The new Xiaomi Mijia air conditioner gets you cool in a flash

xiaomi mijia air conditioning cooling edition smart air conditioner price

I air conditioners per Xiaomi, especially those Mijia, I'm certainly not new. But the latest addition has the peculiarity of being very quick to refresh the area around it, considering rather powerful technical characteristics, while maintaining a price very honest.

Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioning Cooling Edition: all about the new smart air conditioner

xiaomi mijia air conditioning cooling edition smart air conditioner price 2

Xiaomi's smart air conditioner looks not very different from those previously released, keeping simple lines and adaptable to any environment up to 13 m2. Looking at his characteristics, this is where we also find his strengths. It starts from a nominal cooling capacity from 2.710W, which thanks to the large internal fan from 98 mm it allows to obtain a cooling of the affected area in just 30 seconds.

Il compressor da 1CV high performance allows the air conditioner to be efficient especially in terms of consumption, to which we also combine various antibacterial and anti-mold filters, with also an excellent mode of dehumidification. Finally, being smart, there is no lack of management via smartphone with the Xiaomi Home application and management via voice commands.

The price at which the new one is offered in China Xiaomi Mijia air conditioner it's about 285€ (1.999 yuan). It is unlikely that it will arrive, as usually happens for this type of product, even from us, unless the brand decides to import them directly here.

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