Xiaomi Buds 3 review: the audio is okay, the price a little less

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Muted at the launch of the new ones top range smartphone Xiaomi 12, the TWS ANC earphones Buds 3 they captured the attention of the public, so much so that they approached this one review with high expectations, hoping they met them. The result, perhaps unfortunately, was not exactly what we wanted, but there are some excellent ideas and we are here to tell them.

Xiaomi Buds 3 Review | TWS ANC earphones

Package Contents

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La package of Xiaomi Buds 3 it actually gives us a premium imprint, especially for the fact that it is important in size but all in all elegant. Inside we find the earphones, the case, the manuals, the charging cable and the rubbers.

Design and materials

As well as the box, the earphones themselves are also large in the form factor. Or rather, they are large in the driver area and the stems are also quite long, but they have the distinction of being thin, we would almost define them crushed, so as to allow a better touch through haptic feedback. The CASE​ it's really huge, but the materials didn't thrill us: all-round polycarbonate that gives a look in white poco "Royal". Did we expect something more? Having tried the Flip Buds Pro, we must say yes.

Smart functions

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The smart functions of the Xiaomi Buds 3 we can define them double-sided. Because if on the one hand the touch controls are precise, the haptic feedback is an important convenience and therefore they can be used easily, the absence of a dedicated application is today a damage, for such important headphones. If you have one Xiaomi smartphone, no headaches, since there is a separate dedicated menu.

For those without it, it may actually have a problem. But, in recent times, the third application Mi Buds M8 (only for Android) can solve a big need and we must necessarily recommend it, although this model is not the one of Chinese origin that an app has it but for those who do not chew the language it is to be avoided. Aside from that, connectivity is also very good, as the Bluetooth 5.2 does its duty and is stable, even in Dual Device.

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What we have to "fail" is there'ANC. Indeed, a noise reduction of up to 40 dB, but we do not feel concretely satisfied with the cancellation. Also due to the absence of the application, we must learn to distinguish the normal mode, that of transparency and the ANC one. The isolation is not the best and we can say that it is not worth the list price. We expected more, also because i Redmi Buds 3 Pro they cost half and do better.

Audio quality - Xiaomi Buds 3

Perhaps one of the two strong points of these headphones. The audio of the Xiaomi Buds 3 it is very good, detailed in lossless mode (and it never is poco) and above all we have a clean sound. However, for what they cost the impression is that they do a homework, especially compared to other products of the same brand. We were aiming for a rather high quality, sure, but in the end they manage to defend themselves. No problem for calls, you can't complain.


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The autonomy of these earphones Xiaomi is the other strong point on which you can bet. What the brand guarantees is respected and actually we are almost at 7 consecutive hours with a single charge and at 32 total hours thanks to the case. Support to the wireless charging.

Xiaomi Buds 3 Review - Price and conclusions

We close the review of the Xiaomi Buds 3 with what is the yardstick that then made us evaluate these TWS earphones. In fact, the price price list is 129.99€ and for what they have offered us on trial they cannot be worth them. At this price, we have seen much better done, but above all we could see a flagship hand that, unfortunately, does not seem to be here. We say unfortunately because it is a somewhat missed opportunity, given that in the 2022 even cheaper headphones can achieve great results.

The advice we give you is to buy them when they arrive on offer around 70 / 80 € (their real value?), but if you have a Xiaomi smartphone and want to give these headphones a chance, you can find them both on the official store and on Amazon. NB If you do not see the purchase links, we advise you to disable AdBlock.

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Package Contents
Design and materials
Smart functions
Audio quality
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review-xiaomi-buds-3 Submittedly presented at the launch of the new Xiaomi 12 top range smartphones, the TWS ANC Buds 3 earphones captured the attention of the public, so much so that this review was approached with great expectations, hoping they would respect them. The result, perhaps unfortunately, is not ...