Redroad V17 review: the most versatile cordless vacuum cleaner

red road v17

What do you want most in your home life? I believe that in addition to well-being and health, another aspect should not go unnoticed: often these two things are directly proportional to the level of cleaning that we can keep at home. I must admit, however, that it is not always easy to ensure high standards in this regard and this is anything but trivial. From different points of view, in fact, it is possible to draw different conclusions. 

In addition to the actual time to devote to this activity, which is increasingly reduced, we are often surrounded by objects that do not work as they should. It becomes difficult, therefore, to look around in this area, given the high competition that we find within a market that offers more and more similar devices. There are, however, some companies that have been taking off in recent years, especially in China. From pocotherefore, they also appeared in Europe, exporting some high quality products, albeit with low prices. 

Red Road V17 responds to all the characteristics we have mentioned above. On the one hand, therefore, we have a strong brand of the experience accumulated in recent years in the creation of vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, however, a device that finally promises to eliminate dirt effectively. We will see only later, during this complete review, if this product has managed to meet the expectations but, for the moment, it is enough for you to know that its handling and versatility have left their mark.

Redroad V17 review, the wireless vacuum cleaner that challenges the competition


Taking a look at the sales package we notice a rather voluminous packaging. Given the size of the product, however, I don't think it's surprising about it. Let's see, therefore, how the image of the vacuum cleaner is printed on the front, complete with the logo and name of the device. We must take a look inside, however, to find out the number of accessories supplied in the package. Inside the box, therefore, we find:

  • Redroad V17;
  • extension tube, made of plastic;
  • suction tube, with flat end;
  • 2in1 brush, with the possibility of extending the arm;
  • soft brush;
  • wall power supply, with European socket;
  • main tube;
  • floor brush;
  • pet brush;
  • curved tube, with the possibility of extension;
  • battery;
  • wall support for charging the battery and the vacuum cleaner.

Design & Materials

Even if some technical specifications are not mentioned on the official website, it is still possible to touch the product firsthand to see how it was made mainly with plastic materials. Redroad V17, therefore, shows itself exactly like the competition: the design is very similar to one of the latest Dyson devices, with the upper part showing important dimensions and a truly captivating design. Going a little more specific, however, this vacuum cleaner measures 1.221 x 256 x 202 mm, with a weight that can vary from 1,6 Kg to more than 1,8 kg depending on the accessories that are mounted above it. As seen in the previous paragraph, in fact, the company wanted to embellish this vacuum cleaner with a really large amount of additional devices. This allows, therefore, to be able to vacuum virtually any surface and in any context.

red road v17

I must say that the brand has been able to combine all the various colors of this electric broom well, offering a mix of gray, white, black and red. Let's see, then, how the lower part hosts the two brushes rotating supplied in the package, one with harder bristles and the other with softer fibers. Thanks to them, therefore, we are able to pass on any type of surface without major problems, sucking up all the dirt and above all without the risk of ruining the floor below. In any case, this structure can be safely removed and the brushes can be eliminated and / or cleaned. In fact, as indicated in the instruction booklet, regular cleaning of all filters and brushes is recommended, in order to ensure correct operation of the machine.

Poco on the lower brush, there is the first button that allows you to release this unit and, if necessary, to attach other suction accessories. Going a little higher, however, we see the second red button which, ultimately, allows to unlock the upper part, offering a truly enormous bed of possibilities. There are many combinations, some of which are suggested by the user manual, which allow to make this vacuum cleaner one of the most versatile of the category in its same price range.

Taking a look at the upper end we notice the presence of the whole structure that integrates the engine, as well as the dirt tank da 600 ml and the relative filter, of which a part is visible. The handle with the activation button is located under the white structure, to allow us to operate the vacuum cleaner. Pay attention only to one aspect: the battery it is not integrated into the body but can be removed from the main structure if necessary, for example to be recharged. This component alone weighs approx 470 grams, so it's clear how handling suffers a little. Despite this, however, it is one of the easiest and simplest electric brooms to use, which never tires and which allows you to reach almost any point in the room without problems. Let's not forget another interesting aspect: the upper part houses a color LCD display, which indicates the remaining charge and the various cleaning modes, being able to choose between "Eco","With"and "Turbo".


