The Redmi K50 Pro price would have been unveiled before launch

redmi k50 pro possible price leak 2

A few hours after the launch of the series K50, which includes the model Pro, it seems we have become aware of the price right of the top of Redmi. To this, the leak also adds more specific details for the configuration and some specifics.

Redmi K50 Pro: the top model will have a framed price

To reveal the possible cost of the Redmi K50 Pro would have been a Chinese vendor, who eloquently showed the da version 12 / 256 GB and with chipset Dimensity 9000, which would cost around €530 (3.699 yuan). Considering how much the smartphone should offer regarding the technical data sheet, including the 2K display, ultra-fast charging and everything related to it.

redmi k50 pro possible price leak

Clearly, being derived from a leak, this price must be taken with a grain of salt. However, this does not prevent us from getting an idea of ​​how it could be definitively and, considering that it is not an unrealistic cost, Redmi K50 Pro it could actually arrive in that configuration in that price range. Considering this, among other things, it would be one of the most interesting top-of-the-range solutions on the market, as it was, for example, Realme GT2 Pro which however has a Snapdragon chipset.

We just have to wait for the March 17 to understand if the price revealed above will be confirmed or if we will find a possible increase. If you want to know more about the Redmi K50 series, we leave you thedeepening dedicated.

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