Oclean X10 review: the toothbrush that adapts to you

Let's go back to talking about an electric toothbrush: this time we analyzed the performance and functionality of one of the latest products from Oclean, namely theOclean X10. The toothbrush in question stands out, among other things, for the presence of a color display and a disarming simplicity of use.

Oclean X10 electric toothbrush review

Packaging and unboxing

The toothbrush comes in an elegant cardboard package, inside we find (in fact) the toothbrush, and aside the Kit composed of wall sticker with adhesive, cable USB Type-C for charging and one head to be mounted immediately on the toothbrush: In addition to the inevitable instructions, we also find a small brochure that briefly illustrates how to use the toothbrush, or rather, how to control it via the front control panel.

Design and materials

With this X10, Oclean it disavows its minimal and seamless design in favor of a more captivating style. Besides - clearly - the presence of a OLED display which serves as a reference for use, we find two keys in the center and a portion in glossy plastic in shades camouflage, definitely noticeable. The model reviewed in this case is blue, but also in the pink and white colors we find the same play of colors.

From the constructive point of view, then, theOclean X10 particularly convinced us since, while being light, it offers pleasant feedback and gives the impression of being sturdy. We point out - precisely in this sense - that the toothbrush is IPX7 certified and can be easily rinsed under running water.

Features and experience of use

As you may have understood from the title of our review, Oclean X10 it is a device that goes straight to the point. In fact, it does not have any interconnection with the Oclean application, despite this, by simply using two buttons, you can access well 25 different ways of cleaning your teeth.

Everything is made even easier by the presence of only two buttons. To change the cleaning preset, just click on the lower button, to change its intensity, instead you can click on the upper button. To help you will be the same names of the presets (Whitens, sensitive, massages, polishes and cleans).

In short, whatever your need, Oclean X10 will be able to fully satisfy you. Given the profound difference between the cleaning methods, you can also think of using it more than once consecutively to complete more than one program and have a 360 ° oral cleaning. To enhance the experience of using the product we find Dupont bristles which are both soft and durable. In addition, the head base is compatible with most heads on the market.

Finally, Oclean has decided to make the user experience by choosing different emojis that, at the end of the cleaning, assign a rating to the session to make the user accountable if you have brushed your teeth correctly.

In terms of autonomyInstead, you shouldn't have any problems: the integrated battery, in fact, promises more 60 days of autonomy with a charge of sunshine 3,5 hours.

Price and conclusions - Oclean X10

Why should you prefer this Oclean X10 to one of the many toothbrushes (now) equipped with an app? It is easy to say, as we pointed out in the review, the X10 is a device that goes straight to the point, going against the needs of the user by bypassing apps and settings - sometimes - superfluous: the toothbrush is immediately ready. for use, just choose the mode that suits you best.

The cost, however considerable for a toothbrush, of €95, in my opinion it is justified by the different features offered and by the build quality (also the silence below 45 db should not be underestimated). In short, if you are looking for a product that helps your daily oral hygiene, Oclean X10 it can be for you.

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