Windows 11 is free when you buy Windows 10 at 12 € with the March discounts of 91%

windows 10 upgrade discount windows 11 license offer march 2022

Microsoft, in recent years, has aimed to keep the terminals with Windows up-to-date, above all thanks to Windows 10 and now also with Windows 11. But how can we get it Windows 11 for free on our new PC or on one that we have repaired after a while? First of all, your laptop or desktop PC needs to make use of specific system requirements. Once checked, thanks to offers from VIPKeysale, with a discount until 91% you will get Windows 10 for only 12 € but above all forever, so as to switch to the new system without having to spend additional amounts and more, the store brings you well 30 days time to replace the license in case you have problems.

How to get 10% off Windows 91 and upgrade to Windows 11 for free with VIPKeysale

-30% with the exclusive VIPGC coupon

windows 10 upgrade discount windows 11 license offer march 2022 2

How to buy a discounted Windows 10 license at VIPkeysale?

  • Select the required license
windows 10 windows 11 office upgrade license offers march 2022 02
  • Put in the shopping cart
  • At the checkout, insert the VIPGC Coupon in the box for the Promotional Code
windows 10 office lifetime licenses discounts valentine's day 2022 5
  • Click on Submit Order
  • After all the steps, choose the payment method (PayPal recommended)
  • Finally, you will receive an email with the license to be activated

How to activate the Windows 10 license

  1. Click on Start
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to Update and Security
  4. Click Activate Windows or Change Product Key
  5. Enter the purchased license

Why are these licenses so cheap?

The licenses of VIPKeysale they certainly have a very advantageous price, also because it is often not possible to find them with such offers, but how is this possible? It is easy to say: VIPkeysale, by not providing the box with license, activation code and physical support to install the software, it saves costs and brings the customer the only activation key, which is what is needed to make the trial version of Microsoft software a version complete and above all active for life.

We cannot deny that there may be doubts, but we have tested the key without any problems and it works. So, if you are more interested in paying a lower price, don't hesitate to give them a try!

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