Russia launches Rossgram, its Instagram alternative

Rossgram instagram

While the bombing continues unabated, there are battles fighting us away from the real world and involving the internet and tech. At the beginning of the week the Russia it blocked Instagram, kicking off a ban that has cut off millions of users to date. However, the country was not idle and very little distance announced Rossgram: let's see what this alternative is and how it works for Russia.

What is Rossgram and how Russia's alternative to Instagram works

Rossgram instagram

The new social network will be launched in Russia next 28 March: the alternative to Instagram was announced by Alexander Zobov, Digital Marketing specialist. As it was anticipated, Rossgram (this is the name of the social network) will replace the famous platform dedicated to images and will also arrive in a mobile version. Both an Android application and one for iOS devices have been announced, in both cases in release by the date indicated.

However, Zobov specified that the platform will only be available to the best blogger, Investors e sponsor. As for the launch for ordinary users, this will take place during the month of April 2022, but a precise date is still missing.

instagram block russia vpn connection details

Turning instead to the various details, according to the reports and the official info Rossgram will present differences compared to rival Instagram. Obviously it will be possible to share images and videos, as happens with the US social network but there will also be new unpublished news. Users will be able to access gods paid content (but have not yet been specified) while Zobov confirmed support for the crowdfunding. Finally we talk about layout and colors: the style should not differ from that of Instagram, probably to give users something familiar.

We remember in fact that there are about 80 million Instagram users in Russia that at least 80% of these follow an account outside the country (although at the moment it might be good to write in the past tense). Incidentally, it all translated into a real one tree di VPN.

About the digital and tech world, in this one deepening find a complete list of companies and realities that have left the Russian market or have been banned.

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