After several days of testing I can confirm my first impressions: this Redroad V17 is phenomenal. Going to make a very quick comparison with a Dyson V8 Absolute, therefore, the performances are practically identical. Even if we are talking about an already dated Dyson device, this Redroad has managed to keep up well, from several points of view.

red road v17

Going to analyze the dirt collected, I must say that this vacuum cleaner has been able to keep up with the competition for several reasons: on the one hand, therefore, it boasts a double rotating brush system that manages to retain even the largest residues, on the other. side, on the other hand, the suction power is adjustable on three levels, guaranteeing more than sufficient performance in the cleaning phase. Even in the "Eco" mode, therefore, I noticed a level performance, always maintaining a rather low noise. From this point of view, in fact, it is one of the electric brooms that release the least db ever, even at maximum power. Let's say, however, that you will rarely use this last mode, only in the dirtiest spots or on the carpets. Beyond this aspect, however, all the dirt that we find on the ground accumulates inside the 600ml tank, even for a couple of weeks. Only afterwards, therefore, is it necessary to empty it into the appropriate bins.

Trying all the other accessories supplied in the package you realize the great versatility of that device. Thanks to the various joints, therefore, it is possible to access with the brushes even in points that are usually more complicated or totally impossible to reach. After several tests I did not feel the slightest uncertainty in the release systems, as well as in the quality of the plastics used. Redroad has certainly worked a lot on this point, improving the construction details and the robustness of this V17.


Redroad V17 is equipped with an electric motor Space 3.0 brushless from 450W and with a suction power of 26.500 Pa. Let's say, therefore, that by making a quick comparison with the competition, there is almost no match. This vacuum cleaner, therefore, is equipped with a first-class cyclone system, guaranteeing 120.000 turns per minute that allow him to go all the way on any surface. Even more important, however, is the presence of a complete filtering system. In the first layer, therefore, we have the classic metal filter that can be glimpsed from the body, in the second there is a stainless steel surface that holds the most solid particles and the third is reserved for a system formed by 12 cones which, all together, convey the air in two additional filters, HEPA 12 e HEPA 13. Mainly thanks to them this device is able to offer the 99,97% of air and dust separation efficiency. This not only protects the engine, but also prevents mites, spores, pollen and particles down to 0,1 microns from returning to the environment. 

red road v17

Looking at the external display I must say that it is quite understandable and intuitive. I would also like to point out that by holding down on it it is possible to block the activation of the vacuum cleaner without necessarily having to hold down the button and, finally, change the language.

During the various cleaning phases you can also take advantage of the LED placed on the lower part, right in correspondence with the main brush, which allows you to see very well where the broom is pointing in the darkest corners. As on almost all competitive models, it is obvious that it is possible to wash the device and the various filters, including the HEPA filter located at the top. By unscrewing the central part, the one with the Redroad logo, cleaning the filter becomes very simple.


With the battery release / hooking system I didn't have any problems during the various tests. Anyway, this unit gives 2.500 mAh it allowed me to clean the whole house (about 90 square meters) with still a good 60% of residual charge. I must say, however, that I used the device in a rather dynamic way, often switching from "Eco" to "Turbo" mode to clean the carpets more thoroughly. So it's not the kind of range I would have liked to see on a car like this, but alas, that's exactly what I expected.

red road v17

Using the charging station this vacuum cleaner took about 3 hours to go from 10 to 100%.

Price & Conclusions

Redroad V17 is currently being sold on eBay at about the price 240 €, of course with our exclusive coupon. Find below the link to go directly to the page.

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Take advantage of the eBay coupon now and take home the new Redroad V17, the most versatile cordless vacuum cleaner on the market!

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242,99 €

I believe that the value for money of this model is truly exceptional, especially in light of what we have seen in this review. This vacuum cleaner doesn't just do its job well but adds something extra to house cleaning. With its two HEPA filters, in fact, it aims to free the air from all the waste that daily threaten our health. Beyond this, then, on its side there are the great manageability, the versatility given by the numerous accessories present in the package and the quality of the materials. This is nothing so striking, we are simply in line with competing devices in this respect.

To date, those looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner with good performance and an affordable price, must necessarily consider this Redroad V17. I feel I can really recommend it to everyone, especially those who want to finally do the cleaning in a different, more comfortable way, without spending a fortune.

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