage of elimination of germs, bacteria and viruses of the 99.99%, therefore very effective.

The new Xiaomi Mijia washing machine a front loading arrives in the Chinese market at a price of approx €210 (1.479 yuan) which is actually convenient but for us Westerners it may remain a mirage since, for the moment, such appliances are not imported by the brand.

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